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Library and ICT co-dependency


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Published in: Education
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Library and ICT co-dependency

  1. 1. Library and ICT co-dependencyat Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College
  2. 2. Standing on the shoulders of giants
  3. 3. Areas where two cultures collideNew library systems specificationsClickview, delivery of school and homeIntegration of Libguides and Turnitin into MoodleEquipment movie makingPrinting assistanceRFID investigations
  4. 4. Complimentary skill sets technical access driven positive user experience service driven systematic constantly scanning the external environment
  5. 5. Greasing the wheelsphysical proximityinvolvement at managerial levelshared meetings & discussionsshared beliefsshared missionsharing of tips and tricks collegiality and one-up-man-ship