Turning Strangers into Gold


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Sales is a process, from the sorting of strangers to the cultivation of referrals. Learn about the inverse relationship between sales and marketing, how using change management between strangers, leads, prospects, clients and customers helps increase your revenue. Discover missteps Canadian companies make when expanding into the United States Healthcare markets.

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Turning Strangers into Gold

  1. 1. Amy Larrimore Vincent Finn
  2. 2. Current: Managing Partner of The Empire Builders Group, Subject Matter Expert in Information Systems and Technology Previous: Information Systems Development, Exited Founder, Algorithm Creator, International Business, Process Engineering, Regulatory Compliance Clients:  Located in:  United States  Canada  Europe  Mexico  Including:  Global Fortune 50  Fortune 500  Prominent Investors  Emerging Growth amy@empirebuilders.com
  3. 3. Current:Trade Commissioner for Foreign Affairs,Trade & Development Canada Previous: International Sales & Marketing, Product Development, Sourcing and Manufacturing  United States: Telecommunications and Systems Integration  Clients: Fortune 500 pharmaceutical, financial & manufacturing.  Far East: Product Outsourcing & Relocation  Clients: US & Chinese OEM’s.  Europe: Purchasing & Quality Control  Clients : Major Retailers in UK & Europe.  Africa: Commodities & Oil Services  Clients: Government & Multinationals Vincent.Finn@international.gc.ca
  4. 4. Strangers Leads Prospects Clients  IntensityofMarketing IntensityofSales FAIL: Be Boring FAIL: Miss the Flirt FAIL: Make Buying Hard FAIL: No More Romance amy@empirebuilders.com
  5. 5. 80% amy@empirebuilders.com
  6. 6. Sorting Big Dollar Strangers Turning them into Leads Strangers Leads Prospects Clients  amy@empirebuilders.com
  7. 7. Not Seeking Seeking amy@empirebuilders.com amy@empirebuilders.com
  8. 8. Vincent.Finn@international.gc.ca
  9. 9. Vincent.Finn@international.gc.ca
  10. 10. You’re never boring when there is something in it for me. How do I talk to new friends? Yo! Dinosaurs are SO cool. amy@empirebuilders.com
  11. 11. They just don’t know how fabulous you are… Vincent.Finn@international.gc.ca
  12. 12. Would you rather be drinking in the pub instead of smiling and dialing? Vincent.Finn@international.gc.ca
  13. 13. By Chris Brogan amy@empirebuilders.com
  14. 14. Strangers become Leads when They Know WhatYou Do You Know Who They Are Strangers Leads Prospects Clients  amy@empirebuilders.com
  15. 15. Seeking Seeking Quality Seeking Commitment Seeking Features Seeking Price Seeking ROI amy@empirebuilders.com
  16. 16. Decision Makers Champions Influencers Stakeholders Change Adverse Vincent.Finn@international.gc.ca
  17. 17. PERMISSION MARKETING VS. INTERRUPTIVE MARKETING Vincent.Finn@international.gc.ca
  18. 18. amy@empirebuilders.com
  19. 19. amy@empirebuilders.com
  20. 20. Not Boring Message Person Engages Segment Targeted Not Boring Message Person Engages Segment Ask or Close When someone engages, follow-up with something interesting to them specifically. amy@empirebuilders.com
  21. 21. Strangers Leads Prospects Clients  amy@empirebuilders.com
  22. 22. Seeking Seeking Quality Seeking Commitment Seeking Features Seeking Price Seeking ROI Vincent.Finn@international.gc.ca
  23. 23. It’s not about getting the purchase order Focus on the next step in the process It takes time Vincent.Finn@international.gc.ca
  24. 24. The Ultra Custom Product The Over Proposal The Product Ego What Do You Sell? amy@empirebuilders.com
  25. 25. $$$$$$$$$$ amy@empirebuilders.com
  26. 26. Expertise You do know emergency rooms in this country are managed by third parties? Proximity Who is taking them to lunch? Vincent.Finn@international.gc.ca
  27. 27. Vincent.Finn@international.gc.ca
  28. 28. Sorting Creating Interest Engaging Seeking Quality Seeking Commitment Seeking Features Seeking Price Seeking ROI amy@empirebuilders.com
  29. 29. Strangers Leads Prospects Clients  FAIL: No More Romance amy@empirebuilders.com
  30. 30. • References • Recommendations • Strategic Partners • Champion to the Board • TakeYou to Next Company • ExpandYour Deployment • TellYou the Obstacle Vincent.Finn@international.gc.ca
  31. 31. Vincent.Finn@international.gc.ca
  32. 32. Sales Technology Can Help. amy@empirebuilders.com
  33. 33. Remember Susie?  We’d have a record of that  And her contact details  And our interactions  And next steps Seeking Quality amy@empirebuilders.com
  34. 34. [SPAM] ONE DAY ONLY. 20% OFF SITEWIDE amy@empirebuilders.com
  35. 35. BUY 5 TO GET A FREE SANTA HAT? ME! ME! ME! amy@empirebuilders.com
  36. 36. HOMEWORK Strangers Leads Prospects Clients Referrals • Establish today’s count in each category • Use your “target market” designation from Alice and Tom to create a Lead Qualification Criteria amy@empirebuilders.com
  37. 37. Qualifying, Prospecting and Panning for Gold - AngieYasulitis Pitch Like a Pro and Close - Merom Klein Ask Me Anything - Selling through Partnerships - Vincent Finn Death by Proposal - Too Much Proposal Kills the Deal - Geoff Weber Don't be that Guy, Call in the Morning. CRMs GetYou a Second Date. - Amy Larrimore amy@empirebuilders.com