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Eliminate Paper Sheet Music - Worship Service


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Eliminate paper sheet music for a better worship service

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Eliminate Paper Sheet Music - Worship Service

  1. 1. Going “PAPERLESS” As a worship music leader You can do it
  2. 2. Going “Paperless” First, our apologies to anyone who loves to manually sort through piles of paper sheet music so they can put them into individual folders for each band member. And then find out you need to make changes so you have to go back through everything again. If this is something you love doing, then we apologize because SamePage completely eliminates the need to do this. SamePage does for paper sheet music what email did for paper documents. No more do you need to store, track, handle, or manually edit piles of scores. Simply pull the music up on the SamePage screen, edit it, annotate it and then send it to each band member. Want your team to practice more? Just use the SamePage software to sync with their computer through an online account. It all displays on their system while they are at home. Or, they can take a performance station with them, sync it up and now they have no excuse for not practicing or having the wrong music. It’s all there and in sync. Make some changes or write some annotations on the music during rehearsal? Everyone gets updated instantly. Tired of handing out music and then never seeing it again because they “forgot to bring it”? Can’t happen. It’s all in the SamePage Performance Station. And, it’s also archived online on a secure server with password protection. With the optional foot pedal, you can turn pages with your foot. Moving from song to song is also simple, just scroll through the playlist. No need for an expensive multiple wide music stand Afraid that the music won’t be big or clear enough to see on a screen? You’ll be happy to know that our screens actually display the music slightly larger than the standard paper sheet music.
  3. 3. The SamePage Performance Station It’s a Music Library. It’s a display station for digital sheet music. It’s a full function live music mixer. SamePage Performance Stations edit, store, arrange, and annotate digital sheet music so you can eliminate paper sheet from your life. And you don’t have to use a computer to make it all happen. Each station has a touch screen for navigating and editing sheet music. Stations connect to each other through Ethernet so you can send music and keep each station in sync. Each station receives the full live audio mix so that each musician can adjust what they hear. Each station connects to the internet so you can develop online libraries of music and archive them securely Now with new SamePage Plan Software