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Music Laden (Collection 4)

  1. 1. 1www.kaltblut-magazine.comCOLLECTION 4THE NORTH
  2. 2. 80MUSICAlbum preview by Bénédicte Lelong Iconic American guru of pop Dick Clark once said „Music is the soundtrack of our lives“. Music IS everywhere. We eat it for breakfast, breathe it on the dance floors and live it 24/7, MP3 players firmly glued to our ears. An eclectic listener‘s paradise, our Musik Laden‘s motto is simple: „Open ears, open mind“. Satisfaction guaranteed. Interpret: Bastille  There is in all honesty nothing I can say that will do Bad Album: Bad Blood Blood, Bastille’s debut album, proper justice. These Brits have what it takes both sonically and lyrically to make it big, Genre: Alternative, Indie rock very big. Truth be told, Bad Blood is a thing of beauty. Label: Virgin / EMI Records  Bastille will be touring Europe in the spring and so I would Origin: UK advise you to get tickets to one of their gigs as soon as you Released: March 2013 can since they’re already selling out shows and headlining festivals. You wouldn’t want to be the one who missed these Members: Dan Smith, Chris ‚Woody‘ Wood, up-and-comers, now would you? Will Farquarson, Kyle Simmons  Beautiful arrangements and spellbinding melodies, coup- led with Dan Smith’s, the band’s founder and lead singer, equally spellbinding vo- cals make for an absolute gem of a record. Not so bad for a “first”, if you ask me.  Bad Blood is nothing short of grandiose and epic. The title track itself should be enough to convince you that if there’s one album that you shouldn’t miss in 2013, it’s most definitely this one. That way in a couple of years you’ll be able to say not without a certain sense of pride, that you knew them before they were famous.  So first, get your hands on their amazing first album, then buy a ticket to see them live. Chop-chop! Get on it!  Must-hear tracks: Pompeii, Things We Lost In The Fire, Bad Blood, Laura Palmer
  3. 3. 81  Mainstream is to music what Instagram is to photogra- phy. It‘s become such a terrifying word. Especially when Tegan & Sara, a band that has been touring (successfully so) the indie circuit forever, or so it seems, decides to take that dreaded leap. It’s an even harder pill to swallow when they admit that this risky move will most likely cost them a portion of their most loyal (and oldest) fans... and that it‘s basically OK.  The first problem I had with Heartthrob was its title. And if Tegan’s new haircut was any indication, the thirty something twin duo had gone all out and caught Bieber Fever, earning a well-deserved spot on the Lesbians That Look Like Justin Bieber tumblelog.  In the end Heartthrob, their 7th record, isn’t their best but it isn’t as bad as some detractors had predicted. And when you lend a closer ear, you’ll realize that things haven’t changed that much. Sara’s tracks are still a bit more edgy, deep and angsty than her sister’s catchier tunes -a sister who by the way sounds more and more like a pre- pubescent teenage boy.Interpret: Theodore Paul & Gabriel  Besides, change isn’t always all that bad. And in TeganAlbum: Please Her Please Him & Sara’s case, as long as they keep reinventing themselves on stage and offering their audience stripped down acousticGenre: Folk rock versions of old hits, chances are the world isn’t coming toLabel: Belleville Music an end anytime soon. Their sound might have taken a turnOrigin: France for the best or the worst, depending on where you stand, but if you manage to look past the surface, the old Tegan &Released: October 2012 Sara are still there somewhere.Members: Théodora De Lilez, Pauline Thom-  So maybe you won’t like Heartthrob and maybe you’llson, Clémence Gabriel think that the sisters have really gone off the deep end this time. We‘ll always have The Con then... won’t we?  