Final mood board!


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Final mood board!

  1. 1. The photographs are varied in the positions, some are from far away taken with telephoto lens’ and others taken of a portrait way. These images These photographs below are more The photographs allrelevant to the The photographs such as the one at The photographs areshare people all of documentary sidegoodthe all are of discovery are asis examples which they project the top right are used to show posed something. Such from be not hope looking forandwhatmany are as of a theme and theyI all aremine to depth of field within a landscape. candid perspective, thispart to my is discovering new lifepersonthatdue like. as well as documenting aImages or record a This is what I had planned for my thinking of wanting it to stay to a discovering lifeeven alocation andsucha being food away culture, orcertain takenchain, tell photographs and I try to idolise my documentary and people wanting as the image with the Gun andpray. story eating it’s the such as the birdby themselves. man. images from these examples. to be part of telling the story.