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2018 Buyers Brochure


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2018 Buyer's Brochure by Mathew Ngo - Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty

Published in: Real Estate
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2018 Buyers Brochure

  1. 1. Brochure A 2018 Buyer’s by Mathew Ngo
  2. 2. Aloha!With so many real estate agents to choose from, what set’s Mathew Ngo apart? He focuses on building long term relationships with his clients. Ensuring that all Mathew’s clients receive his personal touch in every transaction is of the utmost importance. His unique ability to listen and understand your needs and desire, and even fears, is why Mathew is proving to be one of most valuable agents on Oahu.
  3. 3. Low HighSupply Demand Low HighDemand Supply Home Values Buyer’s Market Seller’s Market The real estate market moves through cycles. These cycles are caused by supply and demand issues. Market Condition
  4. 4. Seasonal Sales Patterns Oahuon may jun jul aug sep oct 100% 95% 90% 85% 105% 110% 115% 80% aprmarfeb novjan dec 120% 75%
  5. 5. 2017 Profile by National Association of Realtors of home Buyers
  6. 6. 36% Real Estate Agent 36% Internet 12% Yard/Open House Signs 6% 5% 2%2% Seller Direct Newspaper & MagazineHome Builders Friends & Relatives purchased? Where buyers about the they do learn first home
  7. 7. Characteristics of BuyersHome
  8. 8. 34% 53% 47% of homebuyers were under 35 years old. of first-time buyers were between 25 and 34 years old while most repeat buyers were between 35 and 54 years old. of homes purchased in 2017 were first- time homebuyers.
  9. 9. Process HomeThe Search
  10. 10. 87% 93% of repeat home buyers used a real estate professional during their home search. of first-time home buyers used the Internet to first search for homes compared with 87% of repeat home buyers.
  11. 11. Financingthe home Purchase
  12. 12. of home buyers financed their home purchased; savings was the primary source of first-time home buyers down payment. of repeat buyers used equity from their previous home as a down payment. 92% 42%
  13. 13. Homeownership The of Advantages
  14. 14. A home is most likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, and it marks a major step in life. There’s no scientific formula that tells someone when they’re ready to buy, but you should take stock of your financial situation as well as your personal lifestyle. In general, there are a number of advantages to homeownership, both tangible and intangible, that you’ll want to consider.
  15. 15. Investment Every payment you make on your mortgage puts you one step closer to acquiring a major possession. And every improvement you make to your property not only enhances your way of life, and also adds value to your home.
  16. 16. Protection Inflationfrom Once you purchase a home, the bulk of your housing costs are not exposed to inflation. That means your only housing expenses that will rise over time with inflation are property taxes, homeowners insurance and maintenance costs.
  17. 17. Equity Because a home increases in value even as you are paying down your loan, most buyers effortlessly build equity. Equity creates wealth and can help you accomplish any number of financial goals, such as paying for retirement and funding a child’s education.
  18. 18. Advantages Tax Your real estate taxes and the interest on your mortgage are deductible from your income tax. For many buyers, that tax break can go a long way toward making home ownership just as affordable as renting.
  19. 19. Satisfaction For many people, but certainly not all, home ownership simply makes life more enjoyable, whether it’s the pride that comes from decorating and maintaining your home or the knowledge that your family will grow up in the neighborhood of your choice. Homeownership is still the American Dream.
  20. 20. Chart Flow Transaction Estate Real
  21. 21. Homeyour Finding
  22. 22. Once you have obtained a mortgage pre-approval and selected a real estate agent... home search. You are readyto begin your
  23. 23. Using the guidelines you set forth, your agent will present you with available listings. In addition to price and property attributes, pay close attention to data like property taxes, market time and monthly assessments for condos and town homes. Review Listings
  24. 24. Your real estate agent will schedule showings and accompany you on each appointment. When you walk through a home, some things to consider are: how space functions for your lifestyle; what’s included in the total square footage (lanai and garage); and, in new construction, which features are standard and which are upgrades. View Properties
  25. 25. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the average buyer will view 15 homes before buying one. But that is just an average. Some buyers will purchase the very first home they see. Others will look at more homes.
