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One-page Marketing - Communityv2


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One-page Marketing - Communityv2

  1. 1. Developed by Knight Consulting, 2015 MIND SET GO INTERNATIONAL Product & Program Offerings Mind Set Go Shift your thinking from mediocre to extraordinary! This multifaceted product is the foundation of Mind Set Go, designed to be adaptable to meet the individual and corporate need to understand the power of “mindset” in order to change culture. The Mindset of Champions Learn what it takes to focus your inner strength to achieve greatness. Learn how to master your skill by embracing your will to succeed! Utilize your natural talent, intuition, and ambition to overcome obstacles and face challenges head on. Reignyte Your Life Reignyte Your Life is not only intended to empower you through a series of personal development sessions, the book will inspire you to ignite the flame within that will light your path to living, not just existing! Lanes of Success Uncovering and understanding your worth, your true value can be difficult to define. Take a journey with us to find your Lane of Success. Engage in deep conversation, and enjoy meaningful interactive exercises that will allow you to take the driver’s seat as you build your legacy. The Frustrating and Controlling Mindset of No You will soon understand why removing the boundaries from your thoughts is critical to your future. This program will absolutely alter your thought process to see beyond what you cannot do, in order to unleash the endless possibilities you are capable of achieving. About the President Dynamic motivational speaker, author and life coach, for more than 15 years, Adam has dedicated his life to perfecting his gift to nurture constructive habits and routines in order to reset the minds of people from various ages, demographics, or “walk of life” who may have been lost. His desire is to change lives of people in the inner city to suburbia by influencing those who are “down and out.” Adam continues to seek ways to impact the lives of the homeless and unemployed, and drive to touch the lives of Fortune 500 executives whose world is about to implode. He believes one life can change a generation. Recently added to the Nate O’Bryant Marketing Group because of his explosive mind-setting series called, “MIND, SET… GO”, Adam travels with Nate O’Bryant across the nation touching lives and sharing with others how to change their minds in order to change their world. Our Mission establishes a precedence of greatness in the mindset and quality of living for every life we touch by unleashing the creativity and potential of each individual. Our Vision measures our success by creating better people , helping families and communities as we create a new world, our new world-with no limits. For More Information, Contact Us at (Phone) and (Email).