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Yeppar Introducing Augmented Reality In Restaurant Menu Cards


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Yeppar is an Augmented reality-based app created by a Jaipur-based Tech Startup, RAMS Creative Technologies. this app is going to change the way we interact with Print Brochure/Media.

Yeppar For Restaurants-

Restaurant marketing is getting more interesting and sophisticated, which means that to stand out from this flood of brands in people’s everyday life, we have to be creative, resourceful in order to attract consumers’ interest and make them relate to the product. Augmented reality advertising adds the life to the static Menu Cards. Well, this augmented reality Menu cards from distance looks normal, but when smartphones are projected before them, they become live.

watch this video to know more about yepapr : App Video :

Having an Augmented Reality App for the restaurant helps you engage more customers, add more value and bring more revenue by transforming conventional traditional paper based menu system. Diners coming to the restaurants can have interactive dining experience with the help of AR app. They could be able to select from different available seats and customize their tables. Besides, a multi-media menu allows them to see ingredients and nutritional information for any menu item in the form of 3D images.

And, that exactly one can expect from a playmate with YeppAr app.

It’s time restaurant owners overlay a digital touch to their chattels to keep their name and fame growing. Augmented reality is the name and YeppAr app serves the game to change the dining experiences. This is just a beginning; you never know, a day in future might reveal a new facet in restaurant industry with YeppAr app promising to make life better and easier.

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