Week 3 wr assignment ready to go


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Week 3 wr assignment ready to go

  1. 1. <br /> ASHFORD UNIVERSITY<br /> MBA-PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION GRADUATE PROGRAM<br /> BUS 600 <br /> MANAGEMENT COMMUNICATIONS WITH TECHNOLOGY TOOLS<br /> <br /> STUDENT: ANICA IOANAS<br /> AIR AMBULANCE <br /> <br /> AUDIENCE PRESENTATION MATERIALS<br /> <br /> <br /> INSTRUCTOR: DR. RAJ SINGH<br /> January 31 2011<br /> <br /> Audience Presentation Materials page 1 <br /> Audience Presentation Materials <br /> Using the same scenario you identified for the discussion question, develop a 5-8 slide presentation to be shown to the audience you have identified for a 10 minute presentation. Ensure that the presentation is designed to persuade the audience members to act. Write the actual presentation in the notes section. Be sure the PowerPoint supports the analysis you provided in the discussion forum.<br /> MY SCENARIO:<br /> MY AUDIENCE: consists of the board of directors, CEO, CFO, and HR from local Hospitals, Local Stakeholders, and Me as the Project Manager at Life Guard International Air Ambulance Comp.<br /> MY PLAN IS TO PERSUADE my audience to buy new ICU Units for the local hospitals. In order to determine them to take a positive decision that can satisfy the needs of patient’s security and protection during the transportation, the security of the Air Ambulance and also to the Team working on the units. It can also attract more Hospital patients, Insurance Agencies and financial investors.<br /> As a Project Manager, it is very important to be able to communicate effectively with my audience. It is still a problem for me, because I’m an ESL speaker, with pronunciations-accent issues. I have to practice / repeat the presentation for few times, to improve my speaking skills. I have to be focused, concise and delivering a clear message to the participants (Ch. 4, pp.97-119)<br /> In order to persuade my audience I must practice my presentation until, everything is clear, attractive and concise; having emotions in front of a big audience, that is making me to lose control and deviating from the subject.<br /> MY SPEAKING SKILLS: To improve-develop my speaking skills it is necessary to get read of the emotions ,so here I need help .I know that after a minute speaking ,my emotions will disappear ,so once I’ll get concentrated and focused on my presentation…I’ll be just fine.(Ch. 6, pp.155-181)<br /> KEY ELEMENTS:<br /> In order to capture the audience’s attention, my presentation should be short and attractive. <br /> <br />Audience Presentation Materials page 2 <br /> To motivate the members to action I should state that we can be the users, so we wanted the best for ourselves: the navigation security is vital for us. To be secure the air ambulance should have the latest technology tools. They are very costly and we should be able to buy it. Without their contribution we can’t survive! The PP should be clear, colorful, and interesting (Ch. 4: Speaking pp. 96-120).<br /> According with The Author we should fallow few rules as the following:<br /> * Help gather and refine customer requirements in a user friendly way.<br /> * Encourage more creative and innovative design solutions.<br /> * Encourage team review and prevent features no one wants.<br /> * Ensure that features are implemented in an accessible and intuitive way.<br /> * Ease the interviewing process - avoiding the blank-page syndrome.<br />Retracted from:<br />1. Concepts: Implementing a Process in an Organization: http://www.cin.ufpe.br/~if682/RUP/process/workflow/environm/co_imppr.htm <br />2. Stakeholder Management: http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newPPM_08.htm <br /> A Mobile ICU is a mobile intensive care unit. Whether in a large vehicle, ambulance, or air ambulance, these units are all configured with medical equipment onboard. An intensive care unit has many of the pieces of equipment and aspects you would find in an emergency room in a hospital. Including lifesaving drugs, monitors, and stabilizers, these setups are somewhat of a miniaturized version of an ER room. An RV can also be equipped with an ICU to treat patients in remote locations. These have become recently popular due to their ability to help patients before and after catastrophes.<br /> Retrieved on Jan 31, 2011 from URL:<br /> www.airambulance.net/mobile_icu.html<br />Audience Presentation Materials page 3 <br /> Slide 1<br /> Mobile ICU by Air Ambulance<br /> The Patient will be in no time at the Best Hospital in the World.<br /> His Life is saved by the Excellent Dedicated Professional Team<br /> Assisted by the Specialized Medical Equipment<br /> And <br /> New Communication Technology<br />.<br />Audience Presentation Materials page 4<br /> Slide 2 <br />Audience Presentation Materials page 5 <br /> SLIDE #3<br />Patients can be transported around the U.S. and worldwide in a private plane or jet chartered or contracted on your behalf by Air Ambulance. The aircrafts have on them a stretcher (approved by the Federal Aviation Administration) and medical equipment. The medical setup can be configured for a wide range of transports, including fragile and elderly patients. Emergency needs and intensive care needs are provided, including special IV setup, respiratory therapists and ventilators among other available equipment. Retrieved on Jan 31, 2011 from URL:<br /> www.airambulance.net/mobile_icu.html<br /> THERE IS MY BEST FRIEND!<br /><ul><li>
  2. 2.
  3. 3. I hope that she/he will survive to that Emergency Air Transportation.
  4. 4. The Air Ambulance is excellent equipped, with the most
  5. 5. Excellent Communication tools and Technology.</li></ul> Audience Presentation Materials page 6 <br /> Slide #4 <br /> Is there a STORM?<br /> NO PROBLEMS! <br /> <br /> The MONEY invested in a GOOD -MODERN TECHNOLOGY<br /> Are WELLLLLLL WORTED!<br /> <br /> <br /> Audience Presentation Materials page 7 <br /> SLIDE 5<br /> The Radar can prevent the colision<br /> The Ambulance,The Patient and the Crue:<br /> All SAFE!<br /> Measuring: Costly and SECURE! <br /> The Radar is one of the most important tools in Communication Technology<br />Audience Presentation Materials page 8 <br /> Slide 6 <br /> Here is another Patient…going fast to the Hospital in next City!<br /> It’s FAST, AFFORDABLE AND SECURE.<br /> With such Technology, WE can be back in our families again!<br /> A financial contribution, smaller or bigger is always WELCOME!<br /> All Contributions should be addressed directly to the Financial Services!<br /> THANK YOU ALL!<br />Audience Presentation Materials page 9<br /> Slide 7: Thinking of my Speaking Skills… <br /> <br /> SEE YOU SOON!<br />