  26. 26. Remember, if you are attending Open Houses without your agent, be sure to mention that you are being represented by your agent. This will save you from being inundated with calls from other agents trying to represent you. Ask your agent to supply you with some of his or her business cards to make the Open House sign-in process even easier. Open House
  27. 27. Discuss each home you see with your agent, and provide candid feedback. Your expectations and the marketplace will begin converge, and your agent will be able to adjust certain parameters such as location and features in order to present you with alternatives. properties Compare
  28. 28. When you find a home and are ready to make an offer, your agent will perform a Comparative Market Analysis or CMA. This report compares the subject property with other properties that are currently listed and recently sold to help you formulate your offer.
  29. 29. Making offer an
  30. 30. Chances are, when you find a home you absolutely love, someone else make love it too. So it’s important to act quickly and make an educated offer based on a rational approach to pricing and negotiating that you and your agent have discussed.
  31. 31. To start the process rolling, your agent will draw up a contract that includes your offering price and other terms and contingencies. Buyers often focus on price, but there are other important terms to a real estate contract. You can include any terms you like, but the more you add, the more likely the seller is to object. Here are the most common elements of a real estate contract:
  32. 32. Price The market will determine the final price but your agent will help you formulate an offer based on comparable listings and sales, and current market conditions.
  33. 33. A mortgage contingency stipulates that you will buy the home subject to obtaining a mortgage. If you cannot obtain a mortgage and the seller will not agree to finance the sale, then the contract will be void. The terms of the mortgage must be stated in the contract, and you will also need to establish a timeframe for securing financing. Contingency Mortgage
  34. 34. A thorough inspection of the property by a licensed home inspector protects you against structural of material problems that are not detectable in a casual walk-through. Home inspections are just as important in new construction as they are in resale. Obviously, buyers can’t inspect a home that isn’t built yet, but they can request an inspection prior to closing. Home Inspection
  35. 35. In new construction, an inspector will make sure that all mechanical systems are working properly. They may also spot repairs that need to be added to the builder’s punch list (a list of items that need to be completed). The buyer, not the seller, is responsible for hiring and paying the inspector.
  36. 36. Is a deposit, given by the buyer to the seller, which secures the contract until closing. It is usually in the form of a check, must be given to the seller or seller’s agent along with the contract. Earnest money is typically held in an escrow account until the closing, when it may be applied to the down payment and/or closing costs. Earnest Money
  37. 37. If the sales does not go through due to contingencies covered within the contract, then the earnest money may be returned to the buyer. However, if a buyer is in breach of contract, then the seller may be entitled to keep all or a portion of the earnest money.
  38. 38. Closing DateOne of the most important terms of a real estate contract is the closing date - the date when ownership changes hands. This is usually, but not always, the date that the seller must vacate and the buyer may occupy the property. Flexibility on the closing date can give buyer a big advantage over other potential buyers. Occasionally, it can also allow you to negotiate a lower price or other, more favorable terms.
  39. 39. In many transactions, there is a fair amount of negotiation - offers and counteroffers - before both parties are satisfied. This is one aspect of a real estate transaction in which an agent is invaluable. Not only can an agent draw upon his or her experience and market knowledge to offer sound advice during a negotiation, but he or she can also serve as a buffer between the buyer and the seller/seller’s agent. Counteroffers Negotiating
  40. 40. Negotiating for a home can be a highly charged and emotional process. But the most emotional buyer will look like one cool customer behind the right agent, and in the end, you usually wind up with what’s important to you.
