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Eu stud


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Eu stud

  1. 1. Eu Stud Web Agregator February 08, 2011 1 / 10
  2. 2. Outline1 Introduction A Few Words Options2 Description Chat part1 Chat part2 Widgets 1 Widgets 2 Widgets 33 The Team 2 / 10
  3. 3. Introduction - A Few WordsFIInfo it’s a Web agregator ,just like iGoogle, about informations ofinterest for FII students and can be easily extended to everyone else.JQuery UIThe whole user interface of EuStud is built using JQuery UI having inmind modularity and best User Experience. The application uses allJQuery UI widgets and effects, having used these the user has the abilityto change the theme of the application in a very simple way.In the developmentof these it was used html/css,javascript with jqueryframework and ajax technology. 3 / 10
  4. 4. Introduction - OptionsWe offer multiple posibilities of widgets like:RSS FeedsFacebook WallEventful With Google MapsSlideSharePanoramio With Google MapsTwitter/WheaterAnd of course the posibility to Chat 4 / 10
  5. 5. Description - Chat part1Chat clientBuilt for making communication easier between Eu Stud user, it light anddetachable, has no dependencies toward Eu Stud application and can beused in any other application provided that it is hoste on GoogleApplication Engine. User interaction is built using JQuery UI beingdeveloped in the same time as Eu Stud application and by the same team.Few words on Google Application EngineGoogle has a great offer on hosting and running web applications in thecloud. It hosts applications on the same servers as Google applications arehosted so it is realiable and robust. Taking in account that for moderrateusage it is free we decided to run our application from Google ApplicationEngine. 5 / 10
  6. 6. Description - Chat part2APIs usedGoogle Channel APIAllows developers to use a solution for pulling information from the serverthat resembles a socket on the client side of the application.On the server side channels are opened with each user and the applicationmanages this channels in order to send information to the client.The client has a listener attached to message event that transmits newdata from the server.Storing data - Java EntityesGoogle offers developers the oportunity to store objects as entitiesrepresented by a a key value much like a hash set. 6 / 10
  7. 7. Description - Widgets 1Eventful with googleMapsDiscover upcoming events and stuff to do in a nice and simple interfacebased on Google Maps. Search for events, narrow down with category,place or date and sort your search by relevance or title. This application ispowered by Eventful API and Google Maps API.Panoramio with googleMapsA small adaptation to the ”Photos of the World” presented by Panoramio.Discover new places in your world and feel the reality of the place withphotos from that region. Take a closer look and broaden your view of theworld. This application is powered by Google Maps API and PanoramioAPI.Facebook wallAn application that brings your facebook wall into sight. Small and easyto use, reliable, and safe this application keeps a track of your facebookstatus 7 / 10
  8. 8. Description - Widgets 2Rss ReederThis gadget offer the possibility to visualize feeds in rss format from anywebsite that supply feeds. Feeds can be seen in two different modes:Home View and Canvas View.In home view you can see your feeds with essential information displayedin minimized form. The information consists of :a title a link to the articlethe feed points to. In addition a plus image can be clicked to view adescription and a photo if the feed supplies it. In home view there can beseen maximum 10 feeds. The home view offer a setting area where youcan choose how many feeds to display and the way they are displayed.In canvas view the feeds are displayed in a larger way with all theinformation visible to the user. This includes a title,a link to the article,amedia(if exists),a description,the publication date and how much time agothe feed was published. 8 / 10
  9. 9. Description - Widgets 3Slideshare Presentation ViewerThis gadget offers the possibility to visualize presentations from .Presentations can be seen in two differentmodes: Home View2,Canvas View. Presentations can be searched bysupplying a query string. In the minimized view the user can choose howmany slides to display and the way there are displayed. In maximized viewthe presentations are displayed in a larger form with extra information:theuser who published the presentation,the publication date,a shortdescription and a link to download the presentation.TwitterThe user can experience the live feeling of tweeting with friends.WheaterThe wheater at the current moment, live and dynamically updated 9 / 10
  10. 10. The TeamChisan Petrisor LaurentiuStefanache Pavel CosminTronciu Alexandru 10 / 10