epidemiology types data entry and management market analysis analytics use of computers- epidemilogy weight wise chart of rig and hrig doses of rabies immunoglobulin nfhs5 surveillance and monitoring monitoring surveilance time series analysis poliomyelitis wilcoxon rank sum test non parametric test mann whitney u test concepts of epidemiology definition of epidemiology epidemiology nfhs data nfhs-5 and comperatives national family health survey nfhs 1-4 nfhs-5 nfhs 5 nfhs tools of data collection data collection methods of data collection sources of data types of data principles of data principles of data collection nhp 2017 non randomised controlled tria randomised contol trial rct experimental design experimental study designs national health policy 2017 program gannt cpm pert public health communication communication communications education and training death rtae and mortality rates case control study dietary survey nutritional assessment
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