Daily mcx newsletter 6 aug-2013


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Daily mcx newsletter 6 aug-2013

  1. 1. www.TheEquicom.com +919200009266 06-AUG.-2013 www.TheEquicom.com +919200009266 MCX NEWSLETTER- DAILY Daily MCX Newsletter 06-AUG. -2013
  2. 2. www.TheEquicom.com +919200009266 BULLION In the global market, the yellow metal edged up on Monday supported by weak USD and weaker than expected US Non- farm payrolls data, released last week. A weaker than expected data temporarily curbed investors concerns that Federal Reserve would roll back its monetary stimulus later this year. Recently, the Fed indicated that it would start cutting its $85 billion monthly bond purchasing program if the US economy backs to its growth track. Gold futures for December delivery on Globex platform of Comex was seen trading up by 0.27% at $1315.35 per troy ounce as of 13.50 IST on Monday. Holdings at SPDR Gold Trust, declined 0.26 percent to 918.64 tons on Friday reaching a fresh four-year lows. MARKET NEWS ENERGY On Monday evening, crude oil futures on NYMEX edged down on profit booking and was seen trading bearish amid positive global cues. US crude oil futures on NYMEX was seen trading down by 1.07 percent at $105.81 per barrel as of 18.42 IST on Monday. On Monday morning, crude oil futures in the global market rose and was seen trading positive on after last week's promising data releases from the United States, China, and Europe. NYMEX Brent crude oil prices were seen trading above $109 per barrel while US crude oil futures was seen trading above 107 per barrel. Euro area Services Business Activity Index rose to 49.8 in July, up from the flash estimate of 49.6. It indicated that the Euro area service sector moved to the verge of stabilisation, according to the data released by the Markit on Monday. BASE METAL Copper in the international market edged down despite last week's positive data releases from around the world. However, Markit manufacturing/services index gave a mixed view on major economies in globe on Monday there by pressuring the base metal prices in the global market to certain extent. Comex copper prices were seen trading negative on Monday afternoon. Copper futures for September delivery on Globex platform of Comex was seen trading down by 0.35% at $3.162 per pound as of 16.11 IST on Monday. Service providers in China signalled a modest expansion of business activity, as signalled by the HSBC China Services Business Activity Index, posting 51.3 in July, unchanged from the previous month. However, growth in the service sector remains historically weak, as per the data released by Markit on Monday.
  3. 3. www.TheEquicom.com +919200009266 GOLD (5 OCT.) SILVER (5 JULY) OUTLOOK: TREND : -CONSOLIDATE RESISTANCE : - 28000, 28180 SUPPORT : - 27750, 27380 STRATEGY : - SELL ON HIGHS TECHNICAL VIEW OUTLOOK: TREND : - CONSOLIDATE RESISTANCE : - 42230, 42600 SUPPORT : - 41500, 41000 STRATEGY : - SELL ON HIGHS BULLION
  4. 4. www.TheEquicom.com +919200009266 CRUDEOIL (19 AUG.) NATURAL GAS (27 AUG.) ENERGY OUTLOOK: TREND : - CONSOLIDATE RESISTANCE : - 6565, 6600 SUPPORT : - 6470, 6320 STRATEGY : -BUY ON DIPS OUTLOOK: TREND : - BEARISH RESISTANCE : - 206.80, 209.60 SUPPORT : - 202.70, 200.00 STRATEGY : - SELL ON HIGHS
  5. 5. www.TheEquicom.com +919200009266 COPPER (30 AUG.) LEAD (30 AUG.) BASE METAL OUTLOOK: TREND : - CONSOLIDATE RESISTANCE : - 432.40, 436.00 SUPPORT : - 424.90, 421.50 STRATEGY : - BUY ON DIPS OUTLOOK: TREND : - CONSOLIDATE RESISTANCE : - 131.00, 131.90 SUPPORT : - 129.60, 128.55 STRATEGY : - BUY ON DIPS
  6. 6. www.TheEquicom.com +919200009266 ZINC (30 AUG.) ALUMINUM (30 AUG.) NICKEL (30 AUG.) OUTLOOK: TREND : - CONSOLIDATE RESISTANCE : - 114.00, 115.20 SUPPORT : - 112.40, 111.30 STRATEGY : - BUY ON DIPS OUTLOOK: TREND : - CONSOLIDATE RESISTANCE : - 109.50, 110.30 SUPPORT : - 108.00, 107.25 STRATEGY : - BUY ON DIPS OUTLOOK: TREND : - CONSOLIDATE RESISTANCE : - 858.00, 875.00 SUPPORT : - 840.00, 830.00 STRATEGY : - BUY ON DIPS
  7. 7. www.TheEquicom.com +919200009266 GOLD 1294.05 SILVER 19.661 COPPER 03.129 CRUDE OIL 106.35 NATURAL GAS 03.318 PALLADIUM 727.20 PLATINUM 1441.50 USDINR 60.9550 EURUSD 01.3266 USDJPY 97.970 USDCHF 00.9265 GBPUSD 01.5359 USDCAD 01.0350 INTERNATIONAL MARKET
  8. 8. www.TheEquicom.com +919200009266 ECONOMIC CALANDER
  9. 9. www.TheEquicom.com +919200009266 Disclaimer The information and views in this report, our website & all the service we provide are believed to be reliable, but we do not accept any responsibility (or liability) for errors of fact or opinion. Users have the right to choose the product/s that suits them the most. Sincere efforts have been made to present the right investment perspective. The information contained herein is based on analysis and up on sources that we consider reliable. This material is for personal information and based upon it & takes no responsibility The information given herein should be treated as only factor, while making investment decision. The report does not provide individually tailor-made investment advice. TheEquicom recommends that investors independently evaluate particular investments and strategies, and encourages investors to seek the advice of a financial adviser. TheEquicom shall not be responsible for any transaction conducted based on the information given in this report, which is in violation of rules and regulations of NSE and BSE. The share price projections shown are not necessarily indicative of future price performance. The information herein, together with all estimates and forecasts, can change without notice. Analyst or any person related to TheEquicom might be holding positions in the stocks recommended. It is understood that anyone who is browsing through the site has done so at his free will and does not read any views expressed as a recommendation for which either the site or its owners or anyone can be held responsible for . Any surfing and reading of the information is the acceptance of this disclaimer. All Rights Reserved. Investment in Commodity and equity market has its own risks. We, however, do not vouch for the accuracy or the completeness thereof. we are not responsible for any loss incurred whatsoever for any financial profits or loss which may arise from the recommendations above. TheEquicom does not purport to be an invitation or an offer to buy or sell any financial instrument. Our Clients (Paid Or Unpaid), Any third party or anyone else have no rights to forward or share our calls or SMS or Report or Any Information Provided by us to/with anyone which is received directly or indirectly by them. If found so then Serious Legal Actions can be taken.