Tramigo Marketing Collaterals


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Tramigo marketing collaterals to help distributors and resellers market Tramigo T22 units more effectively.

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Tramigo Marketing Collaterals

  1. 1. Tramigo Marketing Support Resources Your link to marketing collaterals that make you stand out of the crowd. version 1.0 (December 2009)
  2. 2. Welcome to the Tramigo family! Contents: In this document you will find the introduction 1) Brochures, Flyers and distributable printed to the standard Tramigo marketing collaterals, materials briefing on how they can increase your sales and instructions on how you can get them. 1.1) Global Brochure order instructions 1.2) Localizing the brochure for your region This document is constantly updated with new 1.3) Tramigo A5 Product Flyers content and extra goodies for you. 1.4) Event flyers for your region Although some of the content linked to this 2) Point of sale merchandising & large format document is automatically updated, your event materials. access to all the latest materials is guaranteed only by updating this document. 2.1) Stickers 2.2) Tramigo banners for outdoor events If the version date marked on the coverpage 2.3) Other materials is old, please click on the update button to download the latest version of this document. 3) Sales training & information about Tramigo T22 Series Products and how to sell them. 3.1) Case Studies 3.2) Product one pagers 3.3) High resolution logos & press releases 4) Advertising Tramigo products. 4.1) Print advertising UPDATE
  3. 3. Brochures, Flyers and Other Distributable Materials.
  4. 4. Tramigo Global Brochure. Localizing your own Brochure Containing the most essential information To get your localized Tramigo brochures, about the Tramigo T22 and how it can help download the brochure form, edit details as companies and private vehicle owners, the needed and mail to standard Tramigo brochure is printed and ready to order with your T22 Series product order. To get your localized Tramigo brochures, download the brochure form, edit details as Tramigo provides you with a full box of brochures needed and mail to as you order Tramigo products and accessories. Ensure that you get some brochures with your order by adding the brochure product code to your Tramigo order. 1 Your country introduction. Change references to “all NOTE: Quantity shipped depends on quantity of countries” to what suits your region best. Tramigo products ordered. - you may leave the quantity empty as you order. 2 Local Landmarks. Modify the local landmarks used Tramigo Global Brochure order codes: as samples. English version: T22-MMBRO1 As you edit the template, note that the text layout Your language not listed or you feel that you is poor: Don’t worry, this will be fixed before need brochures that give that local feel through providing you with a print ready file. However, landmarks & screenshots in your area? since there is a minimum size for the text, ensure that all text fits into the slots provided. No problem. (this occurs often with translations. If your text does not fit, try to find ways of expressing the See next page to find out how to get a print same in less words.) ready file localized / translated to your needs. Modifications to images will be done automatically, (i.e. screenshots of M1 software & images of people/places.)
  5. 5. Flyers & printable product info Flyers When holding expos or participating in other promotional events, flyer distribution is an essential part of getting your message across. Print flyers locally in the quantity you need. - we provide you with a print ready file with your modifications already layed out into the template. In most cases, it is enough to print a small quantity locally on a digital printer, but in some cases, offset printing larger volumes may be more cost effective. If you require additional assistance on how to get your files printed, email us at Print all flyers according to the specifications listed below: Printing: 4 + 4 colour print. (double sided) Paper: A5 glossy white, 120-170 gsm
  6. 6. Product Flyers Print ready product flyers. Taking part in a boat expo or motorcycle show? Supplement your basic marketing collaterals with product specific info. No customization needed, just download and take to your local printer! Tramigo T22 Series Car A5 Flyer A double sized A5 size flyer focusing on the benefits of the T22 Series Car Tracking Device. Tramigo T22 Series Moto A5 Flyer A double sized A5 size flyer focusing on the benefits of the T22 Series Moto Tracking Device. Tramigo T22 Series Boat A5 Flyer A double sized A5 size flyer focusing on the benefits of the T22 Series Boat Tracking Device.
  7. 7. Customizable Flyers Want to show benefits instead of product? Tramigo expo flyers are customized to your needs with your contact details and a streamlined message. Fill in the details in the orderform for the corresponding flyer and send to Tramigo Vehicle Security Flyer T22 as a vehicle security device for security concerned end users. DOWNLOAD ORDERFORM Tramigo Fleet Management Flyer Flyer for Fleet owners. DOWNLOAD ORDERFORM Tramigo Operator Cobrand Flyer Flyer aimed at partnering Tramigo with the local GSM operator. DOWNLOAD ORDERFORM
