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July 2013 Mobile Infographic: Small Business Payment Solutions
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July 2013 Mobile Infographic: Small Business Payment Solutions


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Small businesses have been called the foundation of America and the backbone of innovation. LevelUp, PayPal, and Square, three companies with humble roots, have lead the way in creating payment solutions for small businesses that level the playing field. Their merchant services have helped millions of small businesses accept credit card transactions. This goes a long way in increasing the competitiveness of these businesses as well as raising satisfaction among their customers.

Over time, LevelUp, PayPal, and Square have been joined in this space by banking powerhouses Bank of America, Capital One, and Chase. All six companies are now offering their own merchant services for small businesses with benefits ranging from free card readers to 0% transaction fee offers. July's Mobile Infographic examines the payment service options and features these firms are offering small business owners.

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