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Launching A Startup V2
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Launching A Startup V2



Published in Economy & Finance , Business
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  • 1.  
  • 2. Launching a start-up in Germany / How to get VC funding Monte Miersch Baku, 28.03.2009
  • 3. MIKESTAR.com
    • MIKESTAR is transporting the Social Gaming Trend Karaoke from the consoles world into the Web.
    • Product description:
    • Users can select from hundreds of songs, play them in a web browser and record their own performance.
    • Recordings can be shared with the community. Furthermore MIKESTAR contains a contest area, in which users can mess in singing against each other.
  • 4. SCEE Market potential Research Bravo, 2007 Online-Karaoke as killer application in growth market of „Casual Games“
  • 5. How to earn money Four strong revenue streams assure sustainability
  • 6.
    • Personality of founders!
    • Innovation / Strategic competitive advantage
    • USPs
    • High potential to grow
    • M a rket barriers for competitors
    • Usage for customers
    • Realistic approach and plausibility
    • Exit story
    • Risk profile
    Investment criterias
  • 7.
    • Consulting for VC funding
      • Get them on board, a s BA maybe
    • N etworking
      • Barcamps and more
    • Talk! Talk! Talk!
    Get help Don‘t do everything on your own
  • 8. Financing
  • 9.
    • 1. Crash of Stock Markets
      • Company valuations are going down
      • Less exit channels
    • 2. Overestimation of traffic importance / ad revenues
      • Forecasting too high last months / years
    • 3. Stronger selection
      • Only the best are chosen
      • But still copycats with proofed models
      • Transaction-based! business models
    Current situation
  • 10.
    • Start early!
      • You have to and SHOULD talk to many investors
      • Decide wisely
      • Don‘t look only on the money
    • R aise as much money as possible at the beginning
      • Especially these days
    General stuff Investors will let you wait to get best out of the deal
  • 11. Example from Germany
    • Volume: 270 Mio. EUR
    • Investors: Germany, KfW, BASF, Telekom, Siemens etc.
    • Focus: Innovative High-Tech companies within seed phase
    • Investments: Up to 500 TEUR per company
    • plus: financial engagement from founders required
    • and from at least one additional investor / BA
    • Coaching: Hands-on-Support by a coach
  • 12.
    • R&D-based companies with „incubated technology“
    • „ small company“ in the sense of the EU, located in Germany
    • Not older than a year
    • Technology Know-how from founders
    • Seed financing enough for at least proof of concept or prototype
    HTGF Target Group Innovative Technology Topics
  • 13. Investment decision Process of Selecting
  • 14.
    • VCs proof concept, market, technology etc.
      • Help them!
      • Show your strengths
      • Don‘t hide weaknesses – explain how to reduce
      • Ask other invests to share experience
    • Letter of Intent
      • Definition of time period and content
    • Investor is your friend, not your enemy
    Due diligence Once again: Talk!
  • 15.
    • Management Team
    • Focused Goals
    • Budgeting
    • Documentation
      • IT
      • Processes
    • Legal Due Diligence
    • Market / Commercial Due Diligence
    Due diligence due diligence Have at least a fall back solution
  • 16. Contact MIKESTAR GmbH Gluckstr. 53a 22081 Hamburg Germany Monte A. Miersch [email_address] T +49 40 7930 4352 M +49 171 9988 198