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Sunday Brunch with Dogs


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Sunday Brunch with Dogs
21st February 2016

Get your sunglasses out, call all your friends, gather your loved ones and be a part of the Largest Brunch Table for Dog Owners.

Play fun games, engage in interesting activities or just sit down, meet other dog people, socialise your dogs and listen to some music.

We have a special menu for your dogs and live food counters for you.

The view from your table will definitely make you forget the city's madness!

Keep Calm and Do Sunday Brunch with Dogs.

Call +91 99868 6398/ 96111 95160/ 98450 15123 or e-mail us on for details and registration.

Entry by Pre-registration and restricted to 25 Doggie Families Only!

Event Partners: Paws, the Pet Store TLC Pvt Ltd, Drools, PetStepin
Prize & Goodie Bag Sponsor: TailSpin
Doggie Brunch Sponsor: Doggybox
Online Partner:
Photography Partner: Pet Project Photography

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Sunday Brunch with Dogs

  2. 2. ACTIVITIES 2 • Largest Outdoor Brunch Table of Dog Owners • Special Doggie Menu • Doggie Socializing • Music • Fun Games & Competition • Prizes
  3. 3. VENUE DETAILS:  A 10+ acre property amidst the beauty of nature. The property is located about an hour’s drive away from the city and is an excellent place to get away from the city’s madness. 3  We have plenty of open space with a one acre fenced area specially for dogs to be Off Leash.  Unlimited space in terms of walking trails.  We even have a couple of ponds inside the property. (swimming for dogs coming soon)
  4. 4. AGENDA  10.30 am onwards - Arrive at DPTEP  11 am-12.30 pm - Welcome drink followed by an ice-breaker session  11.30am-2:00 pm – Brunch Session with Music  3:00 pm -4:30 pm – Games and Activities for Pets and Pet Parents  4.30 pm-5.15 pm- Trail Walk  5.30pm – Tea/Coffee  6.00pm - Depart from DPTEP Note: Timings of activities mentioned are tentative and subject to change on the actual day of the event. 4
  5. 5. s ENTRY FEES Entry Details Entry Fee Single Person Rs. 1399 Couple Rs. 2518 3 Person Family Rs. 3355 4 Person Family Rs. 4475 Kids (Btw 6-12 yrs) Rs. 650 5 Dogs come in Free!! Kids below 6years- Free Entry Fee includes: •Welcome Drink+ Sumptuous Brunch with Live Counters+ Tea •A special meal for the dogs. •All games, activities and goodies Add on: Professional Photo Shoot Photo Shoot Rs. 5000 Rs. 3000 1 hour slot 10 Candid Shots 5 Studio Shots: a) 1* family w Pets b) 2* Family Shots c) 2* Pet Portraits • This is NOT mandatory as Entry. •The price mentioned is a special price for participant families of DPTEP’s Sunday Brunch with Dogs. • This is to be booked in advance • Soft Copies of photographs will be given in CDs. • Photo Shoot by Event Partners Prize & Goodie Bag Sponsor Doggie Brunch Sponsor Online Partner
  6. 6. HOW TO REGISTER!  Call DPTEP on +91 99868 63989/ 96111 95160/ 98450 15123  Mail us on for more details.  Event news, updates and more on:
  7. 7. ABOUT US Dog Park at The Elephant Pond (DPTEP) is Bangalore’s First Private Free Leash Dog Park. It is located about an hour’s drive from the city in a beautiful 10+ acre property. DPTEP provides dog owners the chance to give their dogs off leash time in addition to relaxing and unwinding. DPTEP is also an activity center for dogs and dog related activities. -Park Sessions -Private Off-leash Sessions -Dog Trainers’ Venue -Pet Parties & Pet Camps. -Doggie Event Venue The Humans behind DPTEP :  Anjana George- Director, Chemmanur Jewellers, Jewellery Designer and a Dog Lover. Spoilt rotten by Sundari, the Rottweiler. The chief problem solver at DPTEP  Lourd Vijay- Managing Director, LVDS, Salsa Dancer & Instructor and a dog person who dedicated DPTEP to his dog-Bruno. The dream builder at DPTEP  Srikanth Shankar- Operations at Sumeru IT Services, Former Partner & COO, Anvis Inc(India’s First Pet Management Co.), Father to a crazy Boxer and a Certified Canine Behaviourist. The Operations Guy at DPTEP DPTEP firmly believes in the ideology of “Let Dogs be Dogs!” 7
  8. 8. DPTEP IN THE MEDIA 8  The Times of India- Coverage of the First Trial Run at DPTEP: style/relationships/pets/Dog-park-A-place-where-pets-can-have-a-field-day/articleshow/49641277.cms  The Little Black Book ( did a special about DPTEP- pond/  Radio One Bangalore 94.3- Appeared on their one hour special show “Bangalore at it’s Best”: 1085266358179541/?type=1&theater
  9. 9. SPONSORS FOR SUNDAY BRUNCH WITH DOGS 9 Event Partners Photography Partner Prize & Goodie Bag Sponsor Doggie Brunch Sponsor Online PartnerDoggie Ice Cream Sponsor
  10. 10. OUR PREVIOUS EVENTS 10 Event : Bark at The Moon Date : 5th & 6th December 2015 Venue : DPTEP No. of Participants : 7 doggies & 6 Families Highlights of the event : Overnight Camping with dogs, Bonfire, BBQ, etc. Pictures : DPTEP has a list of events planned for 2016 to be announced soon.
  11. 11. 11