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Plants people and possibilities by gail bromley mbe


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Presentation made by Gail Bromley MBE to the first Opening All the Gates seminar of 2010.

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Plants people and possibilities by gail bromley mbe

  1. 1. Plants, People andPlants, People and PossibilitiesPossibilities Gail Bromley MBE FLSGail Bromley MBE FLS
  2. 2. SchoolsSchools Some different approaches…………Some different approaches…………
  3. 3. Kew’s Wildlife ZoneKew’s Wildlife Zone
  4. 4. Wildlife Zone (2)Wildlife Zone (2)
  5. 5. Using plants across the curriculumUsing plants across the curriculum
  6. 6. Nature as inspirationNature as inspiration
  7. 7. Ivy
  8. 8. Technology
  9. 9. The Palm House ‘Rap’The Palm House ‘Rap’ The Palm House ‘Rap’The Palm House ‘Rap’
  10. 10. Economic Natural Social Who Decides? (Political) Compass Rose
  11. 11. Critical thinking skillsCritical thinking skills Research Observation Solving mysteries Recording data
  12. 12. ITT / CPD
  13. 13. Teacher training through ‘twilight’ taster sessions
  14. 14. Workshop on plant healthWorkshop on plant health
  15. 15. TrailTrail Look at the bare patches. Why are they there? Look at the soil. What has been added to it? Some plants need help to stand up? What supports them in the wild? What has happened to this tree? Why? Does this bed look crowded? What are the plants competing for?
  16. 16.  …….Reaching new and difficult to reach.Reaching new and difficult to reach community audiences……community audiences……
  17. 17. The value of working togetherThe value of working together Increased understanding  Shared knowledge  Broad based consensus  Better network support  Strength in numbers  Direct action  Increased ability  Feeling of ownership  Empowerment
  18. 18. Community AudiencesCommunity Audiences Some of our specific audiences :Some of our specific audiences :  Young peopleYoung people  People with disabilitiesPeople with disabilities  Local community groups/organisations in theLocal community groups/organisations in the BAME rangeBAME range
  19. 19. Joint projects – ‘people and plants’Joint projects – ‘people and plants’  Shared stories of culturalShared stories of cultural and scientific values ofand scientific values of plantsplants  Understanding how ‘we useUnderstanding how ‘we use plants’plants’  Recognising our commonRecognising our common HeritageHeritage  Working on ‘oral history’Working on ‘oral history’ with local Asian womenwith local Asian women  Stories on cotton, sugar,Stories on cotton, sugar, rice and tearice and tea  Stories translated intoStories translated into dance and theatre bydance and theatre by schoolchildren (6schoolchildren (6thth formform drama students)drama students)
  20. 20. Community Collaboration –Community Collaboration – Kingcups and kangaroosKingcups and kangaroos
  21. 21. Temple of the ImaginationTemple of the Imagination
  22. 22. Animated garden- a project to engageAnimated garden- a project to engage difficult to reach young peopledifficult to reach young people
  23. 23. BYT Experimental Theatre Group-BYT Experimental Theatre Group- Marvellous Marianne performanceMarvellous Marianne performance
  24. 24. Key partner organisationsKey partner organisations  Historic Royal PalacesHistoric Royal Palaces  Orleans GalleryOrleans Gallery  British MuseumBritish Museum  Ealing CollegeEaling College  Feltham ArtsFeltham Arts
  25. 25.  …………encouraging familes…encouraging familes…
  26. 26. Keeping the product fresh - Festivals  Orchid FestivalOrchid Festival  Spring FestivalSpring Festival  Woodland WondersWoodland Wonders  Summer FestivalSummer Festival  Autumn FestivalAutumn Festival  Christmas FestivalChristmas Festival
  27. 27. Theme: MediterraneanTheme: Mediterranean Plus • Sunflowers Lavender field Plants and smells exhibition Chilli display Build a Beach! Olive pressing Med garden re-vamp
  28. 28. Plan forSite VISITOR INFO for the KEW site to explore maps and venues EDUCATION pages for information on SCHOOLS education
  29. 29. 72% of households in the UK now have72% of households in the UK now have internet accessinternet access
  30. 30. 87% of children over the age of 12 own a87% of children over the age of 12 own a mobile phonemobile phone
  31. 31. Over 55s who use the Internet spend anOver 55s who use the Internet spend an average of 42 hours online per weekaverage of 42 hours online per week
  32. 32. Who might use it?Who might use it? “Engaged a 10 yr old who would otherwise want to kick a ball”
  33. 33. Support for your programmes  Web ResourcesWeb Resources  Kew (+ Great Plant Hunt) www.kew.orgKew (+ Great Plant Hunt)  RHSRHS  FACE / Growing Schools / Growing Schools  Plant Scientists InvestigatePlant Scientists Investigate  NetworksNetworks  BGENBGEN  BGCIBGCI  PersonnelPersonnel  Contracted teaching staffContracted teaching staff  VolunteersVolunteers  Local collegesLocal colleges  Teachers on placementTeachers on placement