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Sharepoint difference faqs- 1



This provides a list of Sharepoint FAQs-1 which are of "Difference between" kind

This provides a list of Sharepoint FAQs-1 which are of "Difference between" kind



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    Sharepoint difference  faqs- 1 Sharepoint difference faqs- 1 Document Transcript

    • 1.Difference between .NET and Sharepoint S.No .NET Sharepoint 1 Functionality Creation: Functionality Creation: Code need to be written even to Lots of pre-defined web parts and achieve simple functionality elements available.No need to write the code. 2 Coding Effort: Coding Effort: Takes time to create the code and Very less time required test 3 Skilled Professionals: Skilled Professionals: Skilled professionals are required Even novice professionals can do so to create the functionality easily 4 License Requirement: License Requirement: Not required at the time of Free versions available, but in case of deployment of solution extensive requirements License is required2.Difference between Site Template and Site Definition S.No Site Templates Site Definitions 1 Site template approach for Site Definitions are the foundations on SharePoint Site Creation is easier, which all sites and user templates are and just requires the use of the built. Site Definition is collection ox Web interface and occasionally XML and .aspx file. Site Definitions Microsoft FrontPage. Content can are predefined components needs to be be saved with site template included when a site was created in SharePoint server. Site Definition contains information of Web Part , Lists, Features and navigation bars to be included in the site 2 Files are in content database, less Files are on disk, better performance. efficient. 3 Not easily extensible (users are Highly customizable and extensible limited by what UI offers) (XML and .NET code is much more flexible than UI) 4 Can only provide one web Can provide multiple webs
    • 3.Difference between SharePoint 2010 and MOSS 2007 S.No SharePoint 2010 MOSS 2007 1 Look and feel: Look and feel: In SP 2010 look and feel In MOSS 2007 there is no ribbon perspective there will be a ribbon where we can have a look and feel like Office 2010 2 Deployment of Web parts : Deployment of Web parts : In SharePoint 2010 deploying In MOSS 2007 you need to drag the custom web part is pretty simple dll either to bin or GAC i.e. just right click on the solution and click Deploy 3 Silverlight Application: Silverlight Application: In SP 2010 we can create a In MOSS 2007 we have to create a Silverlight application directly web part to host Silverlight application from Visual Studio 2010 4 Shared Database & Service Shared Database & Service Application: Application: In SP 2010 there is no SSP but In MOSS 2007 we have SSP where we there is a concept of Service can work around with BI,Search Application like BCS as one Settings, User Profile Import, Excel service application, Excel Services, Info path Services as another service In Database also we use to have application, User Profile as separate area for SSP stuff separate service application. General idea is that you have an application for each service, rather than one application with lots of service crammed into it Own database rather than shared database in SP 2010 5 Easy exports/imports between Easy exports/imports between the the forms : forms : In SP 2010 we can update existing In MOSS 2007 through we can just information read the information and we cant update the existing services 6 Improvement in Deployment : Improvement in Deployment : In SP 2010 we can Deploy In MOSS 2007 there is no such option through Farm based and solution
    • based solution in SP 20107 Alerts: Alerts: In SP 2010 alerts were sent only In MOSS 2007 alerts were sent only through emails and send alerts to through emails. mobile device as SMS message. A New property delivery channel is introduced to indicate, whether the alerts is delivered as Email or an SMS message.8 Improvements of events : Improvements of events : New events for list creation and No List and web events in MOSS 2007 web creation9 Getting Items from the list : Getting Items from the list : In SP 2010 through object model In MOSS 2007 we can fetch only we can fetch multiple list data by through object model LINQ query and object model10 Rating : Rating : In SP 2010 we can have rating In MOSS 2007 we should install the column by default feature that is available in codeplex to have rating11 Key Word Suggestions : Key Word Suggestions : In SP 2010 we can have keyword In MOSS 2007 we don’t have any suggestions keyword suggestions12 Taxonomy : Taxonomy : In SP 2010 we can create In MOSS 2007 we don’t have Taxonomy by using Managed taxonomy Metadata service13 Other Features : Other Features : In SP 2010 we have Power Shell In MOSS 2007 we don’t have Power Scripting, JavaScript object Shell Scripting, JavaScript object model, Chart Web Parts model, Chart Web Parts14 Running stsadm command : Running stsadm command : In SP 2010 we have to go 14 hive In MOSS 2007 we have to go 12 hive path to run stsadm command path to run stsadm command
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