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Goodbye Mr A The Hoosiers.Clips


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post number 9 (clip one )

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Goodbye Mr A The Hoosiers.Clips

  1. 1. Goodbye Mr A-The Hoosiers Presentation
  2. 2. <ul><li>The video begins with a panning shot leading up to the top of a multi storey building. The whole scene is set as a cartoon, comic strip. Leading the viewer to identify that they re may be something to do with superheroes. </li></ul><ul><li>The first block of text also indicates this, ‘’The Hoosiers’ in the font it is implies this is a story about superheroes. It has a very childish appearance. </li></ul><ul><li>The cartoon feature continues till the lead singer of the band begin to sing. The band is also introduced in cartoon form as superheroes and as the song name. </li></ul>The intro to the music video sets the video up well and gives the viewer an insight into what the video is going to be based on. Cartoon , Childish style headings
  3. 3. <ul><li>The cartoon style is continued right until the lead singer begins to sing, </li></ul><ul><li>The band has chosen to reconstruct themselves as superheroes in the shots followed using similar features used in a comic book for children. </li></ul>A typical cut from a comic book, or tv series to reveal the superheroes, enhances how good they look.
  4. 4. There is a quick cut to ‘’The Hoosiers hideout’’. We are first introduced to the lead singer by him sliding down a fireman's pole. Used to show his strength perhaps. To link him to being a real hero. There is then a panning shot following him to the other band members, revealing a large ‘’H’’ behind them, associating with their name as well as their superhero persona. The next shot involves an over the shoulder shot looking down on the band. This is a shot from a tied up superheroes view. For the first time the viewers see Mr A. The shots vary from a close up of the lead singer, to the whole and single members of the band then back to Mr. A. This allows the viewer to identify who is who in the ‘’story’’ and also to see the emotion and facial expression for each person In the scene. Including the kidnapped superhero. Over the shoulder high shot
  5. 5. Long shot revealing the trapped Mr. A Close up of lead singer, showing facial expression and his emotion. Throughout this scene his expression appears ‘’evil’’ and he smirks at Mr. A. Almost as if he is laughing at him. Medium close up, same purpose and outcome of a close up but revealing some body language too.
  6. 6. Newspapers and headlines are also used frequently through the video, helping tell and narrate the story. The use of visuals help build up information for the audience, so using props like this helps a video and band put across a story or information that they want the viewers to understand. This also links to superhero films, for example Spiderman, batman etc. Newspapers are used within these films and so this video has intertextuality of not only comic and games, but widely known superhero films.
  7. 7. This clip refers back to the beginning of the music video with the cartoon version of them. Here they are also doing a typical ‘superhero’ pose, standing with arms on hips looking up, as if to say ‘’I am a great superhero’’. Each one of them has a different pose and colour suit, but they all have the ‘H’ logo, relating back to the bands name, and also their ‘superhero’ name. The nest clips presents each superhero doing something, whether its either doing some work on a car or playing on a computer game, revealing their ‘manhood’ as well as linking to the whole idea of becoming a superhero a childish game. The over the shoulder shot allows the viewer to identify his expression as well as the game. There is a panning shot of threes screens, a behind shot revealing ‘formal’ equipment that you would expect to see in a film in a superheroes ‘lair’ where he can identify the ‘bad guys’. Then the last shoot shows the gaming on with the lead singer of the band.
  8. 8. The next scene includes the band members testing out their plot of how to get rid of Mr. A. A variety of close up's and medium close ups are used to show their expressions and the small scale plan of sending Mr. A to the moon, again referring back to the childish theme, by them using an action figure and small landscape buildings. Because this was their first single from their album, ‘the trick to life’, they keep using small foreground images or background images of either the ‘H’ or ‘The Hoosiers’ to remind the viewers who they are, mainly due to the fact that they are a new band. Whilst singing this part of the chorus,' Goodbye Mr.A’’, he changes the tone of his voice, from soft to harsh, this can link to the expression of his face; he is passionate about getting rid of this superhero so that he and his group can take over and be the new superheroes.
  9. 9. Again linking the visuals with the lyrics, ‘’ So so superior, are you not?’’ the showing how ‘superior’ his superheroes actually are compared to Mr. A . Because he is tied up this also links in with this particular line in the whole lyrics, they are almost mocking him, laughing at how superier he looks and seems but three non superhuman everyday men were able to kidnap and hold him hostage. These two clips over exaggerate their ‘power’ and ‘superiorness’, for eample the ridiculous sized wieghts, as seen below, and the breaking of the concrete block above, empahsising the power once again. The link of visuals and the lyrics are played throughout the video. For example; ’’ You claim science aint magic And expect me to buy it ’’, this verse is sung during the begin but then later on one of the band members is dressed as a scientist experimenting, which links back to this verse. Claiming that science aint magic, means that he is basically mocking that these three men cannot be superheroes, because the two things don’t make sense.
  10. 10. As the bridge verse of the song comes into play, there is a scene of the superheroes now becoming ‘real superheroes’, with the use of special effects to create him ‘flying’ in a superheroes pose. The background is dark, with the sun setting almost creating an clam atmosphere, which links to how everything has become clam again now that there are new superheroes who can save the town. Therefore a more relaxed town. Here on the left there is a cut of the three heroes running towards the camera, just like the clip at the start of the video but this time the shot is actually shot in real life and not animation. ‘’ The world was full of wonder Till you opened my eyes’’ , linking back to Mr. A and how the band had hopes of becoming superheroes and how wonderful Mr. A was until , he mocked the band and they basically found out that he wasn’t a ‘real superhero’ and so they had the plan to send him off. Special Effects; possibly green screen to make him appear to be flying.
  11. 11. Every heroes worst fear is to be un masked and his identity revealed, so to humiliate Mr. A even more the lead singer walks up to him, and from a behind shot we are able to see him un-masked. After the last chorus has been sung the band members stand in a row of three, almost chanting; ‘goodbye Mr. A’ as they send him off into space. There is a mixture of long shot, wide shots and a group close up, to show emotions and the whole scene of what they are doing. Chanting ‘’goodbye Mr. A’’ gives an haunting, slightly disturbing effect on them, as Mr. A is shot off into space. Them standing like this allows the viewer to identify them, and show who has more importance in the group. ‘’ Wish you hadn’t blown my mind’, which refers to how they are going to ‘’blow’’ him off into space.