  41. 41. OffersNegotiating
  42. 42. Remember that most transactions involved a fair amount of negotiation between the initial offer and a signed contract. Keep in mind that price isn’t the only thing that’s negotiable in the sale of your home. A potential buyer can add any number of terms to the contract, which may make the offer more or less attractive to you. negotiation What to expectin a
  43. 43. most common Some of the elements to consider are:
  44. 44. Knowledge of the current market is invaluable in helping you decide whether to accept the offered price or counter with a higher one. Helping you consider the time value of money in your decision, i.e. will a higher offer offset potential additional carrying costs? Price
  45. 45. Most buyers purchase a home subject to obtaining a mortgage. The terms of the mortgage and a timeframe for securing financing must be stated in the contract. Make sure you are comfortable with these terms and the buyer’s ability to obtain a mortgage, because if they cannot, the contract will be void. Contingency Mortgage
  46. 46. Most buyers choose to conduct an inspection of the property with a licensed home inspector to identify potential structural or materials problems. If the inspector uncovers any issues, you and the buyer must negotiate what items will be addressed, by whom, and who will pay for them. Home Inspection
  47. 47. This is the date when ownership changes hands and usually, but not always, the date when you must vacate and the buyer may occupy the property. If you have specific requirements for scheduling the closing due to your own move, the buyer’s flexibility in this regard might be an important factor in deciding to accept an offer. Closing Date
  48. 48. Contract to Closing In a real estate transaction, there are dozens of loose ends to tie up between signing the contract to closing the sale. Mathew is known for his attention to detail during this important phase in which he coordinate and oversee the following steps:
  49. 49. Deliver earnest money with seller or seller’s agent. Recommend and schedule a home inspector and accompany the buyer on the inspection. Obtain important documents, such as property disclosure forms and condominium documents (budget, declaration, condo association minutes), and deliver them to the buyer. Recommend service providers for moving, home-improvement and repairs. Schedule a final walk- through. Again, both buyer and buyer’s agent should be present. Coordinate and attend your closing.
  50. 50. Mathew will work closely with you, your lender, and the seller’s agent to make sure everything is in place for a smooth and efficient closing.
  51. 51. No need to print, fax, or scan real estate documents because all the documents are signed online using DocuSign, the leading provider of electronic signatures, so you can be assured your signature is secure. Electronically signed documents are clear and easy to read. Sign with just a few mouse clicks from any where in the world as long as you have internet access, even from your smart phone.
  52. 52. About Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty #1 Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate® franchise in Hawaii
 #5 Real Estate firm in Hawaii
  53. 53. The company was founded in 2004 in Honolulu, Hawaii and joined the Prudential Real Estate Network. They quickly expanded from 6 realtors in Kaimuki and moved to their current location on the upper level of Kahala Mall in 2009. With over 90 licensed agents and a support staff of 16, the company aligned with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate in 2015 and continues to provide exceptional service to the people of Hawaii. A TRADITION OF "CLIENT FIRST" CUSTOMER SERVICE The company's success is based on a commitment to a "client first" approach to real estate. By utilizing the latest technology, an unparalleled training program, local expertise and the national network strength of Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate, their real estate professionals effectively service each of their clients based on their unique needs and help them reach their real estate goals. AN AWARD-WINNING COMPANY Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty has consistently been honored with numerous awards, including: • Top 250 Hawaii Businesses in 2016 -Hawaii Business magazine • Voted Hawaii’s Best Real Estate Firm award 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 & 2010 by Honolulu Star-Advertiser readers • Voted Best of Honolulu Real Estate Firm award 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013 & 2012 by Honolulu Magazine readers • 50+15 Fastest Growing Businesses award 2014, 2010 & 2011 (Pacific Business News) • Best of the Best Real Estate Firm award 2008 & 2009 (by Honolulu Advertiser readers)
  54. 54. Works For How An Agent You:
  55. 55. With a wealth of online resources, a growing “for sale by owner” market and countless cable TV shows on the subject or real estate, it’s not surprising that some homebuyers consider a “do it yourself” approach when purchasing a new home.
  56. 56. But for most, a real estate professional is an indispensable partner in the home-buying process. While buyers today are more educated about real estate than ever before, all the research in the world can’t match an experienced agent’s “in-the- trenches” understanding of what’s happening in the market today. Without the pavement-pounding and advance scouting an agent does on your behalf, you might wind up overpaying for a home or losing out on the home of your dreams.