Must-hear tracks: How Come You Don’t Want Me, Now I will admit that the only reason I gave Theodore Paul & I’m All Messed Up, Shock To Your SystemGabriel a listen is the cover of their album. Androgynouslooking girls wearing ties and a tux sounded like my kindof thing. Interpret: Tegan & Sara As it turns out, there’s more than meets the eye with thistrio. Album: Heartthrob With Please Her Please Him the band is paying homage Genre: Indie rock, Synthpopto The Beatles debut album Please Please Me. And just as Label: Warner Bros. Recordsthe Brits took over the world in the 1960’s, it seems that a Origin: CanadaFrench Invasion is in the works. As a matter of fact a new breed of talented artists, who Released: February 2013are part of the French Touch, appears to be more than wil- Members: Tegan Quin, Sara Quinling to revive folk rock. The genre quite literally explodedin the sixties and seventies before reaching a climax duringthe Vietnam War, and then taking sort of a backseat in themusic world. The magic of Theodore, Paul and Gabriel is that youdon’t even have to be into folk rock to fall in love with theband. The voice of lead singer Clémence Gabriel, powerful,brazen and gritty, is one of a kind. It’s different enoughfrom everything we hear right now that it will make youwant to lend an attentive ear. Every time I listen to „Chasing The Sea“, I see Simon &Garfunkel. The record’s true beauty lies in the fact that it’sa time machine, pure and simple. With Please Her PleaseHim there’s a very distinct air of 1960 nostalgia and melan-cholia, when music still felt rooted somewhere, meaningful.When music had a purpose, when it was telling a story.And that’s why this record is a definite must-have. Must-hear tracks: Bad Mood, The Silent Veil, ChasingThe Seat
  4. 4. 82  No need to be a rocket scientist to understand how the masked Los Angelenos of rap-rock band Hollywood Undead have managed to develop some kind of a cult following over the years. It’s not just the masks, it’s this hybrid sound that makes them an even more intriguing and interesting band to listen to. As such they shouldn’t be taken lightly as they might well be Linkin Park’s rightful successors.  Hollywood Undead likes to mix and match genres and influences and that’s a huge plus for any eclectic music lover. Their unique sound perfectly mirrors our generation’s relationship to music: it’s all about diversity. If like most children of the 80’s your musical tastes were influenced by a whole bunch of currents, from metal to rap, hip hop, dance or pop, then this band is right up your alley. And if like me you simply like to live dangerously, mixing things up a little when it comes to music (able to go from Metal- lica to Britney Spears in the blink of an eye), you won’t be disappointed either.  Notes From The Underground, the band’s third LP, manages to deftly switch from one genre to another in an almost seamless manner. Don’t let power ballads like Rain,Interpret: Merz From The Ground and Believe fool you: Notes From TheAlbum: No Compass Will Find Home Underground is nothing but poppy, sensitive lyrics in anGenre: Alternative ocean of metal-fueled choruses.Label: Accidental Records  Last but not least, Another Way Out is almost too good to be true. It stands out hands down as THE most danceableOrigin: UK track. Electric guitars, dance beats, hip hop vocals... anReleased: February 2013 explosive combination, just like the rest of this record, notMember: Conrad Lambert to be missed.  Must-hear tracks: Another Way Out, We Are, Rain, Believe It‘s very hard to label Merz‘s sound, first of all becausewhen you listen to No Compass Will Find Home (his thirdfull length) you realize very early on that it doesn‘t fit any Interpret: Hollywood Undeadpre-defined category. This record is its own thing. Album: Notes From The Underground Saying that it is a bit different from all the crap that Genre: Rap-rock, Rap-metalfloods our ears on a daily basis is the understatement Label:Universal Music Groupof the year. And as such of course it probably won‘t beeverybody‘s cup of tea. Origin: USA But don’t get me wrong, No Compass Will Find Home is Released: January 2013different in the best possible way. Come to think of it, this Members: harlie Scene, Da Kurlzz, Danny,record is so out of this world sonically, maybe Merz shouldhave his own genre. I wasn’t that surprised to learn that Funny Man, J-Dog, Johnny 3 Tearsone of the rooms where the album was recorded used to beEinstein‘s laboratory... in the end, it all kinda feels like thework of a mad (albeit incredibly talented) scientist. Agreeing to listen to this record is agreeing to embarkon a wild and unpredictable journey. Forget everything youknow (or think you know) about music, No Compass WillFind Home is bigger and better, and it will reach deeperthan anything you’ve ever heard before. It’s true artists like Merz who completely redefine theway we consume music, experimenting and constantly rein-venting the medium along the way, offering listeners thisincredibly emotional patchwork of instruments and sounds.Authentic, pure and disarmingly bare at times, No Com-pass Will Find Home forces you to reconsider your relati-onship to music. It is an adventure that will put listeners onthe path to a musical (re)awakening: Merz‘s album mightbe the most honest work I‘ve had the pleasure to sample ina while. THIS is what real music is supposed to sound like. Must-hear tracks: Arrows, Judge, Goodbye My Chimera,No Compass Will Find Home
