Tips for Beginner Graphics Designers


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Find out some interesting and best tips for beginner level designer.

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Tips for Beginner Graphics Designers

  2. 2. HERE IS SOME KINDS OF DESIGNER’S • The Information Graphic Designers • The Publication Designers • The Advertisement Designers • The Website Designers • The Brand Designers • The Package Designers
  3. 3. INCREASE YOUR DESIGNING SKILLS 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Every graphic design company should understand that different talent has different capacities. Many of these companies, when hire new talent, they forget that designers who have good creative skills is just not enough. These days, designers need to be more than creative which helps to your company grow up.
  4. 4. THE INFORMATION GRAPHIC DESIGNERS These designers works and control of what they want. They try to fulfill the desire for every little detail to be perfect and on the spot. They focus on the details and consider every element to be of equal position in contributing to the whole design. They are much organized people and use all dynamic information, even if it’s not visible. They always focus on the end product to be user friendly and make all the information visually pleasing and easy to read. The colors used are usually attached to a meaning and or symbol, for example social media or non for profit events. They always use wide stroke marks and communicate a very powerful design to the users.
  5. 5. THE PUBLICATION DESIGNERS These designers always work for a company or public. Their main interest is in to what to make for the general public and present their material in newspapers, books and magazines. They connect through their writings and their words. They make the design of a paper look attractive by using fonts and colors instead of a white and black interface.
  6. 6. Advertisements involve a lot of visual demonstration of ideas and such designers always use their creative mind and skills to make a stunning impressive design for a product, service or an event. They make advertisements for almost everything, indoor placement, outdoor placements or even placing something on the internet. They have complete skills to what should be presented to a target market and what color strokes to use and how to make something attractive enough to engage customers. The Advertisement Designers
  7. 7. THE WEBSITE DESIGNERS Website designing is the most difficult and interesting work for designer. Design should be according to current tends in which you are working and should be user friendly. This kind of designs is always depends on the flexibility of the designer himself and also on the client’s requirements. Living up to potentials is difficult and these designers always live up to the challenge. They make the design and interface that attracts the peoples to words them.
  8. 8. THE BRAND DESIGNERS These designers have a passion to make layout of any designs unique and different to the others to maximum extent their products. They read the product and create the best brand design that you never imagine. They play with colors and colors will add to the whole picture in the end. For them colors are the main weapon of their work.
  9. 9. THE PACKAGE DESIGNERS These designers basically work for Big companies and add value to the end product. They always try to create some thing new and unique according to products. Many designers have work on packages detail and designed innovative and easy to use products that increase the value of company and increase the creativity of the designer.
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