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Stop making senses moss

Joshua Moss- In Media Res

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Stop making senses moss

  1. 1. Stop Making Senses: Thoughts on the Formal Experimentations and Non-Talking Heads of Jacques Tati and David Byrne Joshua Louis Moss
  2. 2. Stop Making Sense (Demme, 1984)
  3. 3. Mon Oncle (Tati, 1958)
  4. 4. Monochromatic Spaces and Sound Play Playtime (Tati, 1967) American Utopia (Lee, 2020)
  5. 5. Space and Spatiality American Utopia (Lee, 2020) Playtime (Tati, 1967)
  6. 6. Sense, Form, and Play Time Playtime (Tati, 1967) American Utopia (Lee, 2020)
  7. 7. Suburbia and Artifice Mon Oncle (Tati, 1958) Stop Making Sense (Demme, 1984)
  8. 8. Sound Play and Suburban Alienation Playtime (Tati, 1967) American Utopia (Lee, 2020)