Cotc nso online presentation 1.30.13


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Cotc nso online presentation 1.30.13

  1. 1. New Student Orientation Your guide for getting started at COTC
  2. 2. Objectives:Welcome and Overview of COTCUnderstand Roles and ResponsibilitiesNavigation of myCOTCFamiliarize yourself with Campus ResourcesIntroduce Registration ProcessBe Prepared for your first day of class
  3. 3. Click the box to watch the video. Welcome to COTC!
  4. 4. Why are you here?• Some students are here because they’ve always wanted to pursue a specific career, and they finally have a chance.• Some are here because they know that a degree will lead to better employment opportunities.• Some are here to make a better life for themselves and their families.• Still others are here because they want to have an impact in their community and to help other people. Why are you here? Whatever the reason, it’s important to know that you have a reason, a purpose, a goal. College can be tough, and when things get challenging, refocusing on your goals and your purpose, can be the shining light to guide you through.
  5. 5. Click the box to watch the video. Student Stories
  6. 6. Up Next - An Introduction to COTC• Student Life – resources to help you be a successful student• Gateway – your one-stop for admission, advising, and registration• Campus Locations – what are your options?• Security – what can they do for you?
  7. 7. Student Life • Center for Academic Success • provides assistance with math, written and spoken communication skills. • Tutoring Center • provides learning and study skills assessments and student consultations on an individual or group basis. • Transitions to College • provides free instruction and learning services to any student who requires pre-college coursework in reading, writing, or math based on COTCs placement assessment (COMPASS) or referral. • Learning Skills Specialist • provides learning and study skills assessments and student consultations on an individual or group basis. • Counseling Services • provides free services to all currently enrolled students! • Office for Disability Services • provides and coordinates support services and programs to maximize educational potential and develop independence to the fullest extent possible.
  8. 8. Student Life• Student Activities • provide diverse programming to enhance the cultural, intellectual, and social growth. Over 40 clubs and organizations on campus!• Career Services • provides students and graduates with individualized career planning and consultation with job search strategies, labor market information, a resource library, assistance in preparing quality resumes and cover letters, help in developing effective interviewing skills, information on employers expectations, and career assessment for undecided students.• Multicultural Affairs • Promote cultural awareness and creates environment conducive to overall collegiate experience for all students.• Athletics • provides athletic, recreation, and fitness opportunities for students Click the image to learn more about Student Life!
  9. 9. Why Should You Become Involved on Campus? • Create supportive connections to faculty, staff and fellow students • Improve knowledge and understanding of campus resources and services • Develop valuable skills that employers are seeking: • Leadership and ability to serve in teams • Effective communication/ problem solving • Self initiative/responsibility/time management
  10. 10. The • Recruitment • Academic AdvisingGateway • Records and Registration
  11. 11. • Campus AlertsPublic • • Parking Pass Student ID • Safety EscortsSafety • Jump Start Vehicle • Vehicle Lockouts
  12. 12. Campus Locations Newark Campus Coshocton Campus Knox Campus Pataskala Campus Virtual Campus Take a Virtual Tour of Newark Campus
  13. 13. College FinancesFinancial • Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA) and Important Dates! Tuition • Frequently Asked Questions Aid • Verification and Fees • Intent to pay/ payment plan • Types of Financial Aid • Direct DepositPlease review • Rights and Responsibilities Please review carefully! • Checklist carefully! • Refunds • How do I get my books? Campus • Bookstore Charge Bookstore • Bookstore Hours (including extended campuses)
  14. 14. How many classes should I take? • Part time= 11 or less credit hours • Full time= 12 or more credit hours (average of 5 classes) • Minimum to be eligible for federal student loans = 6 credits • Minimum of 1 credit for Federal Grants
  15. 15. Course Options: Face to Face (F2F) Online Evenings Weekends High School OptionsTransitions to CollegeFour Campus Locations
  16. 16. Make sure you can log-in to myCOTC • Username • Password ITS • 740-366-9244Helpdesk • Visit online
  17. 17. Advising & Registration Academic Calendar Important semester dates to remember! Plan of Study Courses required for your degree! Registration Process Instructions on how to register online Course Description/Prerequisites Policy and Procedure Review
  18. 18. Review the entire Student Reference Guide, in particular the Academic Policies and Procedures starting on page 12.
  19. 19. Tips for Success:• Go to class!• Minimize distractions during class and while studying!• Don’t procrastinate; prioritize!• Get organized! Use a day planner or smartphone to keep track of important dates and deadlines!• Utilize support services and resources!• Meet with your Gateway Advisor or Faculty Advisor!• Communicate with professors and classmates!• Get involved!• Check your COTC email daily!
  20. 20. Your Next Steps…• Complete New Student Orientation Verification Form.• Contact Gateway regarding registration.• Online registration will be enabled once New Student Orientation Verification Form is processed.• Be sure to register for IDS-100 Campus Connections your first term at COTC.• Students interested in pursuing a health program at COTC should attend a mandatory information meeting within the first semester. Dates and times can be viewed online.
  21. 21. Get connected with us!
  22. 22. Online New StudentOrientation Verification INSERT HERE