  5. 5. 83 In France, a new wave of musicians is finally coming toterms with the fact that yes, singing in English will mostdefinitely open doors in the music industry. Better late thannever. Lilly Wood & The Prick is no stranger to that trend. They’re one of these up and coming French artists whoalong with Christine & The Queens, Pamela Hute or Theo-dore Paul & Gabriel seem to “get it”. Lilly Wood & The Prick have been around for some timenow with influences ranging from Johnny Cash to The Killsor Patti Smith. The Fight, their second album, is so good you’ll mostlikely feel the need to sing along on every single track. Thechoruses are catchy. To be perfectly honest there’s so manygood things about this record that I’m not even sure whereto start. The bass line in Le Mas, for one. Eargasm-indu-cing as one would say today. With Where I Want To Be, the first track and one of thefirst singles off The Fight, you’ll find yourself longing forCalifornia. Also the way the album is arranged gives Hadida’s voiceplenty of room to entice listeners, especially as there’s nooverbearing instruments. Interpret: Marybell Katastrophy To quote No Mark (track 10): “You know how crazy it is Album: Amygdalawhen you meet someone and you feel like you’ve knownthem forever?” Well that’s kind of how I felt with The Fight. Genre: Alternative, Electro-pop, Avant-garde popLike I’ve known them forever. Familiar and comfortable. Label: Snowhite It’s very apropos that these guys appear on the album Origin: Denmarkcover wearing boxing gloves. The music industry sort offeels like a ring sometimes. Lilly Wood & The Prick have Released: March 2013been playing the indie scene for a couple of years, from Members: Marie Højlund, Emil Thomsen, Ja-small venues to festivals, and this album feels like it is kob Schweppenhäuser, Q“It”. They’re here. And they’re ready to fight their way tostardom.  Marybell Katastrophy, an alternative, avant-garde synth- pop act from Denmark has been around for a while, touring Interpret: Lilly Wood & The Prick most of Europe and being dubbed ‘best new band from Album: The Fight Denmark’ in the process. Genre: Electro pop folk  Their first LP, The More, was released in December Label: Cinq 7 2008 and was almost immediately lauded by the press. So much so that it soon became ‘album of the year’ in Origin: France Denmark. And you know what they say, there’s no smoke Released: November 2012 without fire. So of course I decided to get on the Marybell Members: Nili Hadida, Benjamin Cotto Katastrophy’s bandwagon and give it a good listen. As it turns out, it’s every bit as good as I expected it to be.  From Björk to The Knife, Steed Lord, Flunk or The Legends if you’re a little bit familiar with bands and artists from the North of Europe (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ice- land...) you must have asked yourself the following questi- on at least once: is there something in the water up there? I mean, how is it even possible to give birth to so many awesome bands, amirite?  Hard not to draw the comparison with Björk when you hear Marie Højlund’s ethereal and crystalline voice. But if the influences are obvious, the originality is undeniable.  Also don’t miss the video clip for the album’s single So- mewhere Behind My Lips: the dancing skeletons and neon pink visuals are quite a sight.  All in all, Amygdala, Marybell Katastrophy’s second full length, is a wonderful, eargasm-inducing musical experi- ment that’s bound to please even the pickiest of listeners. You’ve been warned!  Must-hear tracks: Heavy Industry, Wake Up, Dexter II
  6. 6. 404 JE T Z T E N! BE WE RBDeine Idee für Berlinbe Berlin sucht neue Berlin-Souvenirs. Bewirb Dich bis zum 29.4. mit Deinem Design und zeig der Öffentlichkeit, wieungewöhnliche Hauptstadt-Souvenirs aussehen können. Eine renommierte Jury prämiert die besten und marktfähigstenIdeen mit bis zu 5.000 Euro. Die nominierten Entwürfe bekommen außerdem eine Ausstellung und stehen mit etwasGlück schon bald als Berlin4U-Kollektion in den Läden der Stadt. Alle Infos auf Jury: Gremium: GmbHMed i enpartner:Medienpartner: d