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Sbc smart Press kit

  1. 1. PRESS KIT
  2. 2. Founded in 2010, Startupbootcamp is Europe's leading startup accelerator with a mentor and alumni network from 30+ countries across the globe. The program offers startups access to world-class industry expertise during an intensive three-month program. At the end of the program, startups pitch at Demo Day to more than 150 investors. Programs are currently active in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Eindhoven, Tel Aviv and Haifa (Israel) and Istanbul, with other cities and vertical programs to be announced soon. STARTUPBOOTCAMP
  3. 3. Startupbootcamp is a global startup accelerator program offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to launch their business into the global industry. The 3-month program connects 10 selected teams with our growing mentor and alumni network from over 30 countries and across hundreds of industries. In addition to receiving intense mentorship, teams will also enjoy many other perks such as €15,000 seed funding, 6 months of free co-working space in the new Rainmaking Loft Berlin, and over €400,000 worth of deals and benefits. ! Graduates of Startupbootcamp have a stunning success rate - an average of 70% of startups who have completed the program have gone on to receive additional funding. We work hard with other entrepreneurial programs such as IBM SmartCamp and China Accelerator to reduce the barrier of entry for entrepreneurs in new markets. ! Startupbootcamp runs programs across Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Haifa, and Istanbul. ABOUT STARTUPBOOTCAMP
  4. 4. Startupbootcamp Berlin is the leading global startup accelerator with this year’s focus on Smart Transportation & Energy - The Connected and Efficient Mobility of People and Goods. ! In a first-of-its-kind program, Startupbootcamp Berlin will launch a new dual-city program connecting Berlin and San Francisco along this vertical. Global partners include Cisco, HERE, Castrol innoVentures, Daimler, Bosch and EnBW. ! Startupbootcamp Berlin is located at the Rainmaking Loft Berlin, a workspace for high-profile tech startups in the heart of Berlin. Being Europe’s growing creative tech-hub, the city attracts the best talent, mentors, venture capitalists, and business angels from all around the world. STARTUPBOOTCAMP BERLIN
  5. 5. ! What are Pitch Days? Pitch Days are informal events used as a part of the screening process to discover the top startups for Startupbootcamp Berlin. Selected teams will be invited to one of our pitch day locations and will be given the opportunity to pitch their idea to the Startupbootcamp team and mentors. In return, startups will receive personalized feedback on their ideas, invaluable exposure, and the chance to network with other aspiring startup teams. ! ! Who Can Apply to Pitch? Startups in Smart Transportation & Energy are encouraged to apply but applications are open to everyone. All startups interested in joining the Startupbootcamp program should also apply to pitch at one of our roadshow locations. ! ! What Can I Expect from a Pitch Day? The selected 10 teams will be given 20 minutes to pitch their startup to the Startupbootcamp team and mentors. The day will begin with an introduction to the Startupbootcamp Program, followed by the first 5 pitches, a lunch break, then the remaining 5 pitches. SBC BERLIN PITCH DAYS 2014
  6. 6. APRIL 19 // PARIS APRIL 24 // KRAKOW" APRIL 25 // AMSTERDAM MAY 05 // BERLIN (NEXT14 Conference) MAY 07 // FRANKFURT MAY 09 // ISTANBUL MAY 15 // LONDON MAY 17 // SARAJEVO MAY 20 // ASIA (Skype) MAY 21 // USA/LatAm (Skype) MAY 27 // BERLIN #1 MAY 31 // BERLIN #2 ! ! SBC Events Calendar - PITCH DAY ROADSHOW 2014
  7. 7. SOCIAL SHARE Help us spread the word!" ! TWEET this message:" #Startupbootcamp Berlin announces Smart Transportation & Energy theme for 2014 program. Got what it takes? Apply now! ! ! Post this blurb on FACEBOOK or LINKEDIN:" Applications are open for Startupbootcamp Berlin 2014. This year’s theme is Smart Transportation & Mobility, with a new sister-program opening in San Francisco in 2015. Interested? Apply now - ! ! Send this in your NEWSLETTER or EMAIL:" Startupbootcamp Berlin is the leading global startup accelerator program connecting 10 teams to their global mentor and alumni network. This year’s theme is Smart Transportation & Energy, with a new sister-program opening in San Francisco. In addition to receiving intense mentorship, teams will also enjoy many other perks such as €15,000 seed funding, 6 months of free co- working space in the Rainmaking Loft Berlin, and over €400,000 worth of deals and benefits. Visit to find out how to accelerate your startup. ! ! ! Social Share Page + Logos - @sbcBerlin
  8. 8. Teams Receive" ! Access to Startupbootcamp Global Network" Access to top markets in Berlin and San Francisco and 500+ Global Mentors, Investors & Alumni. ! Seed Funding for each Team" €15.000 Euro per team. This is seed funding for your team to fund yourselves during the 3 months so that 100% of your time can be dedicated to your project. You'll need that focus! ! Co-Working Space for Your Team" Get 6 months free office space in new co-working space, The Rainmaking Loft Berlin. ! Sponsored Services for Startups" A sponsorship package from our Sponsors and Partners with an estimated value of over €400K ! Startupbootcamp Alumni, London Demo Day and Silicon Valley Demo Day" Startupbootcamp has appointed a full time Alumni Growth Manager to support and engage with our growing pool of alumni (our programs are producing 60 startups in 2013 alone). All Startupbootcamp startups join the Alumni Growth program which includes additional Investor Demo Days in London and a Silicon Valley 2-week trip during which we connect to key valley-based investors, executives and mentors ! Team Contracts" We like to keep things simple and transparent. All Startupbootcamp teams of the same city program will sign the same contract, however, contracts may vary between different city program locations ! Startupbootcamp Receives" ! In return Startupbootcamp gets 8% equity in each company. We don't take board seats, we don't get preferred shares. We want startups to see us as the world's most useful co-founders. TERMS + CONDITIONS