The Things You Don't Know Can Change Your Life


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Sometimes it is the things you don’t realize that are holding you back. When you finally dig down deep and come to see your true vision, your true goal, your life will change.

The feeling you get after that breakthrough is breath taking. I feel like a whole new person

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The Things You Don't Know Can Change Your Life

  1. 1. e m po we rne t wo m http://www.empo wernetwo m/amberfo x/blo g/the-things-yo u-do nt-kno w-can-change-yo ur-life/?id=amberfo xThe Things You Don’t Know Can Change Your Life!The Things You Don’t Know Can Change Your Life!I just got home f rom the latest Empower Network event.T he picture above is of myself with David Wood. Youknow the guy f rom the video? From homeless van manto top online earner? Oh, you don’t know? It can changeyour lif e!David Wood is the guy f rom T HAT video (which you canwatch right now…just click the button on the banner tothe right). He is real, his story is real, and this companyis amazing.Breakthrough and Change Your LifeI had a breakthrough at the event which you can hear allabout in the video below. Sometimes it is the things youdon’t realize that are holding you back. When you f inally dig down deep and come to see your true vision,your true goal, your lif e will change.T he f eeling you get af ter that breakthrough is breath taking. I f eel like a whole new person. I am no longer“trying this thing out to see if it works”. I see myself succeeding so I will. Because of what I came to realizethis weekend, I WILL NOT FAIL! I can’ is impossible.Watch this video I shot tonight about what I went through. I will take you through the exercise that DavidWood took us through (although he is so much more magical than me), but I hope you can get the idea:If you can’t see the video CLICK HERERebel Market ers’ 90 Day’s of Remarkable Transf ormat ion: Empower Net work Act ionAssignment sTotal Time to complete the Empower Network Action Assignments: 2 – 3 HoursIf you have more time, spend it marketing “telling others,” learning the tools in your back of f ice and studyingthen implementing our team tools.Always focus on 80% Action, 20% LearningIt is better that you learn, but take massive action immediately even if it is not yet “perf ect” because you willlearn through practice, implementation and keeping this as simple as possible.THINK1) Read the above blog post and think about a breakthrough you have had… when did it happen? Whatwas it? What would it do for you?.
  2. 2. If you are not yet in Empower Network, join here and get access to your blogging platf orm right away soyou can get started NOW:WRITE2) Write a blog post about the about YOUR vision and include these action assignments in the bottom ofyour post.Make sure to share on your Twitter f eed and G+ as soon as you Publish your blog post.SHARE3) Share your blog post on your Facebook prof ile & Fan Page, as well as other social media sites that youuse.Use the below option to share your blog on Facebook (you will not be able to post your link directly withoutthe below options – choose one) (use to create an image f or the link)Again, share on Twitter, G+, LinkedIN, Facebook through the Social Media Bar button at the top of your postCONNECT4) Take the subject of this post, and write a short introduction of your blog post f or your team, and sendthem a link to your blog post through your Empower Network Back Of f ice My Tools.This can also be sent as a Broadcast Email to your lead list through your auto-responder.If you do not yet have a team, start a conversation with at least 5-10 people on Facebook or othersocial media sites.(Hint: T his is one of the MOST important things you can do, the more relationships you create with peoplewho have enjoyable conversations with you… the more likely you will grow a team that ST ICKS, that worksside by side with you… and that you ENJOY!)LISTEN5) Listen to an audio f rom the Inner Circle in your Back Of f ice:Login in HERE to get access to this exclusive audio training series.
  3. 3. If you are not yet a member, sign up here:READ6) Read your personal manif esto:Here is a copy of Napoleon Hill’s manif esto – insert your own changes and read aloud.DISCUSS7) Please Like and Comment on this post, and make sure to include a link to your post so that we can Likeand Comment on yours.MASTERMIND8) Of course the above Empower Network Action Assignments are important and should be done Daily, butthis last one is a MUST.GET to the NEXT event!T his is where you meet other successf ul people in Empower Network, get nuggets of gold to explode yourbusiness and have the opportunity to network with us and the leaders we know personally (this is invaluable)To Your Astoundingly Remarkable Transformation,Amber FoxP.S. Who T he Heck are the “Rebel Marketers” anyway??Having a breakthrough will change your lif e!