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SACRED how we support the children

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  2. 2. The Mission • The mission of SACRED (South African  Resource for Education and Development)  Trust is to provide the children of South Africa  the ability to break the poverty cycle they are  in, a chance to choose there own destiny. This  is made possible through providing continual  access to education and by setting up projects  that encourage people to help themselves. 
  4. 4. SACRED support 98 children with school uniform, stationery, school  fees and transport to and from school. Most children walk almost 5 – 10 km one trip to school each day. The  wake up at 5am to make time to walk to school each day.
  5. 5. Some of the SACRED supported children walking their way to school.
  6. 6. Long and tiring journey in search for better education and life. Thanks to SACRED that we can now pay for transport to take us to school.
  7. 7. The Feeding Project
  8. 8. Identifying the land for the vegetable garden project 5 hectares of land identified to suppliment the feeding scheme.
  9. 9. School Vegetable and Feeding Committee elected from 6 schools.
  10. 10. Getting the tractor to work on the land.
  11. 11. Garden tools and equipments delivered at the garden. SACRED sponsored and funded all the vegetable garden tools and  equipments.
  12. 12. Volunteers  starting their own vegetable beds after training at  Riversand Feeding scheme.
  13. 13. Learning the tricks of  making vegetable beds.
  15. 15. Delivering the seeds for the vegetable garden.
  16. 16. Learners learning the skills from the Department of Agriculture.
  17. 17. Learners  planting the first cabbage seedlings after training from  Department of Agriculture. Department of Agriculture joined forces with SACRED to support the  Vegetable and feeding scheme by providing training and additional tools.
  18. 18. Using watering cans to water the garden.
  19. 19. Really unbelievable,  Fresh vegetable coming out.
  20. 20. Members receiving practical training on vegetable gardening  from Riversand Feeding Scheme. Riversand Vegetable Garden and Feeding Scheme is the best practice  model in South Africa.
  21. 21. Committee members learning cooking and hyginic lessons from  Riversand Feeding scheme. SACRED and GZA funded and sponsored the training
  22. 22. Reaping what you saw. The vegetable garden support 6 schools with fresh vegetables each week
  23. 23. Vegetables distributed to schools.
  24. 24. Vegetable garden volunteers wheel‐barrowing fresh  vegetable to one of the schools
  25. 25. Hlabelela Combined School teachers receiving  vegetables for their feeding scheme
  26. 26. Some of the kitchen equipments donated by SACRED to  Sitjejiwe Primary School which is hosting the vegetable  garden
  27. 27. Volunteer preparing meals with fresh vegetables  supplied from the Sacred sponsored vegetable garden
  28. 28. School kids waiting impatiently to be served with their  daily meal
  29. 29. Finally the time arrived for kids to be served
  30. 30. Now time for children to enjoy their meals. Oh Thanks to SACRED.
  31. 31. Oh What a delicious meal, thanks to SACRED 5000 children now benefiting from the feeding scheme.
  32. 32. Mobile Laboratory Project
  33. 33. GZA National Director of Sales and SACRED Charity Administrator  during the launch of the mobile laboratory project GZA/SACRED has contracted TRAC to rum and administer mobile laboratory project for 8 schools in  Ekangala Township
  34. 34. GZA National Director of Sales and SACRED Charity Administrator meeting the  Executive Major of Ekangala during the mobile laboratory launch The Executive Major thanked SACRED for support given to learners,  educators and the schools in Ekangala.
  35. 35. One of the learner thanking SACRED and Grundfos for their support of  the mobile laboratory project.
  36. 36. School Principals and Department of Education officials at the mobile  laboratory launch.
  37. 37. It was now time for the learners and educators to test the newly acquired mobile laboratory equipment during the launch.
  38. 38. Science, maths and technology learners saying “Thank You SACRED” during the launch of the mobile laboratory project.
  39. 39. Learners and educators doing laboratory experiments in preparations  for the exams.
