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Entertainment units www.organisedinteriors.com

  1. 1. ENTERTAINMENT UNITS, HOME OFFICE: SPACESAVING HOME IMPROVEMENT TIPSBesides the love and effort that it takes to build a house, beautiful andfunctional interior design makes a house worth living. From changingyour wardrobes and making them more spacious to installing a space-saving entertainment unit, you can do it all at minimal costs. These daysthe demand for making the most of limited space is high, this is thereason why people are going for elements such as entertainment unitand home office.If you are bored with your old furniture or the interiors of your house and wantto transform it into a modern house, you might get some helpful tips here:  Wardrobes- Wardrobes are an integral part of your home as they allow you to store all your clothes, accessories and other related items in an organised manner. A simply built wardrobe that still has a hint of luxury and makes the best use of the available space is just the right thing you need in your bedroom. From walk-in wardrobes to built-in wardrobes, you can make your own choice. When choosing wardrobes or rebuilding them, you can also enhance their usability and functionality through
  2. 2. accessories such as coat hooks, lingerie drawer dividers, pull out trouser rack, tie and belt rail and other accessories. Space-saving entertainment unit- In order to capitalise on your available space and keep all your entertainment appliances and equipment at one place in an organised manner, entertainment unit is the right choice. This modern unit can be customised with respect to the space available and your design needs. You can express your individual style and blend it with the rest of the home décor by customising it. When you have an entertainment unit at your house, you no longer have to worry about hiding the cables and unappealing electronic equipment.  Folding beds- Another innovative furnishing idea for your home interiors is folding beds. They not only save a lot of space but also look trendy. You can use such beds in guest rooms, drawing rooms and any other space that can be used as a bedroom at night. Some more innovative ideas for beds include tilt-away beds, Pardo and wall beds. These beds also come with add-on storage option. Home office- Those who bring work back home, or those who wish to start up a small business, but don’t have affordable office space available, should opt for home office. You can enjoy the comfort of home while working when you build a home office at your place. Home offices are a cost-effective option when you are just starting up. It is important to ensure that the location of the home office should be such that no
  3. 3. distractions can hamper your work. Moreover, storage space should also be maximised with the help of cabinets and shelves. Storage- Due to the rising population and limited space, urban modern houses are just not as big as they used to be two decades ago. This is the reason why one needs to have a dedicated storage area in the house. You can use areas such as the cupboard, garage or the space under the stairs, which are often neglected, for your storage needs. These areas can be perfectly used for storing all the bulky and dead storage items.
  4. 4. SUMMARY: A modern urban house has to make the most of thelimited space available and innovative ideas for wardrobes,entertainment units, home offices and beds can help you optimise thatspace. ========================== ================= ====== == ORGANISED INTERIORS BRISBANEServicing, Brisbane, Ipswich, The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts200 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills QLD 4006 Phone 07 32524227 Phone Sunshine Coast 07 5476 2700 Fax 0732522130Email: -brisbane@organisedinteriors.com.au ORGANISED INTERIORS BRISBANEServicing Canberra, Goulburn, Yass, Southern Highlands, South Coast,Cooma 76 Sheppard Street, Hume, ACT 2620 Phone 02 6260 1110 Fax02 6260 1116 Email:-canberra@organisedinteriors.com.au =================================
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