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Alcohol Action Ireland Policy Officer 2013


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Alcohol Action Ireland Policy Officer 2013

  1. 1. Alcohol Action Ireland is looking for a Policy OfficerAlcohol Action Ireland, the national charity for alcohol-related issues, is looking for a policyofficer with research and project management skills. Our aim is to build on our existing successas a credible voice on alcohol-related harm by producing quality, accessible, evidence-based,solution-focused policy positions for different audiences.The person will work on a 2.5 day per week basis and this can be spread across five mornings ifmore suitable. The post will be based in our city centre offices which have excellent publictransport connections. Some flexibility may be required around key days in the year but everyattempt will be given to provide advance notice.Who are we?Alcohol Action Ireland advocates for the prevention of alcohol-related harm and protection fromthe effects of that harm to individuals, families and communities. We promote evidence-basedpolicy solutions including early intervention, prevention and protection strategies.Like the World Health Organisation, Alcohol Action Ireland recognises that while drinking ismatter of personal responsibility, drinking has the potential to cause significant harm to thehealth, wellbeing and lives of others as well as to the person drinking.Who are we looking for?A self-starting individual with a track record in policy and research, and if possible projectmanagement. Our preference is for someone who has honed their skills in an advocacy or “realtime” environment ie capable of providing quality policy work that can be incorporated for quickmedia response. In terms of personal qualities:  Someone with the ability to work under pressure, manage competing priorities and maintain a professional approach  Someone with ability to work on own initiative and consult where appropriate  Someone who works well in a participative team environmentWhat are we looking for/ requirements specific to the post? Essential: An individual educated to graduate level and above with a track record in policy/ advocacy – with a minimum of three years policy work experience Essential: A policy person with the dual capacity to gain in-depth knowledge of particular policy areas and at the same time can actually quickly turn around relevant facts and figures for press releases, media inquiries and the web site Essential research experience, preferably from a project management perspective Essential an understanding of the legislative process and how policy is made in Ireland Desirable: An individual who has the policy/ advocacy background specifically in the area of alcohol or drugs Desirable: An interest in politics, legislation and wider social development issuesNote: that if you are asked to come and meet with us, you will be expected to bring examples ofyour work and to discuss the approach you have taken. In the event of being selected for asecond interview a presentation will be required
  2. 2. Who will you be working with? Alcohol Action Ireland works on “flat” project based structure; therefore while you will be ultimately responsible to the CEO; you will be working with each member of the team and will be expected to offerWhat will you be doing? Ensuring that our key campaign areas are based on the latest information and developments Project managing a key research project in conjunction with the CEO Preparing accessible and succinct policy statements, submissions and reports according to an agreed programme that will be used across a wide variety of communications’ platforms Working closely with the Communications Officer to ensure that necessary copy is available for use across all communications platforms: press release, website, social media Monitoring PQs, legislation etc for relevance to alcohol harm reduction Advising on emerging issues in the area of alcohol-related harm both in Ireland and Europe Consulting with the CEO in creating a programme of relationship development with relevant stakeholders; potentially representing the organisation in some foraWhat are we offering?An opportunity to be a key member of a small and effective team working in an excitingadvocacy area. Flexibility in hours – 2.5 days which can be worked across five mornings.The person will work on a 2.5 day per week basis and this can be spread across five mornings ifmore suitable. The post will be based in our city centre offices which have excellent transportconnections. Some flexibility may be required around key days in the year but every attempt willbe given to provide advance notice.If you are interested in the position please send a covering letter outlining how and why youwould be a good fit with us as well as a brief two page CV to for application is Friday 1 March at noon 12pm. It is expected that interviewswill take place the following week starting 4 March with second interviews to be held onthe week of the 11th March.Please mark emails: policy officer application