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How to find an assisted living facility for a senior


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Imperial Club, Aventura’s finest independent and assisted living rental retirement communities. We provide housing and other senior living services to America's senior community at affordable cost.

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How to find an assisted living facility for a senior

  1. 1. How to Find an Assisted Living Facility for a Senior
  2. 2. Understand the differences in types of facilities There is a big difference between a nursing home, which provides around the clock skilled nursing care, and an assisted living facility, which offers assistance with daily tasks while still allowing seniors to retain some independence. The services provided and costs incurred vary depending on the type of facility you choose.
  3. 3. Calculate what you can afford Determine what you can afford so you can decide if prospective facilities fit into yourbudget.
  4. 4. Determine what services are needed It's important to know what help or services your senior loved one will need when choosing a senior citizen living facility. Make a list of the most important services, including medication assistance, incontinence care, dressing, meal help and physical therapy and exercise, so you can keep them in mind when reviewing facilities.
  5. 5. Meet the staff Meet with nurses and staff members who interact with facility residents to get a feeling forthe atmosphere of the facility.
  6. 6. Take your senior loved one with you  It's important that your senior loved one feel safe and content at the assisted living facility you choose for them, so take them with you when you visit potential facilities.  Give them a tour of the bedrooms, activities areas and grounds so they can offertheiropinions.
  7. 7. Check out standards and reviews Assisted living facilities are held to state and federal regulations of sanitation and resident care. A quality facility will have these records readily available to prospective residents. Review them carefully and note how frequently the facility is inspected and whether there have been any emergency inspections or complaints against the facility.
  8. 8. Talk to currentTalk to current residentsresidents Meet with some of the facility's residents and ask them what theyMeet with some of the facility's residents and ask them what they think of the facility.think of the facility.
  9. 9. Ask about medical procedures  Find out what guidelines are in place for staff to follow in case of emergency medical situations, or for routine medical issues such as incontinence orhigh blood pressure readings.  Staff should be able to tell you how medical issues are handled for residents.
  10. 10. Imperial Club is a Senior Housing based in Aventura, Florida providing housing and other senior living services to America's seniorcommunity at affordable cost.
  11. 11. Contact Us Address: 2751 NE 183rd St. Aventura, FL 33160 Phone: (305) 935-1801 Website: