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Story Mapping 101


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Story Mapping is an Agile practice that minimizes documentation while providing context for the team and visibility for stakeholders. Most importantly, for Product Managers and Product Owners, a story map shifts the process from requirements delivery to requirements discovery.

Follow along with this workshop from Reese Schmit and learn how to build an effective Story Map.

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Story Mapping 101

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  3. 3. Let’s get acquainted 1. Find a partner 2. Decide who is A and who is B 3. Person A: List your favorite 10 movies 4. Person B:Tell person A about your last vacation
  4. 4. Enter the Story Map
  5. 5. Enter the Story Map
  6. 6. Enter the Story Map
  7. 7. YourTurn
  8. 8. YourTurn
  9. 9. YourTurn
  10. 10. You choose the level that makes sense
  11. 11. Taking it back Thinking of the project/product you are working on right now, how can story mapping help?