Bronze award assessment


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Bronze award assessment

  1. 1. Bronze AssessmentExpeditionInternationalYouth Award
  2. 2. GroupsActivity teams must contain around6- 8 people consisting of bothmales and females. You can onlyselect same sex tent partners.Action:1. Form groups to this description and sitdown together.2. Once group has been confirmed fill insupplied form showing names clearly andtent partners
  3. 3. When?Thursday June 6th & Friday June 7th
  4. 4. Day 1 – Thursday June 6th07:00am Arrive at school07.30am Depart from school.10.30 am Depart from route start point4.00+ pm Arrive back at camp, pitch tents.6.00pm Cook and eat meal7.00 pm Group debrief10.00pm Into tents and lights out
  5. 5. 7.00 am Cook and eat breakfast7:30am Pack up all equipment8.00 am Start walk2.00+ pm Arrive back at end of route.Depart to Bangkok5.00 pm Return to schoolDay 2 – Friday June 7th
  6. 6. Route CardROUTECARD DAY NUMBER…. OF ….Mr.Jason 0860594944Mr. Neil 0894805874Mr Wardle 081850 1156NAMES OF GROUP MEMBERS:LEGGRID REFERENCE ANDPLACE STARTTIME:FINISHTIME:IT GETS DARKAT:START :GR:BEARING(MAG)DISTANCE(km)HEIGHTGAINEDTIMEDEPARTTIMEDESCRIPTION OF THEROUTEESCAPETO:STOPS TOTAL1TO:GR:4km/hr 15 mins for 1 km 1.5 mins for 100m3km/hr 20 mins for 1km 2 mins for 100mAdd 1 min for10m climbed.
  7. 7. CheckpointsCheckpointNumberGrid Reference LocationStart 183 337 Wat1 212342 Crossroads2 206 324 Trail off main road3 220 315 Trail junctionEnd 228 306 In Khao Yai (campsite at back)Action: Complete a route card which goes througheach of these checkpoints in orderCheckpointNumberGrid Reference LocationStart 228 306 In Khao Yai (campsite at back)1 220 315 Trail junction2 206 324 Trail off main roadEnd 193 326 Wat
  8. 8. FoodFood you must bring:2 lunches (make sure they do not “go bad”)Emergency rationsFood your group buys, brings and carries:Evening meal for all group membersBreakfast for all group membersAction:1. Decide on food option for each meal2. Allocate responsibility to purchase food3. Agree on payment method
  9. 9. Emergency RationsAt least 4 items: cereal bars, nuts/dried fruitmix, chocolate bars, tuna & crackerpack, dextrose tablet, bag of sweets orequivalent.Only for emergencyDon’t require heatingStored in sealed plastic bagNote: These will be checked during the expedition.
  10. 10. EquipmentClothing• Long Sleeved Top• T-shirts (2)• Socks (2-3)• Shoes For Hiking• Long Trousers• Shorts• Sun Hat• Underwear (2-3)• Clothes To Sleep InEquipment• Trekking Backpack (with liner orlarge plastic bag inside• Sleeping Bag• Waterproof jacket/small umbrella• Water bottle• Torch• Watch• Toilet paper• ToiletriesFood and Eating• 2 Lunches• Emergency Snacks• Mug/bowl & plate• Cutlery – knife, fork & spoon
  11. 11. Summary• Groups• Itinerary• Route Cards• Supplies – what to bring/buy• Equipment
  12. 12. Check your mail for further information