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Ampac Global Pouch West Presentation

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Ampac Global Pouch West Presentation

  1. 1. Household and Other Promising Markets for Pouches December 3, 2014 Andrew Dun Executive Vice President, Flexibles Sales
  2. 2. innovation in action VISION PURPOSE We passionately create and bring to market new packaging designed to advance our customer’s brands and value globally. We are the world’s leader in creative packaging solutions Vision and Purpose About Ampac
  3. 3. innovation in action Trends in Home & Industrial Care Packaging Socio – Economic Growing request for flexible versus rigid packaging Convenience Sustainability All I/C markets experienced growth over last 18 months Up-swing in building (commercial and residential) Growing awareness in health/hygiene (E coli /H1N1) Package / Product Integrity Increased Product Protection and Compliance Prevent Product Use Errors Developing eco-friendly/less hazardous products
  4. 4. innovation in action Trends in Home & Industrial Care Packaging Package / Product Convenience Easy to Open and Easy to Close Flip-top caps / Zippers Inno-Lok and Pour & Lok Technology Single-serve and dual compartment frangible seal packs Sustainability - ‘Green’ Conscious Source Reduction Recyclable packaging No extra packaging Compostable packaging Product Concentrates
  5. 5. innovation in action HDPE Bottle Package Evolution of Ecolab® Greaselift™ Degreaser Product 7 mil Laminate 6 mil Co-ex
  6. 6. innovation in action Ecolab® and Oasis Pro™ Cleaning System Background OASIS PRO™ SYSTEM Provides ultra-concentrated products for high-end performance and an integrated dispensing system for consistent efficiency and training. Global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services Provide products and services to protect what is vital: Clean Water Safe Food Abundant Energy Efficient Operations Sustainable, Healthy Environments Supply foodservice, food processing, hospitality, healthcare, industrial, and oil and gas businesses around the world
  7. 7. innovation in action Oasis Pro™ Development Background Background Ampac collaborated with Ecolab to create a 7 mil laminated doyen-style pouch in 2007 Greaselift™ product formula caused the pouch to delaminate, resulting in a loss of product integrity Ecolab sought solutions with multiple vendors Opportunity Maintain stringent package performance Employ minimum amount of film Improve collapsibility of pouch Support on-going sustainability initiatives
  8. 8. innovation in action Oasis Pro™ Development Background Solution Develop a proprietary, 6 mil coextruded nine-layer film Met all UN, FDA, EPA and Ecolab requirements to ship hazardous liquids globally Benefits Provides superior package performance Less product waste Significant material reduction with increased capacity Expansion into new products and markets
  9. 9. innovation in action Package Evolution of Laundry Detergent Pods Rigid HDPE Container No.2 Barrier HDPE Co-exBarrier Lamination
  10. 10. innovation in action Refills and Concentrates, Trigger Sprayers
  11. 11. Thank You!


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