Yahoo To Prohibit Competitive Keyword Bids Containing Trademarks


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Yahoo To Prohibit Competitive Keyword Bids Containing Trademarks

  1. 1. Yahoo To Prohibit Competitive Keyword Bids Containing Trademarks
  2. 2. Yahoo Search Marketing ( has recently announced its advertisers of a new policy to be implemented as of March 1st 2006, concerning the use of trademarks within their products and services *.
  3. 3. Under the new policy, no reference to a trademark can be made (except for ads placed by the trademark ownersthemselves, obviously), and consequently no bids can be make for keywords containing such trademarks. Exceptions refer to usage of trademarks in non- competitive ads, such as those made by re-sellers, or in informative (and still non-competitive) ads.
  4. 4. It is really good to see Yahoo making a big step forward in regulating abuse and misuse of trademarks, even thoughthat probably translates in some revenue loss for them, by having certain advertisers migrate to a "friendlier" place such as Google. According to Googles policies, "[...]advertisers may select trademarked terms as keywords or use them in the content of the ad. As a provider of spacefor advertisements, Google is not in a position to arbitrate trademark disputes between advertisers and trademarkowners. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, advertisers are responsible for the keywords and ad text that theychoose to use. Accordingly, Google encourages trademark owners to resolve their disputes directly with the advertiser, particularly because the advertiser may have similar ads on other sites. However, as a courtesy to
  5. 5. The question is why would Yahoo change its policies andapparently offer Google an even bigger bite from the SEM cake? It is way too early to say now, and their official explanation is not entirely believable: Yahoo states to have had the users best interest in mind, by providingthem with a better experience when searching terms that contain trademarks. Though this would make a laudable initiative with a good PR potential, experts know thesearch market is driven by large publishers and advertisers and not by the little surfing guys. Numerous speculationscan be made: threats of large legal actions from trademark owners, pressure from certain groups of interests are among the most vehiculated ones.
  6. 6. However, a more plausible one is that Yahoo makes preparations for a much larger scale movement destinedto influence the market in a manner we cannot anticipate just yet.
  7. 7. Until further industry news, theres one thing to rejoice:from now on, no "better than Botox" ads on Yahoo and their partner sites!
  8. 8. * - the products and services covered by the new policyare: Sponsored Search, Local Advertising, Search Submit, Product Submit, Travel Submit and Directory Submit.
  9. 9. Please visit: 214 for more info