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Shooting script.docx (1)


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Shooting script.docx (1)

  1. 1. Shot Number Shot Type Shot Type & Description Sound Approximate Duration 1. Ident Ident. Non-diegetic 5 s 2. Mid-Shot Slow zoom of business man’s shoulders, from behind. Face is not seen. Non-diegetic 3 s 3. Mid-Shot Drug dealer character running away. Shoulders. Non-diegetic 2 s 4. Close-Up Drug dealer’s feet run by. Non-diegetic 3 s 5. Close-Up Business man’s foot tapping anxiously. Non-diegetic 3 s 6. Close-Up Clock ticking in business man’s room/office. Non-diegetic 3 s 7. Close-Up Business man adjust tie nervously. Non-diegetic 2 s 8. Close-Up Dealer zips up hoodie on the move. Non-diegetic 2 s 9. Long-Shot Dealer running away whilst being chased. Another man is also seen (antagonist). Non-diegetic 3 s 10. Mid-shot Businessman’s assistant enters office. Non-diegetic 2s 11. Close-up She hands him a file. (His hand is also seen receiving it) Non-diegetic 2 s
  2. 2. 12. Close-up The files name can be seen, Non-diegetic 1 s 13. Mid-shot Drug dealer looks over shoulder whilst running. Non-diegetic 2 s 14. Mid-shot Antagonist slips to one knee Non-diegetic 3 s 15. Close-up Antagonist angrily breathing. Non-diegetic 2 s 16. Mid-shot Business man scrunches up paper, and begins to throw it. Non-diegetic 2 s 17. Extreme close- up Paper lands into metal bin. Non-diegetic 2 s 18. Extreme close- up Bag of drugs lands on to the floor. Non-diegetic 2 s 19. Long shot Drug dealer stops to take a breath, and puts his hands onto his knees. Non-diegetic 4 s 20. Close-up Business man reaches for his office phone and picks it up. He also enters a phone number. Non-diegetic 4 s 21. Low angle shot Across the desk, as his hand enters the phone number. Non-diegetic 3 s 22. Close-up The phone is lifted to the business man’s ears. It rings for 1 to 2 seconds. Non-diegetic 3 s 23. Close-up Exact same shot is shown but of the drug dealer with his mobile to his ear. Non-diegetic 2 s
  3. 3. 24. Mid-shot From behind, the drug dealers shoulder height. He looks left, and then right. Non-diegetic 3 s 25. Over the shoulder shot. With the camera not exactly over the shoulder (more alongside). A man is seen down the street under a streetlight. The drug dealer takes deep breaths. A hand then covers his mouth and pulls him backwards. Non-diegetic 3 s 26. Close-up The business man slowly moves the phone away from his ear. Non-diegetic 2 s 27. Extreme close- up The business man grips it tighter. Non-diegetic 2 S 28. Mid-shot The business man throws the phone to the round. Non-diegetic 1 s 29. Close-up The business man’s phone hits the floor. Non-diegetic 1 s 30. Close-up The drug dealer’s phone is seen landing onto the floor. Non-diegetic 1 s 31. Extreme close up The name "Mr. Faulkner" is displayed on the drug dealer’s phone. Non-diegetic 2 s 32. Slow pan mid- shot rising up. Starting below desk, the shot rises to see his desk and the nameplate with "Mr. Faulkner". He has his head in his hands. Non-diegetic 3 s 33. Close-up Low angle The drug dealer’s heels drag through the dirt as he is pulled away. Non-diegetic 3 s 34. P.O.V Shot The drug dealers view as he struggles with the antagonist grabbing him. A black bag is then Non-diegetic 4 s
  4. 4. placed over his head (cameras view). 35. Mid-shot From behind we see the business man stand up, and grab his jacket to put it on. Non-diegetic 3 s 36. Long shot The first antagonist is seen approaching the drug dealer, who is still being restrained by the second antagonist. Non-diegetic 2 s 37. Extreme Close- up The business man adjusts his cuff. Non-diegetic 2 s 38. Long shot A continuation of shot 36. Non-diegetic 2 s 39. Mid-shot The businessman’s office door shuts, with the placard "Interline Industries" and "Mr. Faulkner" shown. Slow zoom towards the placard. Non-diegetic 3 s 40. Title The title of the film is seen against a black screen. Non-diegetic 4 s