Storytelling Over Coffee - The Five Minute Version


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Every business, brand, project or team is full of stories that can inspire those around them. Here's a few tips on how to bring those stories to life.

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Storytelling Over Coffee - The Five Minute Version

  1. 1. Great insights (the human or statisticalinsights that underpin your story) lead to...Great stories (insights moulded into a formthat will resonate) lead to...Great Content (the story’s physical form –words, pictures and channels).Understand and advocate for your identity. Itwill guide and anchor your storytelling.Five tell-tale signs to a strong identity...• Aligned: Everything hangs together.• Stakeholder-centric: About us, not me.• Simple: But supported by deep detail.• Respected: Drives all decisions.• Achievable: Epic vision = epic fail.Successful storytelling requires careful, long-range planning...• What business needs am I capable ofmeeting and how will I measure success?• What stakeholder needs can I meet andhow do I measure success?• What stories can I produce to address theneeds I’ve identified?• Where can I find these stories?Become an explorer by cultivating, creatingand curating a regular flow of insights. Thiswill feed your storytelling.To do this, build a network of subject matterexperts, analysts, thought leaders, internaland external researchers, front-liners andbusiness leaders.... and talk regularly.Your stories need to be shared – and used –everywhere. So work cross-business and...Knock down the silos: Centralise contentcreation – structurally or collaboratively.Maintain a calendar of stories: So otherscan contribute, align and plan their activities.Develop your skills: To produce all forms ofcontent, not just digital.You’ll engage no-one by telling them howgood you are. Step into their shoes,understand what they want and deliver it.Think BEN: Benefits, Education, NaturallanguagePersonalise: The message and the mediaDon’t write... feel: Don’t be afraid to behuman. That’s what people want.Content isn’t king. Value is king. It’s easy tocreate content. It’s much harder to createvalue for your stakeholders and business.Good storytellers don’t tell stories. They tellone story in many different chapters. Thatstory is the evolution of your business,brand, project or team and its relationshipwith those around it.Every business, brand, project or team isloaded with stories that could help andinspire others. You just need to find your...• Case studies, knowledge and experience.• Data and research.• Product and service advice.• Reflections on today and tomorrow.• Heritage, priorities and progress.• Passions of your leaders.NoStory...NoContent“A special effect without a story is apretty boring thing.”George Lucas© Wayne Aspland, The Content Factory, June 2013.“Behind every small business, theres astory worth knowing.”Paul RyanKnowWhy“We often get blinded by the forms inwhich content is produced, ratherthan the job that the content does.”Tim OReillyKnowWhere“A point of view can be a dangerousluxury when substituted for insightand understanding.”Marshall McLuhanBeSharing“The unread story is not a story; it islittle black marks on wood pulp. Thereader, reading it, makes it live: a livething, a story.”Ursula K. Le GuinTwoClosingTips“In all my research, the greatestleaders looked inward and were ableto tell a good story with authenticityand passion.”Deepak ChopraBeCaring“When I see a story, I ask: is thissomething Id like to be in? Is thissomething Id like to see? And if Id liketo see it, would I like to tell it?”Clint EastwoodKnowWho“Good business leaders create avision, articulate the vision,passionately own the vision, andrelentlessly drive it to completion.”Jack WelchStorytelling Over CoffeeUsingStoriesToBringYourBusiness,Brand,ProjectOrTeamToLife.`