hyperbolic discounting reverse charge mechanism bill of supply tax collection at source tax deducted at source minimum alternate tax green shoe option otcei confirmation bias cognitive appraisal theory social influence on investment types of emotions theories of emotion efficient market hypothesis prospect theory success equation forms of overconfidence self deception two system approach hindsight bias gstr-8 due date for tcs due date for tds tcs provisions for the service liability of collecting tcs e-invoicing gstr 7-a computation of taxable value tcs rate applicable under gst e-commerce operator person liable to collect tcs tcs under gst collection of tax source benefits of tds form required to fill tds whom should be paid when tds be paid person liable to deduct tds gst payable in cash gst liability interest on delayed payment of collection of taxes other service providers restaurant manufacturer rates of composition scheme person not eligible to opt cs trader refund of tax computation of tax liability disadvantages of composition s advantages of composition sche conditions for availing compos eligible tax payers composition scheme payment of tax chapter ix of cgst rule order of discharge of tax manner of utilisation of itc e-liability register e-credit ledger e-cash ledger accounts and records procedure to generate e-way bi e-way bill credit and debit note delivery challan consolidated revised tax invoi revised tax invoice receipt voucher manner of issuing invoices types of tax invoice tax invoice introduction to gst balanced scorecard management by objectives types of strategic control ideal control system strategic control system gap analysis attractiveness of industry strength of business ge matrix bcg model product portfolio models strategic alternatives techniques of strategic contro strategic evaluation process importance of strategic contro operational control strategic control characteristics of evaluation nature-strategic evaluation overview of strategic evaluati green marketing example best practices of relationship relationship marketing product strategeis promotion strategies pricing strategies rural marketing strategeis definition of rural marketing meaning of rural marketing rural marketing what does crm involve importance of crm purpose of crm meaning of crm consumer relationship manegemw green marketing strategies importance of green marketing impact of green marketing meaning of green marketing green marketing no stock maintenance inseparability perishability benefits of service marketing features of e-marketing limitations of e-marketing importance of e-marketing ethics in marketing ethical issues in marketing other emerging trends e-marketing tools e-marketing importance of service marketin advantages of service maarketi service marketing mix service environment nature of service marketing characteristics of service service marketing meaning of service rational buying motives sociological model learning model psychoanalytical model economical model engel kollat blackwell stimulus response model nicosia model howerd sheth models buyer behaviour models classification of buying motiv buying motives buying roles purchase decision process factors influencing consumer b 7 os of consumer behaviour importance of cb characteristics of cb definition of consumer behavio consumer behaviour france stock exchange german stock exchange luxembourg stock exchange clearing and settlement tokyo stock exchange london stock exchange nasdaq new york stock exchange working of international se obligations in international s foreign currency convertible b guidelines for raising interna indian depository receipts process of issuing adr american depository receipts process of issuing gdr global depository receipts euro issue need for foreign capital international stock market business & company analysis format of credit rating credit rating agency in india methodology of credit rating necessity of credit rating credit rating internet initiatives of deposi insider trading off market transactions isin rematerialization process dematerialisation process nsdl & cdsl types of depositories in india code of conduct for participan sebi dp regulations legal framework of depositorie depository system 1996 depositories act investors contract note mechanism of online trading bolt & neat screen based trading sebi trading mechanism bse & nse trading in stock exchange types of membership procedure to become stock brok market makers & stock broker speculators & players in stock market listing fees in secondary mark procedure of listing listing of securities importance of secondary market functions of secondary market secondary market syndicate underwritting broker to an issue sub brokers stock brokers sebi guidelines procedure for issuing securiti debenture trustees banker to an issue underwriters merchant bankers book building right issue offer for sale public issue methods of new issuing shares role of primary market functions of primary market features of primary market primary market trade infrastructure for expor comparison eou and sez objectives of export oriented 100% export oriented units sez and tax planning ftz tax planning nature of business & tax plann business location & tax planni scope of tax planning tax management tax avoidance and evasion tax planning and evasion tax havens tax evasion & avoidance methods used to minimise tax tax planning depends on certai objectives of tax planning tax planning: introduction tax planning and company promo best judgement assessment re-assessment scrutiny assessment summary assessment penalties under it act 1961 appeal and reviison e-filling procedure statement of financial transac e-filling income tax return types of assessment assessment procedure of tax powers of authority administrative procedure advance payment of tax tonnage taxation fdi rules for e-commerce e-commerce transactions conversion of sole proprieters conversion of firm into compan tax planning of demerger tax planning of amalgamation shut down or continue decision renewal replace repair buying asset with own fund make or buy decisions advantages of hire purchase installment or hire purchase d circumstances for own & lease own or lease decision bond washing transactions section 115 bbda of itact 1961 tp for capital gain of compani tp for bonus shares tax planning for dividend poli tax planning for capital struc section 115 o of income tax ac dividend distribution tax tax on distributed profits problems on mat illustrations of mat surcharge deductions for companies tax liability of companies computation of taxable income no set off of losses capital losses of companies non speculative business loss speculative business loss set off of losses of companies carry forward of losses quasi legislative power quasi judicial powers of sebi functions of sebi gold exchange traded fund securities commissions international organisation of role of iosco reforms to promote investors securities contract act-1956 powers of sebi role & functions of sebi sebi act-1992 national stock exchange structure of stock exchange security market & economic gro functions of securities market components of ifs overview of securities market availability hueristics anchoring effect representativeness heuristics optimal bayesian decisions example for bayesian dm bayesian decision making heuristics & cognitive biases reciprocity & trust fairness dimensions of emotion the facial feedback theory schachter singer two factor th cannon bard theory james lange theory concept of emotion substance of emotion wide span of control resistance to change psychological smart organisati biases & irrational investors corporate governance agency conflicts based on mergers & acquisition pecking order theory based on capital budgeting limits on arbitrage corporate news anouncement corporate dividend policy psychological traps based on capital structure behavioural factors irrational investors rational managers behavioural corporate finance errors in bernoullis theory bernoulli's theory framing sp/a theory block chain solutions case studies of agency theory addressing agency theory areas of dispute in agency the agency theory difference between eut & prosp anomalies within rationalities irrationality market efficiency investors rationality decision making under risk decision making under uncertai rational thought and eut examples of eut expected utility theory kothari view on qt mathematical qt statistical qt role of qt limitations of qt qt and decision making model building steps types of models methodology of qt steps in decision making importance of qt nature of qt programming qt classification of qt techniques of quantitative linkages of qt with other desc united kingdom ors elements of business operation meaning and definition quantitative technique capm and arbitrage model asset management and bhf active portfolio management adaptive market hypothesis brain basics emotions and its types emotion and its theories tenets of prospect theory over confidence familiarity heuristic heuristics and biases foundations of behavioural f cultural attitudes singer two factor theory social impact on consumption dimensions of emotions emotional & social factors principles of prospect theory types of overconfidence overconfidence familiarity & related heirusti heuristics & biases mental accounting availability bias cognitive dissonance significance of behavioural scope of behavioural finance features of behavioural finan pillars of behavioural finanac information perception biases and errors exponetial discounting representativeness & anchoring judgement under uncertainty theoretical pillars of bf investment deciosion cycle standards & behavioural differ behavioural finance science behavioural finance
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