Mike McGrail - OTE London - Without Content, We are Nothing


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Topic: Without Content, We are Nothing

This talk will hammer home the importance of high quality content in today’s marketing mix. Key points:
Key Takeaways:
A brief history of content
What is good content and of course, what is bad content?
Why your business does have a story to tell and where to look for the diamonds
Keeping up the content momentum via planning
How to make a big impact with re-active content
How do we tell if all this effort is paying off?
What is the future for content marketing?

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  • Links to videos:

    Slide 5 is the first ever TV ad from 1941 - http://youtu.be/lsjc2uDi1OI

    Slide 16 is the launch video for dollarshaveclub.com - this video is excellent as it sells the product, but also makes people laugh. The fact that the actual CEO of the company stars in it also adds personality and transparency - http://youtu.be/ZUG9qYTJMsI

    Slide 17 - this is the Jimmy Kimmel twerking video, that had 9million views before Jimmu revealed it was a hoax. http://youtu.be/CddMD3QqTFs
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  • Hi Bonita, thanks for you kind words! That's a great point and I'll take it onboard for the future!
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  • Very Interesting presentation, I got a lot out of it, one thing from a creative person though with the slides – perhaps have the titles/words nearer the top half of the screen so people at the back can see them
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Mike McGrail - OTE London - Without Content, We are Nothing

  1. 1. Without Content, we are Nothing Mike McGrail @mike_mcgrail
  2. 2. Content marketing is nothing new…
  3. 3. So why all the fuss?
  4. 4. We have the tools
  5. 5. A need to stand-out
  6. 6. Search is key
  7. 7. What makes great content?
  8. 8. Inspire people
  9. 9. Be helpful
  10. 10. Make them feel something
  11. 11. Spark conversation
  12. 12. What makes bad content?
  13. 13. Bad content is content that achieves nothing for your business. If it’s achieving nothing for your business, it’s likely it’s achieving nothing for your customers Nothing
  14. 14. What can we talk about?
  15. 15. Heritage and history
  16. 16. Your team
  17. 17. Your processes
  18. 18. Your customers
  19. 19. Content planning
  20. 20. Customer Profiling Exercise As a customer of…. The Great Outdoors Clothing Company I want to… wear your product while climbing So I can… push myself further
  21. 21. Map out content across… • Themes • Days, weeks and months • Platforms - blog, video, Facebook, Twitter etc etc etc • Author – who is responsible? Remember to assess your needs as an overall business.
  22. 22. The power of reactive content
  23. 23. 525 million impressions 38,000 re-tweets
  24. 24. Is my content performing?
  25. 25. • Google Analytics is your best friend • What are people reading and acting on? • Ask your audience what they want • Focus on the wins • What platforms are generating the most traffic and action? • Remember to use ‘goals’ • Beware the threat of stagnation!
  26. 26. What’s the future of content marketing?
  27. 27. • All businesses will be publishers • Consumers will expect more • But they’ll also contribute more • Purchase trigger-points will be wider • Re-active will continue to grow • We’ll all have jetpacks, hover boards and wear stupid glasses with computers built in…
  28. 28. Thanks for listening! Give yourselves a clap… If you liked it, please tweet me! - @mike_mcgrail