Malapascua Island


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Malapascua Island

  1. 1. Cebu
  2. 2. Basic Facts  Located off the northern tip of Cebu and off the west coast of Leyte  Depth: avarage 30m  Viz: up to 40m  Currents: can be fierce  Best months: Nov-May.
  3. 3. Malapascua
  4. 4. Dive spots in Malapascua
  5. 5. Dive Spots in Malapascua  Monad Shoal  Monad Shoal is an underwater island on the edge of a 200m drop off, and is famous as the only place in the world where thresher sharks can be seen everyday. Manta rays have become a common sight over the last year. The shoal also attracts other pelagics such as devil rays and eagle rays. Manta rays and hammerheads are seasonal.  Capitancillo Island  The island has a wall on its south side with gorgonians and other coral formations. Manta rays, yellowfin and groupers are regular visitors and you will also see a good selection of smaller reef fish. Currents can be fierce and it is best to dive at neap tides unless you are experienced.
  6. 6. Dive spots in Malapascua  Gato Island  Gato is a marine reserve and sea snake sanctuary. It has at least five dive sites with a huge diversity of marine life. At all sites you can see such things as banded sea snakes, cuttlefish (often while mating), seahorses, nudibranchs, frogfish, moray eels, scorpion fish, squid and big- mouthed mackerel. There are many whitetip sharks in residence at Gato, as well as bamboo and cat sharks. The coral is in good condition and the rocky island has many interesting underwater rock formations, overhangs, and swim-throughs.
  7. 7. Dive spots in Malapascua  Dakit-Dakit  Specially recommended for night dive. Between 5 and 15 meters deep you will find plenty of shells, snails and huge crabs.  Calangaman Island  Calangaman Island is a small beautiful remote island with white sand beach. There are three dive sites mainly wall dives, which ends into the blue, with gorgones, sea fans, and black corals and offers a possible encounter with different kind of sharks and rays.
  8. 8. Dive spots in Malapascua  Chocolate Island  A small island situated between Malapascua and Cebu, this site is a gentle relaxing dive. The undulating island walls gently taper towards a sandy bottom, elephant ears, barrel sponges, sea fans and soft corals cover the sloping reef creating an ideal habitat for nudibranch, sea horses, spanish dancers and hairy frogfish, a nice gentle dive suitable for all levels of divers and excellent for the budding photographer.  Lighthouse Reef  The perfect sunset dive, this site is almost a sure bet to see the colorful Mandarin Fish perform their mating dance. The most prolific time of the month is around the full moon, but the activity can been seen virtually every night. Blue Ringed Octopus and sea horses of every size can be found on the surrounding reef. Situated directly across from the island’s lighthouse this sloping coral garden is a perfect shallow dive to end the day.
  9. 9. Dive Spots in Malapascua  Tapilon Ship Wreck  This Japanese cargo wreck from the World War II was hit by torpedoes and is lying down in 27 meters of water. It has been cut into four pieces lying down near each other so you can dive them all in one time. Black corals, lyon fishes, tall fin bat fishes (Platax teira), sometimes squid and others species of fishes are living in the wreck.  Pioneer Ship Wreck  Another Japanese wreck from World War II, just very near the island of Malapascua. More than 100 meters long, this ship lies down on 54 meters of water and its upper part being at 40 meters from the surface. The wreck is covered with soft and hard corals, big fishes could be seen near and inside the wreck.
  10. 10. Dive Spots in Malapascua  Doña Marilyn Ship Wreck  One of the highlights of diving in Malapascua Island is the proximity of the Filipino passenger ferry wreck, quot;DOÑA MARILYNquot; which sunk about 20 years ago, in an area not far from the island of Manuc-Manuc and Masbate. This 100- meter long wreck is lying down intact on its starboard side in 32 meters of water. The top, being only 20 meters away from the surface is covered literally with amazing beautiful soft corals. The wreck is home to a lot of corals and fishes. And on the sandy bottom where the cargoes have been scattered, you may occasionally see gray nurse sharks and black spotted stingrays.
  11. 11. How to get there  Take a direct flight to Cebu International Airport or a domestic flight from Manila  From Cebu City, take a bus (Ceres Tours) going to Daanbantayan/Maya. Travel time is approximately 4 to 4.5 hours  Once in Maya wharf pantalan, continue the journey to the island by boat. Malapascua Island is a 30-minute boatride across a shallow 8-kilometer channel from Maya.
  12. 12. Places to stay  Malapascua Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort  Website:  Hippocampus Beach Resort  Website:  Bounty Beach Cocobana Resort  Website:
  13. 13. References  sites/cebu/malapascua-island.php  