Smartphone apps final presentation2


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Smartphone apps final presentation2

  1. 1. Smartphone AppsChan Chi Wing 11015101Wong Wan Man 11013842Leung Wing Hung 11014059
  2. 2. Objectives• What are the influence of Smartphone Apps in different aspect, we are going to analysis the phenomenon by finding the causes.
  3. 3. Project Work Flow Conduct Library Mind map Prezi Survey Search Flash Game PowerPoint Website
  4. 4. Online Survey Result
  5. 5. Phenomenon Observed• most of the interviewers have selected Android and IOS system but not Windows Mobile• Seemingly, IOS is more appealing to the interviewers; about 60% of them are more willing to use IOS and its dependence of lives seem to be the most important. Which smartphone system will you choose? Which smartphone system you think is the most popular? 12 10 20 numbers 8 6 4 15 numbers 2 0 10 (Google) S1 Android IOS (Apple) 5 Windows Mobile system s 0 S1 IOS Android (Apple) Windows (Google) Mboile systems
  6. 6. Smartphone Apps in Search Engine1. Keyword: Smartphone Apps why IOS is better Top * Smartphone Apps2. Keyword: Apps in life Apps in Education
  7. 7. • Similar Survey conducted People start concerning• Matured Security system the privacy issue in using smartphone Apps -Company -personal• Categories - Games - Entertainment - social networking - music - lifestyle - reference• Videos
  8. 8. Library Search• Articles Top Smartphone Apps to Improve Teaching, Research, and Your Life. http://0- 1856-4c86-b2b1- bb9e9a408cb7%40sessionmgr12&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=a ph&AN=60226894• How smartphones are changing the face of mobile and participatory healthcare: an overview, with example from eCAALYX. http://0- 1856-4c86-b2b1- bb9e9a408cb7%40sessionmgr12&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=a ph&AN=60393604• Apps can help us improve education, healthcare and research.• Helps classroom instructors at any level track student attendance• Some apps provide functions of collecting data, reading articles, recording notes and planning lectures.
  9. 9. Analysis• Combining the searching results, Smartphone apps are appealing to us nowadays as it can be used in many aspects in our daily life. It has replaced the traditional mobile phone within a short period of time because of its convenience and multi-functional usages.• The Market of both smartphone and smartphone apps is actually occupied by Apple, IOS. As the APPS of IOS are most likely to be more functional and more developers are willing to write apps of IOS more than that of Android, it’s the reason that more people choose to be IOS user.
  10. 10. AnalysisReasons for choosing IOS• Better hardware provide a smoother platform to run the Apps• Strong connection in Social Intergration Twitter, Facebook, imessage• Cloud Support• Matured Security system
  11. 11. Education Here we go…
  12. 12. Tools• A demo of our Mercedes Smartkey Starter™ using the Viper SmartStart system to operate via the iPhone interface.
  13. 13. Tools• Smartphone apps are actually widely implemented in our daily life. Its usage is more than just a phone as apps help us a lot . Apart from dialing others, the system breeds us much convenience.• News, Weather, Location Services, Searching restaurants and Social networking are the commonly used apps to keep updated with lives.• So, holding smartphone with apps is convenient as it can be treated as a multi-functional tool.
  14. 14. Entertainment• Entertainment is the main attraction of smartphone apps as there is a large variety of choices among games.• Its quality is even as good as some renowned game industry.• E.G. Angry Birds, Need for Speed, Cartoon Wars, Tetris, Doodle Jump…..
  15. 15. Web site
  16. 16. Job Division Library Prezi Power Survey Flash Game Website Search PointLeungWongChan
  17. 17. End
  18. 18.