Mystery Shopping is Fun


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Mystery Shopping is Fun

  1. 1. ==== ====For a list of over 750 Mystery Shopping sites >>> ====Mystery shopping has become so popular that you certainly might think theres nothing more to besaid about it. However, many beginner mystery shoppers get trapped either by the marketershype, or by the harsh criticisms against mystery shopping that are both largely undeserved. Thisarticle will tell you the reality of mystery shopping and what successful tactics many wise mysteryshoppers just wont share.Mystery shopping has been acknowledged as an effective market research method. Manycompanies recruit mystery shoppers to test the qualities of their customer services, or to tailor theirstaff trainings in order to eliminate weaknesses and improve consumer satisfaction. Competition inthe product and service area has become so fierce, that many new quality evaluation practiceshave emerged for the sake of business survival. Mystery shopping is one of these marketingmechanisms that provides unmatched feedback to merchandisers and service companies, anddelivers reliable and up-to-date info on consumers likes and dislikes.What are the benefits of mystery shopping? Mystery shopping allows you to earn additionalincome that will either fill in the gaps in your budget, or simply fill in your consumer basket withfreebies and products you otherwise wouldnt afford. Mystery shopping is a truly excitingadventure, because you need to "perform" as you would if you were normally a client, and veryoften you will be required to play a character that is different from your own. Companies hiremystery shoppers to pose as real customers, and role-play different situations that may occurwhile shopping. Therefore, you might often need to play angry, capricious, indecisive, picky, orobsessive, which adds more thrill and excitement to your shopping tasks.Even though mystery shopping can be tremendously amusing, you need to remember that its ahighly responsible job, as the hiring company relies on your objective feedback. Mystery shoppingrequires no previous experience, but it leans on your honesty, objectivity, and common sense toevaluate the products and services you shop. Moreover, as you become a seasoned mysteryshopper with successfully completed shops, you will also build reputation with the marketingcompanies in your area. This will help you get more professional, highly-paid, and moreresponsible assignments that will not only get you more cash, but will also single you out as anexpert and reliable mystery shopper.One of the big delusions, and yet one of the most exploited and misrepresented facts aboutmystery shopping is how much you actually earn. Many will tell you that its a complete waste oftime; others will convince you that you can become a millionaire overnight. The reality is that youcan get a decent additional income, and earn anywhere between $200 and $1,500 a month,depending on your input of time and effort, and your ability to find assignments quickly andefficiently. It takes time to learn all the tricks of successful mystery shopping, but its not impossibleto turn it into a lucrative hobby or a second job. You can learn how to heal your budget with all the
  2. 2. cash, prizes and bonuses that mystery shopping can offer you. Enjoy!Article Source: ====For a list of over 750 Mystery Shopping sites >>> ====