Create Some Moderation Momentum to Avoid the “Holiday 10”


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With a little planning and attention, you can create some moderation momentum that will carry you into a healthier New Year and beyond.

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Create Some Moderation Momentum to Avoid the “Holiday 10”

  1. 1. Create Some Moderation Momentum to Avoid the “Holiday 10”
  2. 2. From Tricks and Treats to holiday feasts, many fall and winter festivitiesfocus on food - and lots of it!But for too many of us, a season of overeating leads to a winter ofdiscontent - and eventually to serious long-term health complications.According to the National Institutes of Health, holiday eating can resultin an extra pound or two every year, and a recent Weight Watchersreport says that the average American gains around 7-10 pounds duringwinter holidays.
  3. 3. Unhealthy eating is a hard habit to break, even after the holidays areover. Get out in front of your holiday eating this year.With a little planning and attention, you can create some moderationmomentum that will carry you into a healthier New Year and beyond.
  4. 4. Maintain, don’t gain. Let’s face it: Dinners, parties, gift baskets, and allkinds of seasonal goodies are par for the course around the holidays.Sample everything in moderation and make it your goal to maintainyour current weight.If you can avoid the “Holiday 10,” you’ll be ahead of the game.
  5. 5. Exercise, and make it a habit. Take a lap around the airport betweenholiday flights. Take a family walk after dinner. Better yet, use some ofthe time off from work and school to establish a regular exerciseroutine.
  6. 6. Eat regular meals, and don’t skip meals. It’s a bad idea to go to thegrocery store hungry, and it’s a terrible idea to starve yourself all day inanticipation of a holiday buffet. Sticking to regular, healthy meals makesit much easier to sensibly handle holiday temptations.
  7. 7. Drinks matter, too. Alcohol can induce overeating, but adult drinksaren’t the only cause for concern. Americans take in an abundance ofcalories from sugary drinks year round, and the holidays ramp it up withan assortment of punches, eggnog and the like. Try alternatingbeverages with glasses of water or tea.
  8. 8. Offer to bring food. If you’re invited to a holiday party, offer to bringyour own healthy dish to pass. You know you’ll like it, you’ll know howit’s made, and you know it won’t derail your best-laid eating plans.This can be especially useful for people with specific dietary needs,from vegetarians to diabetics to kids with food allergies.
  9. 9. Strike a balance. If you happen to overeat at one meal, go light on thenext. Stock your buffet plate with small portions of a variety of food,including lots of fruit and veggies. If you know you’re headed for a bignight out, stick to healthy meals in the days leading up to it. Keep somehealthy snacks on hand - like raw veggies and the Mississippi SpicedPecans listed here - that can take the edge off in times of temptation.
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