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  1. 1. What do these pictures have in common?
  2. 2. Does this picture ring a bell? Listen to “Rehab”, Whats the main theme Of the song?
  3. 3. REHAB- AMY WINEHOUSE The man said, "Why do you think you here?" I said, "I got no ideaThey tried to make me go to rehab, I said, Im gonna, Im gonna lose my baby"No, no, no" So I always keep a bottle near"Yes, Ive been black but when I come backyoull know, know, know He said, "I just think youre depressed"I aint got the time and if my daddy thinks Im This me, "Yeah baby, and the rest"fine They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, "No, no,Hes tried to make me go to rehab, I wont go, no"go, go Yes, Ive been black but when I come back youll know, know, knowId rather be at home with RayI aint got seventy days I dont ever wanna drink againCause theres nothing, theres nothing you I just, ooh, I just need a friendcan teach me Im not gonna spend ten weeksThat I cant learn from Mr. Hathaway Have everyone think Im on the mendDidnt get a lot in class And its not just my prideBut I know it dont come in a shot glass Its just til these tears have driedThey tried to make me go to rehab, I said, They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, "No, no,"No, no, no" no"Yes, Ive been black but when I come back Yes, Ive been black but when I come back youllyoull know know know know, know, knowI aint got the time and if my daddy thinks Im I aint got the time and if my daddy thinks Im finefine Hes tried to make me go to rehab, I wont go, go,Hes tried to make me go to rehab, I wont go, gogo, go
  4. 4. A new addiction
  5. 5. Listening Activity Cultural Note: College and university students often stop by their professors’ offices to ask questions about or get help with assignments that they are working on.
  6. 6.  Read the questions. Listen to the conversation between a student and a professor. Take notes as you listen. Share your notes with a partner. Then use your notes to answer the questions.
  7. 7.  1. What are the student and professor discussing? 2. What does the student want? 3. What is the professor’s main concern?
  8. 8. Read the questions. Listen to the conversation again. Add details to your notes. Then use your notes to answer the 1 . Why does the student go to see her professor? questions. Work with a partner and 2. What does the your answers about using compare professor imply the Internet to do research? 3. What does the professor consider an essential skill for his students to develop? 4. How does the professor suggest the student use her newly acquired knowledge? 5. What does the professor mean when he says, ‘ Honestly’?
  9. 9. Do any of these stories sound familiar to you?At Home: A mother has difficulty getting her child to do chores when computer games occupy all after school time. A husband finds his wife increasingly neglects family duties, is irritable at family gatherings, and the phone bill has risen astronomically to an on- line service number. Someone connects to the Internet at 9:00 PM and suddenly discovers it is dawn and he has not left the computer.
  10. 10. At School: A childs grades fall and the teacher notes that he/she is falling asleep in class. A college freshman gets a mid-term warning because he is not keeping up with course work. Instead, he is spending every evening on the Internet communicating with all his family and former high school classmates, and rarely joins in social activities on campus.
  11. 11. At Work: An employee starts to fall behind at work and a rising number of sick days raises questions about usefulness to his/her employer. A corporate department head stays late each night to meet deadlines. In-house monitoring of computer use reveals he frequently accesses inappropriate sites, including gambling and pornography. An office supervisor suddently resigns from her job. A lot of work is unfinished and the company asks her family to encourage her to return. They find her at home, hunched over a computer and out cold completely oblivious to her surroundings.
  12. 12.  THESE ARE ALL EXAMPLES of a condition called Computer Addiction, Internet Addictive Disorder or Cyberaddiction. It is a problem very similar to Pathological Gambling or Compulsive Shopping. Like other addictions, it affects other people -- family, friends, and co-workers. Spouses complain that their loved ones neglect them. Couples separate when one of the partners finds someone else on the Internet and leaves home. Like gamblers they compulsively keep investing time and money. They fantasize that the next connection they make will solve all their problems.
  14. 14. Cyber Seduction In just a few mouse clicks, good-natured student and athlete Justin Peterson (Jeremy Sumpter) went from an average hormonally charged teen to an Internet porn addict. He puts his future and family into total turmoil by letting curiosity turn into obsession. "This is an important topic because online porn addiction can affect all ages," says "Cyber Seduction" executive producer Michael Bremer. In fact, according to a recent survey, 90% of eight- to 16-year-olds with Internet access have viewed porn online, mostly while doing homework. "Addicts blur the lines between fiction and fantasy, creating devastating effects on relationships," adds executive producer Paul Goff. Can Justin kick this self-destructive habit?
  15. 15. Watch the following video clip and find out: 1. Is the Internet good in this particular case? 2. Which are the uses of the Internet in the video clip? 3. How good or bad can the Internet be?
  16. 16. What is internet addiction? Listen to Dr. David Greenfield speak about it What are the other names internet addiction receives? Why is the internet a ‘slot machine’? How has the internet changed society? What does Dr. David Greenfield say about sexuality?video3.mpg
  17. 17. Interview with an Internet Addiction Counselor Interviewer: What are the symptoms? How do I know when my Internet compulsiveness is turning into an Internet addiction? Counselor: I’m not sure the exact amount of time is really the issue, but I think when it becomes something that really begins to affect other areas of your life- for instance, your work performance or your school performance or relationships with other people. One of the problems I see with the Internet, especially the chat rooms, is that people start developing relationships over the Net and they are very different from relationships that you have on a face-to-face basis, and you start losing some of the skills that make relationships successful. So that’s certainly a warning signal. I think if people are beginning to say something to you like, ‘You seem to be spending a lot of time online,’ that’s probably a good indicator as well. But, I think, a real important thing is to examine what’s going on with you when you are not on the Net. If you are beginning to feel anxious or depressed or feeling empty and lonely, and you know you really look forward to those times when you can be online to be connected with other people in that way, then, I think, a serious issue is starting to happen.
  18. 18. Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) THE SYMPTOMS OF COMPUTER ADDICTION ARE QUITE SPECIFIC: Psychological Symptoms • Having a sense of well-being or euphoria while at the computer • Inability to stop the activity • Craving more and more time at the computer • Neglect of family and friends • Feeling empty, depressed, irritable when not at the computer • Lying to employers and family about activities • Problems with school or job
  19. 19.  Physical Symptoms • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Dry eyes • Migraine headaches • Back aches • Eating irregularities, such as skipping meals • Failure to attend to personal hygiene • Sleep disturbances, change in sleep pattern
  20. 20. Can Internet addiction be cured? LIKE ANY ADDICTION THIS ONE CAN BE TREATED. Read about (or listen to) what they do in China to help youngsters addicted to the Internet.
  21. 21. Answer the following questions What kind of treatment do Internet addicts receive in China? What measures is the government taking to prevent Internet addiction? Is military training beneficial for the treatment? What consequences does Internet addiction bring about among individuals?
  22. 22. Are you addicted to facebook? Watch the following videoclip and find out.video4.mpg
  23. 23. Writing Write an argumentative essay arguing whether the use of the Internet among Mendocinian EFL students at our Teacher Training College is detrimental or beneficial to their academic success. Word limit: 600 words Font: Times New Roman Size: 12