Inspection Agreement


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Inspection Agreement

  1. 1. Top of Form<br />Accurate Inspections <br />“Make sure you get an Accurate Inspection ” <br />P.O. Box 4288 Tel: 940-733-2236 <br />Wichita Falls , Texas 76308 Fax: 940-696-0520 <br />Inspection Agreement <br />Client: John & Jane Client <br />Property: 1234 New Home Drive <br />File# 1234567 <br />Accurate Inspections , herein after known as the Inspector agrees to conduct an inspection for the purpose of informing the client of major deficiencies in the condition of the property listed above. THE WRITTEN REPORT IS THE PROPERTY OF THE CLIENT AND Accurate Inspections , AND SHALL NOT BE USED BY OR TRANSFERRED TO ANY OTHER PERSON OR COMPANY WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. <br />1) This inspection of the subject property shall be performed by the Inspector for the Client in accordance with the Standards of Practice of the Texas Real Estate Commission. <br />2) The purpose of this inspection is to identify and disclose visually observable major deficiencies of the inspected systems and items AT THE TIME OF THE INSPECTION ONLY. The inspector will not attempt to determine the life expectancy or future performance of any system or component. The inspector does not have x-ray vision and will not attempt to report on systems, items, or conditions not readily accessible. Roofs are walked on and crawl spaces are entered when conditions are such which allow us to do so safely and with reasonable effort. Detached structures are not included in the inspection unless specifically agreed upon by both the inspector and the client. <br />3) This inspection is not intended to be technically exhaustive nor is it considered to be a GUARANTEE OR WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE CONDITIONS OF THE PROPERTY, ITEMS AND SYSTEMS INSPECTED AND IT SHOULD NOT BE RELIED ON AS SUCH. The Inspector shall not be held responsible or liable for any repairs or replacements with regard to this property, systems, components, or the contents therein. Company is neither a guarantor nor an insurer. <br />4) THE INSPECTION AND REPORT DO NOT ADDRESS AND ARE NOT INTENDED TO ADDRESS CODE AND REGULATION COMPLIANCE, THE POSSIBLE PRESENCE OF/OR DANGER FROM ASBESTOS, RADON GAS, LEAD PAINT, UREA FORMALDEHYDE, MOLD, FUNGUS, SOIL CONTAMINATION AND OTHER INDOOR AND OUTDOOR SUBSTANCES. THIS INSPECTOR IS NOT A STRUCTURAL ENGINEER. WHILE VISUAL OBSERVATIONS WILL BE MADE TO THE CONDITION OF THE FOUNDATION, EXACTING MEASUREMENTS OF PREVIOUS MOVEMENT AND/OR PREDICTIONS ABOUT FUTURE MOVEMENT ARE BEYOND THE SCOPE OF THIS INSPECTION. THE CLIENT IS URGED TO CONTACT A COMPETENT SPECIALIST IF FURTHER INFORMATION, IDENTIFICATION, OR TESTING OF THE ABOVE IS DESIRED. <br />5) IMAGES -The insertion of digital images in this written report is to perform as an aid to better understanding conditions or deficiencies we have described in print. These images are inserted only as an example of conditions which may exist, and the same or similar condition may exist in more than one area of the dwelling (wall cracks, foundation cracks, hail impacts, etc.). It is not practical, nor is it our intention to provide an image of every deficiency noted in the report or of every deficiency which may be present. The presence of an image should not be interpreted as being the only area this deficiency may exist. <br />We have only commented on defiencies which we were aware of or we felt were significant to the function or performance of the dwelling. We have not commented on items for which we were not aware of or on items which, in our opinion, were insignificant to the function or performance of the dwelling. <br />6) Any matter concerning the interpretation of this Agreement, of the Inspection Report, or any claim based upon either of them shall be subject to mediation between the parties or failing such mediation shall be resolved by binding arbitration in accordance with the Construction Arbitration Services, Inc. Should such a need for mediation, arbitration and/or litigation arise, the inspector retains the right to collect all expenses incurred for defense, from the client or party, should the inspector be found innocent of negligence, errors or omissions. THE INSPECTOR'S TOTAL LIMIT OF LIABILITY FOR ANY CLAIM BASED ON THIS AGREEMENT OR THE INSPECTION REPORT IS THE FEE CHARGED FOR THIS INSPECTION. <br />7) Accurate Inspections will perform this inspection in accordance with the TREC standards of practice and provide as much information as could reasonably be expected, based on those standards. We will be direct and fair in our methods of inspecting, discussing and reporting. We expect our clients to be fair as well. If you have previous knowledge of the home or specific concerns, we expect this information will be shared with the inspector. If a problem is present upon moving into the home you feel should have been reported; we expect to be notified and allowed access to the property to inspect such problems prior to repairs being made, unless the situation is a true emergency. It is possible undisclosed issues which were not apparent to the inspector to be discovered in the process of future repairs. Repair prior to closing will help reduce the possibility of unexpected expenses related to repairs. <br />8) Accurate Inspections is not responsible for another participant’s personal safety during this inspection process. Client, their representatives or others participation shall be at his/her own risk for falls, injuries, property damage, etc. <br />9) PLEASE NOTE: All invoices are due and payable upon receipt unless prior arrangements have been made. Invoices delivered to the Title Company at your or your Agent’s request are to be paid at the time of closing. If the contract does not go to closing, you hereby authorize the Title Company to pay this invoice from Escrow Fund s on deposit. If there are insufficient Escrow Funds available, you agree to submit payment outside of Escrow within 72 hours of the contract being cancelled. We do not carry accounts payable for more than 60 days. If your closing is more than 60 days from the date of this inspection, we request payment be made at time of the inspection. <br />The undersigned have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of this agreement and agree to pay Accurate Inspections ($Invoice) at or before the time of inspection, unless previous payment arrangements have been made. <br />In the absence of Client to sign this Inspection Agreement prior to or at the inspection or by authorizing your realtor or agent to order, and/or accept this inspection on your behalf, this contract shall become part of the report. Acceptance of the report, and/or payment for the inspection is an acknowledgement, acceptance, and agreement by Client(s) to the terms of this Inspection Agreement and limitations listed in the report and an acknowledgement the inspection includes only those items listed as inspected in the inspection report. <br />Accurate Inspections: <br />_________________________________________ <br />By: Don E. Crook, License #6928 <br />CLIENT: Mailing address: <br />X ___________________________________ _________________________________ <br />Date: _ ________________________ Tel.____________________________ <br />I HAVE READ AND ACCEPT THIS AGREEMENT* Please read and sign the agreement. <br />Bottom of Form<br />