  57. 57. If nothing else, keep in mind that a buyer’s agent is typically compensated by the seller. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by tapping the expertise of an agent. And from the moment you select Mathew as your agent until the day you move in, Mathew will be working for you. Also, unlike a parent, spouse, partner or best friend, an agent can give you a completely objective and professional opinion of the properties you are considering.
  58. 58. Mathew Ngo | Realtor 808-222-7183 cell Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty 4211 Waialae Ave, Box 9050 Honolulu, HI 96816 “In all my years buying and selling real estate, Mathew Ngo is the best. P.S. I’m 75 years old. “ Pete S. - Honolulu, Hawaii
  59. 59. In our ultra competitive real estate profession, past client’s referrals is ultimately the lifeblood of my future business. And as such, below are excerpts from a few of many thankful notes received from satisfied & happy :) clients. Aloha!
  60. 60. I understand reference checking is an important function of the hiring process, please feel free to contact any of my past clients. I simply hope to earn your business. Contact information is upon request.
  61. 61. "We conducted a few real estate transactions over the years, and as the sellers, we usually wouldn’t take notice of the buyer’s agent, but Mathew was so exceptional that we couldn’t help but notice." 2233 Ala Wai Former Penthouse Owners/ also AOAO Board Member (Honolulu, Hawaii) “You are a first-class real estate agent and I truly value your expertise.  Beyond that, you have a great attitude.” Eric Ives & Miki Akiyoshi (formally Honolulu residence, relocated to Washington DC) "In all my years buying and selling real estate, Mathew Ngo is the best. P.S. I'm 75 yrs old" Pete Sullivan (Hilo, Hawaii) " I am happy to recommend Mathew Ngo. He's pleasant, kind, sincere, honest and helpful! Great Traits!" Rikki Jo Hickey (formally an Oregon residence, relocated to Honolulu, HI) " We truly appreciate all the hard work you put in to helping us locate, research and purchase our property. The exceptional personal service provided should be commended. You can definitely count on our recommendations for your services to our friends" Mark & Rie Sasaki (Honolulu, Hawaii) "Mathew did an excellent and exceptional job of selling my condo in about 2 weeks and helped me purchased another condo” June Yu (Honolulu, Hawaii) "Mathew made our experience of purchasing our 1st home memorable and surpassed all of our expectations” Brian & Carolyn Ishikawa (Honolulu, Hawaii) "Mathew made it all very convenient and as easy as possible purchasing; we were at a distance and didn’t feel at a disadvantage” Barry & Margaret Patrick (Saratogo, California) "The usual advice to buyers of real estate is to “Get your own realtor and don’t rely on the seller’s realtor”. We went against that advice in this case and dealt exclusively with you, the seller’s representative. From our standpoint, you handled the entire transaction in a completely forthright and helpful manner from beginning to end. We are very please and appreciative of your help” E.J. and Patricia Stemig (Hermosa Beach, California) Happy Clients
  62. 62. Mathew cares about communication Mathew understands what’s important to you in buying your home because he listens. It all boils down to good communication, and there are a few things Mathew knows that are important.
  63. 63. - these simple but vital principals are behind every transactions Mathew does each year, as well as the outstanding reputation, Mathew enjoys being involved in the real estate circles. Setting expectations, being proactive, speaking candidly, staying in touch
  64. 64. Here are some of the communication measures that keep you informed the purchase: before, duringand a"er
  65. 65. Market Updates You will receive news and updates on the local real estate market through e-mail newsletters.
  66. 66. Long after your home is purchased, Mathew is available to provide information and answer questions not only about local real estate market but also about all things Honolulu. Ongoing Communication
  67. 67. Mathew is an incredible resource when it comes to recommending home repair and maintenance contractors, professional service providers and neighborhood businesses. Mathew is always just a phone call, text message, or e-mail away. Click here:
  68. 68. Mathew Ngo (R) 808-222-7183 Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Advantage Realty 4211 Waialae Ave, Box 9050 Honolulu, Hawaii 96816 “My future success is built on your satisfaction” Mahalo!