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CaBA ArcGIS Online Training - Intro to catchment story maps. 1. Objectives and course content -


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Course objectives, contents and next steps for a one day training course aimed at catchment partnerships planning to use ArcGIS Online to develop collaborative spatial catchment plans and story maps.
The course was first run in Darlington in Feb 2018. Please contact if you would be interested in attending this course on a future occasion.

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CaBA ArcGIS Online Training - Intro to catchment story maps. 1. Objectives and course content -

  1. 1. Introduction to ArcGIS Online, Story Maps and creating an online mapping portal ArcGIS Online Training
  2. 2. Training Course Objectives This is a Technical training course aimed at CaBA partnership and rivers trust staff with some GIS Desktop experience After completing this course, you will: ✓ Understand what ArcGIS Online is, what it can be used for and how to manage your account ✓ Understand how to find and use data, and how to upload and share your own data ✓ Know how to develop different types of story maps ✓ Be able to combine multiple datasets and content in to an engaging catchment story map portal ✓ Be inspired by how others in the CaBA network are using ArcGIS Online to develop collaborative story maps and catchment plans
  3. 3. Training Course Legacy • Start work on your own catchment story map portal in your AGOL account today – learn by doing! • Needs a further 5-10 days of your time to complete (depending on your requirements). • We will make a number of short ‘how to’ videos available online as a refresher of key areas and provide you with a links and resources PDF • We could run online webinars to further develop your technical skills. • Tell us what support you need so that we can build this in to future CaBA support bids – if you don’t tell us we can’t provide help • This is the first time we’ve run this course – please help us improve future courses by giving us your feedback
  4. 4. Training Course Agenda MORNING • Introduction to ArcGIS Online • Creating an online map and publishing a simple web-mapping application • Publishing your own data Coffee break • Create a map tour application • Managing your AGOL organisational account Lunch AFTERNOON • Mobile survey and crowdsourcing apps • Introduction to story map templates Coffee break • Developing an online catchment mapping portal • Developing a collaborative action plan • Course evaluation and feedback Finish