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Olango And Mactan


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Olango And Mactan

  1. 1. Cebu
  2. 2. Basic Facts  Depth : 20-60m  Viz : average 20m  Currents : can be strong  Average cost of a dive : $25  Dive Sites : 12+  Dive Operators : 10+  Off Season : July to Sept
  3. 3. Mactan and Olango Islands
  4. 4. Dive spots in Olango and Mactan
  5. 5. Dive Sites in Olango and Mactan  Tingo Shark Point (1)  This is a dive where one hopes to see larger pelagic species. You have to make an open water descent to the top of a deep reef, where you find a sandy bottom sloping even to greater depth. Settle down in some shelter and look out- anything can pass by. At the drop off you’ll encounter greater fish and often one or two thresher sharks. If you are very lucky some hammerhead sharks pass by. Strong surges and fierce unpredictable currents; a site for advanced divers only.  Talima Sanctuary (2)  This dive site is rich in marine life. Hard and soft corals, sea fans, barrel sponges. There is a good variety of reef fish in the shallower waters, soldierfish, Painted Anglerfish, squirrelfish under overhangs, lots of lionfish and scorpionfish, plus small schools of jacks, snappers, batfish, Lizard fish, sweetlips, Moorish idols, catfish and fusiliers.
  6. 6. Dive Sites in Olango and Mactan  Santa Rosa (3)  The dive starts with a sandy bottom covered in soft corals, leading to a drop-off at 15m, descending to 50m. There is a good variety of reef fish in the shallows here, while further down you'll see fusiliers, catfish, jacks, snappers and sweetlips, among others. This dive site is suitable for novice and advanced divers.  Hilutungan Sanctuary (4)  Hilutungan has an interesting fringing reef from 5 to 22 meters. The Island is known for its magnificent corals and wide variety of fish. You will have the chance to experience a close encounter with the fish and corals, in the crystal clear waters that surround the Island.  Nalusuan Sanctuary (5)  Nalusuan Sanctuary has one of the best and healthiest coral reefs in the Olango area with a very rich marine life like diverse family of fishes, sponges, coralline and hard/soft corals. Turtles and blue spotted stingrays are also common in this area.
  7. 7. Dive Sites in Olango and Mactan  Marigondon Cave (6)  The cave is an opening in the wall which drops from 5 meters down to 40 meters. The entrance is about 10 meters in diameter and the cave system is about 70 meters deep, with several pockets at the side. At a penetration of approximately 25 metres the use of a torch is essential. Turning the light off at this point will reveal a number of flashlight fish, performing an unforgettable luminescent light show. Looking out of the cave entrance is spectacular.  Agus Reef (7)  A nice drift dive along a beautiful wall covered with moistly hard corals. Other marine life divers encounter are lion fish, moray eels, sea cucumber, soldier fish, pipe fish and occasionally a sea snake. A beautiful dive for beginners and advanced divers alike.
  8. 8. Dive Sites in Olango and Mactan  Kontiki (8)  The pretty drop-off displaying colourful corals, sponges and sea stars is situated at about 6m and from there a wall will drop down more than 40 m.  Tambuli (9)  Situated on the northeast of the island, this is a great site for beginners to get to know many different varieties of small fish. It is an easy dive, descending to 20m. In addition to the fish life, you will come across sea cucumbers, sea stars, sea urchins and nudibranches. The normally clear waters make the area a macro photographer's dream.  Shangri-la House Reef (10)  The richest coral formations are located in approximately 18 meters of water surrounded by a sandy bottom. Each Coral head provides a rich environment for invertebrates, frog fish, and the usual reef dwellers, great for underwater photography!
  9. 9. How to get there  Take a direct flight to Cebu International Airport or a domestic flight from Manila  From Cebu City, travel by land to Mactan Island  To reach Olango Island, outrigger boats leave every 30 minutes to the pier of Santa Rosa from the Pier of the Hilton Hotel or the one of Angasil
  10. 10. Places to stay  Hilton Cebu Resort & Spa  Website: The-Hilton-Cebu-Resort-Spa/  Plantation Bay  Website:  Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa  Website: www.shangri-  Talima Beach Villas and Dive Resort (Olango Island)  Website:
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