Weight Loss Struggles


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If you are struggling with weight loss and it is affecting the quality of your life now is the time to seek personal development coaching. Where the mind goes the body will follow.

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Weight Loss Struggles

  1. 1. Weight Loss Struggleshttp://www.wiggmanscoaching.com/weight- loss- struggles/ March 27, 2013Struggling with weight loss is never something you planto do. It is not like you wake up one morning and say toyourself that you are going to gain 30 pounds of fat. Idon’t like my clothes so why don’t I just outgrow them.I hope you don’t do that. What happens to us then?Life, it creeps up on you. The years go by, thingschange, you have kids, new careers, money’s tight andall types of stuff that give you the excuse to not eathealthy or exercise.From my experience your weight loss efforts have less to do with what you areeating and more to do with your current state of mind.In the beginning at least, mind first and body second.If you felt great emotionally you would: run when you didn’t want to spend money on the gym, you’d buy the $10 workout DVD and wear out your floor doing it so often you’d be doing an ab workout every commercial of your favorite show you would buy a gym membership and actually use it eat the good healthy comfort food instead of the sugary junk foodYou would make your health a priority and no matter what stay in the best shapeof your life.Are you?I am not saying every overweight person you see is sad inside. They may beperfectly happy just the way they are and that is what counts.You are the one who determines if you need to lose weight and if you decide youwant to I believe you need to address what’s going on in the inside before you cantake on the outside.What About Supplements
  2. 2. I don’t want to say that the supplement industries are taking advantage of youbut this is how an entire billion dollar industry worth of weight loss products wascreated.I am not saying I am against supplements in any way but I would rather you spendmoney on your personal wellbeing first to build a solid foundation of confidenceand goals before that $70 bottle of fat burners.People want to believe that a pill will make the fat go away so they can avoiddealing with the real issues that are holding them back. When that bottle doesn’twork they assume the product was a dud and just buy a different brand.Some of those pills may provide you with a quick external fix but without figuringout the emotional cause of your weight gain those pounds will come right back.You can have whatever supplement you want inside of you but without therebeing self-love also you will waste your money.How Would I KnowAside from being a life coach and understanding how our self-perception can limitour success in anything we do I can speak from personal experience when itcomes to weight loss.I have successfully lost 45 pounds in 12 weeks before.If someone was to ask me how I did it the first thing I would say is I chose to. Iwoke up one morning and said enough was enough and just did it. I went to thegym and didn’t stop until I had a six pack.I do not credit the weight loss to any of the exercise, food or supplements firstbecause without the right mental attitude they would have been a waste.It wasn’t anything but my determination and commitment to my goals that got meup at 5:30 am each morning not a caffeine supplement.The food and exercise simply supported my goal to lose weight.You might look forward to your morning cup of coffee and protein shake but theydon’t get you out of bed and hit up your Crossfit workout, you do it.You chose to do it and you will.What To Do
  3. 3. Knowing how you react to what happens to you in life will give you the power youneed to not make the same weight gain mistakes over and over.I know why I gain weight and it doesn’t surprise me when I do. I can pinpointwhere I allowed my current emotional state to control my actions instead ofconsciously choosing.If you can’t lose weight on your own create an accountability group that willsupport you. Stop buying the latest supplement and take that money and investin coaching.Through personal development coaching you can discover that it is notnecessarily the food you are eating that is holding you back but how you arefeeling about yourself.Your Life Your Choice Your DesignDarrin WigginsP.S. If you want to work with a registered Dietician I would recommend checkingout Steph Wheler over at somethingnutrishus.“It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you bring thateffort every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’show change occurs.” – Jillian Michaelsphoto source