  8. 8. Point of sale and large format materials.
  9. 9. Stickers Tramigo brand stickers to announce that Tramigo T22 Series Products are available here. Available for order through PCS. Please add the order code to your Tramigo product order and we will ship you stickers free of charge. (Quantity shipped varies on volume of Tramigo products ordered.) Tramigo Authorized Partner Sticker 26x16cm “Authorized Partner” plastic sticker for indoor/outdoor use. FOR SERVICE CENTER ONLY Order Code: MMPARTNERSTICKER-LRG Tramigo Authorized Dealer Sticker 6x4cm plastic sticker for window/counter use. Order Code: MMDEALERSTICKER-SML Tramigo Small Authorized Partner Sticker Rectangular sticker for window/counter use. White plastic. Order Code: MMPARTNERSTICKER-SML Tracklove small sticker: 5x5 cm Tracklove logo sticker on white plastic. Order Code: T22-MMTRACKLOVE-SML
  10. 10. 200 x 85 cm banner stands for outdoor events Pull up & X-stand & indoor display. Banners. Banners are always customized to your needs with local landmarks and images and can either be sent to you as print ready files for production locally or shipped from PCS Singapore. Download the linked file to see a selection of sample banners available and contact to get further instructions on how to get your banner stand.
  11. 11. Product info stands Acrylic info stands that you can place next to your T22 products in your display window. Gives the basic information about each product and has extra space for you to write the retail price (optional) Shipped in sets of six different stands, available in two sizes, order with your normal T22 product order using the order code below. Small: MMINFOSTAND-SML Medium Size: MMINFOSTAND-MED T22/Tracklove Mobile A hanging mobile that announces that the worlds best selling GPS/GSM tracker is available here. 30x30 cm, requires no floor or wallspace, order with your T22 product order using the code below. Order Code: T22-MMMOBILE
  12. 12. Logos, images, training materials and other resources
  13. 13. Case Studies New ideas for more sales. Read more and offer insights to your clients about how Tramigo T22 Series products can help your clients. Note: More case studies are frequently added and the links updated to this document. If you are unsure whether you have the most recent version of this document, click on the “update this document” button on the cover. Case 51 - Municipalities. Read how Tramigo helped a local municipality with its VIP tracking program. Case 52 - Construction. Read more on tracking leased construction assets with Tramigo T22. Case 53 - Retail. Retailing Tramigo to consumers in a retail environment. Case 54 - Medical Rescue. Tramigo Helps Save lives by providing crucial information to a private ambulance service.
  14. 14. Create your Tramigo product folder Downloadable product info & resource images Download the product one pagers and compile your Tramigo product folder. All documents are printable in A4 size. T22 Car One Pager T22 Moto One Pager T22 Boat One Pager M1 Move One Pager M1 Fleet One Pager T22 ADT One Pager T22 Technical Data T22 Main Features M1 Patriot One Pager Tramigo Logo Pack Tramigo, T22, Tracklove, TLD and other logos in high resolution and vector formats. Product images Getting press people asking you for product pictures? Just download and send.
  15. 15. Tramigo World Newsletter Newsletter Past Issues Missed an issue of the Tramigo Newsletter? Download the pdf here. October 2009
  16. 16. Print Advertising
  17. 17. Create your Tramigo product folder Filling in the infosheet Tramigo marketing provides you with a print Most, but not all, publications can provide you ready ad for your campaign, follow the steps: with a media/production “card” - usually in the form of a .pdf document that contains the 1) Plan your ad / campaign. What do you want to needed details. If one is supplied to you, please achieve? What is the best magazine in your area attach it with your request for a print ad. to advertise that in? 2) Download the information sheet and fill it in. Some of the questions are for the publisher of the ad to answer and others for us to better understand what you want to do with your ad. NOTE: The infosheet is filled in by default as an example. Make sure you uncheck all boxes & clear all information fields that do not apply to your advertisement. Write us a mail at and give us an idea on what you want. The info sheet only contains the essential, usually a more freeform explanation of what you think works in your area is also needed. Your ad will either be custom made for you, or modified from existing advertising templates. Before looking at ads and designing one in your mind however, its a good idea to choose a newspaper/magazine, check out their rates and plan the ad. For inspiration and examples of what has been done around the world, download tramigo ad samples.