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  1. 1. Daniel M Croke
  2. 2.   The modern real estate market is a rather complex one. There are many different buyers in the market and many of them come from different backgrounds. That means some may be able to make a purchase through one specific agreement but not by another. Because of this, a number of different processes have been developed to facilitate a sale. Such processes often deviate from the traditional down payment/mortgage procurement option. This is certainly a good thing because having more flexibility to get the price you want for the property. That is one it is helpful to look at some of the more “creative” strategies for selling property is worth exploring. http://blog.wholesalerealestatesource.com/
  3. 3. Among the most common of these methods is the rent to own which is also known as the lease option venture. The way such a process works is that the renter will pay an agreed upon monthly rental fee. Such a fee will usually be above the standard market amount for monthly rent. A lease will be signed that contains a rent to own clause. Such a clause means the amount of money paid during the duration of the lease will be put towards a down payment on the home.   During the period of the lease, the tenant buyer will be responsible for all expenses. (Again, this agreement is different from the traditional landlord/tenant arrangement) Since the tenant will be looking to purchase the property, he/she will be more likely to take better care of it. And, of course, once the lease is expired, the tenant can take the proper steps to make a purchase. http://blog.wholesalerealestatesource.com/
  4. 4. If not, the renter could lose the option to buy. Or, the rental/lease process could start over again with a new agreement. Of course, there will be other variants on this venture but this would be the common illustrative example.   There is another method that can be employed that is similar. It is the land contract option which is commonly dubbed a “Contract for Deed.” The concept is rather simple and it opens the door for buying and selling real property without having to deal with banks or financial institutions. Basically, the way the process works is that the seller provides a private mortgage or owner financing. Specifically, the property is offered on a contractual basis where the buyer makes monthly principal and interest payments directly to the seller. The buyer is also responsible for all costs associated with the property including the taxes and insurance. Such expenses are typically can be paid into and escrow account. http://blog.wholesalerealestatesource.com/
  5. 5. The title will not be transferred to the buyer until the land contract has been paid in full. Over time, the payments will go towards a payment on the property/land. In the event of a default on any of the months, it is possible the buyer would lose claim to the land. If the buyer follows through on the land contract, the title will be transferred and he/she acquires the property in a manner that comes with far fewer administrative costs.   There are also simpler methods of selling a home creatively. For example, a home could be placed up for sale at an auction. This can prove appealing to those that would wish to sell their homes within a certain time frame. If you place your home for auction on January 2, if you get one bid on auction day, it is sold on January 2. It will not stay on the market for months. http://blog.wholesalerealestatesource.com/
  6. 6. Placing an advertisement on the internet may not be inherently creative but the way you list the property can. Sometimes, a little extra effort with the development of the listing can help move it quicker and at a much better price. For example, placing an ad that presents a 360 virtual tour video could stimulate inquiries which could turn into viable offers rather quickly. While a simple process, this method is worth a try in support of your more expansive selling methodology.   Really, there are many creative doors open for those looking to sell property. This is a good thing because it keeps the real estate market alive, vibrant, and profitable. http://blog.wholesalerealestatesource.com/
  7. 7. This is how an investor builds wealth in real estate, particularly if they are making use of the rent-to-own , lease purchase or land contract approach. Some investors prefer to flip for quick profit vs holding these cheap investment properties a little longer by renting them out for cash flow; it really depends upon ones investment objective. This article was written as a guide to those who are attracted to venturing into the real estate investment industry or looking for creative ways to sell your property, and hopefully to enlighten those who are currently renting a property as to how much the investor of your rent-to-own home is making off of your regular payments     Wholesale Real Estate Source is a Top Real Estate Investment Company that Buys and Sells Wholesale Foreclosed Properties Nationwide. To Learn More About the Company and All Available Properties for Sale Please Follow Our Link: http://wholesalerealestatesource.com/ http://blog.wholesalerealestatesource.com/