StellarFlex FR (Fuel Resistant) Asphalt


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StellarFlex FR (Fuel Resistant ) Asphalt is uniquely formulated to be resistant to diesel and jet fuel, which makes it ideally suited for pavement applications in airports, high-traffic heavy truck roadways, fueling stations, truck stops, and fuel storage tank areas. No other asphalt binder can deliver the fuel resistance shield that you get with StellarFlex FR.

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StellarFlex FR (Fuel Resistant) Asphalt

  1. 1. Fuel Resistant Punishing Conditions. Supreme Production.
  3. 3. • Ever increasing traffic. • New aircraft landing gear configurations. • Higher axle loads and higher tire pressures. • Increased “stacking” and heavy weight standing load. • Occasional fuel leaks and spills. These are all factors that create punishing conditions and significantly increase the stress that pavements must endure. Sound familiar? If you’re dealing with any combination of these factors. You know firsthand how they persistently ravage and erode your high traffic, heavy-duty asphalt surfaces – and your budget. Fuel Resistant StellarFlex FR
  4. 4. Permanent DeformationFatigue Fatigue Life measured by the Flexural Beam Fatigue Tester at test frequency of 10 Hz, temperature of 15°C and at a tensile micro-strain of 1,000. Failure is determined by number of cycles required to reduce beam stiffness to 50% of initial stiffness. 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 35000 PG 64-22 PG 76-22 PG 82-22 Stellarflex FR Cyclestonf,50% PG Binder Grade Flexural Beam Fatigue Life Permanent Deformation measured by Asphalt Pavement Analyzer test machine. Test run for 8,000 cycles at 64°C with 100 psi hose pressure. Rutting measured in mm at end of 8,000 cycles. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 PG 64-22 PG 76-22 PG 82-22 StellarFlex FR APARutting,mm PG Binder Grade Permanent Deformation Fuel Resistant StellarFlex FR Reflective Cracking Pavement Design Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester (AMPT) Flow Number results from Repeated Load Permanent Deformation Testing (Higher Fn means lower rutting potential). 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 14000 16000 18000 20000 PG 64-22 PG 76-22 PG 82-22 StellarFlex FR FlowNumber(Fn) PG Binder Grade AMPT Flow Number Fracture Energy, as measured by Indirect Tensile Strength Test @ 0°C. (Higher Fracture Energy indicates greater resistance to low temperature cracking) 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 PG 64-22 PG 76-22 PG 82-22 StellarFlex FR FractureEnergy(Nmm/mm2) PG Binder Grade Low Temperature Cracking
  5. 5. StellarFlex FR is a safe, worker-friendly, long-term durable material that incorporates specific polymers into the bituminous mix to provide excellent fuel resistant properties. As these polymers vastly strengthen and improve the properties of the asphalt mix, just one application of Stellar Flex FR is sufficient for the long haul. Since introduced in 1996, this technology has been withstanding extreme trials of wear and tear, adding to your long-term cost savings and eliminating the need for hazardous coal tar applications. Using StellarFlex FR results in long-term savings as it’s the most cost- effective way to deal with the punishing conditions that heavy-duty asphalt pavements endure. Asphalt mixes incorporating StellarFlex FR are characterized by: • High resistance to permanent deformation • High resistance to fatigue cracking • High resistance to thermal cracking • High flexibility (excellent elastic recovery properties) • High stability • Excellent workability • High resistance to fuel damage Now, you have another option.
  6. 6. “FR” = Fuel Resistance StellarFlex FR is uniquely formulated to be resistant to diesel and jet fuel, which makes it ideally suited for pavement applications in airports, high-traffic heavy-truck roadways, fueling stations, truck stops, and fuel storage tank areas. No other asphalt binder can deliver the fuel resistance shield that you get with StellarFlex FR. The properties of StellarFlex FR make its application ideal for the construction and maintenance of pavements exposed to extreme stress – the types encountered when heavy, slow-moving traffic combined with exposure to diesel and jet fuel, make typical pavements of any kind high maintenance and high cost. These types of stress are encountered at airport aprons, taxiways, ends of runways, fuel filling areas, truck parking areas and high standing volume truck roadways. StellarFlex FR needs only to be used in the surface layer of the pavement (minimum 1.5” thickness) to provide superior protection against the failure modes encountered in these applications. And StellarFlex FR meets the requirements of the new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) P-601 Fuel Resistant Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Pavement specification. StellarFlex FRStandard Asphalt mixes using the StellarFlex FR binder can be produced at any hot mix plant without the need for modifications or changes in operating procedures. Therefore, StellarFlex FR provides the most cost effective means to handle these punishing conditions without the need for additional capital or operating costs in its application. Application Production
  7. 7. Superior fuel resistance Heavy-weight, high-traffic re- sistance Extreme durability under ex- treme conditions Cost effective Worker friendly Environmentally sound Fuel Resistant StellarFlex FR
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