  40. 40. GRUNDFOS/SACRED Mobile lab  Report  1st Quarter 2009
  41. 41. INTRODUCTION The first quarter has been a learning curve for me as the newly appointed personnel at TRAC SA. The work is a challenge but the support one gets from all stakeholders within the project (School management, Sponsors, Educators, Subject facilitators) is remarkable. Learners love the programme and will benefit from it. PROGRAMME NETWORK Karen Kornet Subject Facilitator: BRONKHORSPRUIT 082 229 3845 •School contact numbers Strauss 013 935 7010 Ekangala 013934 4155 Setjhejiwe 013934 4467 Lingitjudu 084876 6363 SCHOOL VISITS •School calendar for this quarter started on the 14 -01-2009 till 27 -03-2009. Therefore 52 school teaching days. STATSISTICS Learner Exposures Total number of learners exposed to TRAC demo’s 0 Total number of learner exposures to TRAC hands-on experiments 930 Total number of Exposures with demo’s 0 Total number of Exposures with hands-on 2248 Total hours active with learners 188h 10 min Grade 10 Learners in Ekangala Comprehensive High School are more as compared to learners from other schools, as a result that led to the formation of 7 members per group Teacher training The teacher workshop that was scheduled for the 14 –February – 2009 took place on the 19 – 02 -2009 after the mobile lab launch.13 teachers were works trained. Activities done on that day were : M6;M7;M9M2;EM1MM2;CC7
  42. 42. Enquiries: Karen Kornet Reference: Tel: Fax: 0866918230 Email: Cell: 082 229 3845 UMnyango WezeMfundo Lefapha la Thuto Department of Education Departement van Onderwys Area: School Principal/HOD Responsible teachers Contact number Bronkhorstspruit Dan Kutumela Mr Ngwenya Mrs Rose Mokwena 078 074 1491 013 937 0126 To: SACRED Mphumelelo Me NH Sekgobela 076 024 1478 Wozanibone North Gauteng Mr Maluleka Mary Jane Raphiri 013 932 1196 Office: 012- 420 4941 083 328 6887 Cullinan Cullinan Combined 012- 420 4906 Fax: Mr GJ Swart Mr Jacobs and Mrs 012 734 1015 Deacon 072 244 4734 Mobile: +27 83 320 5213 Chipa Tabane Mr T Ngwane (acting Me T Uoane 012 732 0779 FROM : Ms K Y Kornet 076 644 4675 Physical Science facilitator Edendale Pepps Mr W Dormehl Mr P Katsedzira 012 808 4035 DATE : 19 May 2009 076 670 2579 Lesedi Mr vd Westhuizen Mrs A Idiculla 073 506 2237 Dear Martin, RE: REQUEST FOR ADDITIONAL MOBILE LABORATORY SUPPORT IN DISTRICT GAUTENG NORTH With reference to our meeting on 13 May 2009 at Lingitjudu and our telephonic conversation on 18 May 2009, I would like to express our appreciation for the input of your company and the sponsors to help the 4 schools in Ekangala to improve their Physical Science marks by providing help to the educators and learners. The TRAC mobile laboratory is an excellent tool used in helping learners to do practical work and teach them skills. I have been to the schools, unannounced, to monitor the programme and it is done in an excellent way. You have an excellent tutor, Pilane Sehole, that knows what he is doing and also how to work with the learners. I hereby request you to include the following schools also in the programme, since they lack the necessary facilities to do practical work with the learners. Names of schools in Bronkhorstspruit and Cullinan for additional Mobile laboratory support in Physical Science Yours in Tirisano __________________________ Me Karen Kornetenior Education Specialist: Physical Science
  44. 44. SACRED sponsored the erection of the main wireless transmission  tower to support 6 schools with internet connections. The 6 schools currently do not have access to e‐mail and internet. So  learners and educators cannot access learning materials, research papers  and link to other education institutions.
  45. 45. Individual  antennas linking with the main tower supplied to all the 6  schools. SACRED funded and sponsored wireless internet and e‐mail  infrastructure to all the 6 schools.
  46. 46. SACRED supplied 2 new computers to each of the 6 schools for wireless  internet connections. Now all the 6 schools have access to e‐mail and internet.
  48. 48. Delivering a containerised library in one of the schools in Ekangala SACRED has donated two containerised libraries to schools in Ekangala as part of the roll out. We still need more funds to roll out to 4  remaining schools.
  49. 49. The interior of the containerised library with book shelves We urgently need to equip each library with a new computer and desk  to have a data of all books.
  50. 50. A consignment of new library books donated by SACRED for two  schools  All the 6 schools supported by SACRED does not have libraries and  learners do not have access to reading materials.
  51. 51. • SACRED now has a positive impact on the  Education & Development of 5227 children.
  52. 52. Fund Raising 2009/2010
  53. 53. Climb For Change 2007 • Raised 120 000€ • 15 people climbed
  54. 54. Climb For More Change 8th March 2010
  55. 55. Climb For More Change • Our aim is to raise a further £50,000.     With these funds we will: ‐ – Secure the education of children for up to 5 more years. – Provide more computers for the schools inc. WiFi – Expand the feeding schemes. – Increase the number of mobile laboratories. – Increase the number of mobile libraries. – Expand the AIDS awareness program • Donate at