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Wise Earth Technology has a complete information communication system for disaster communications. The $150 CrisisCommunicator takes care of most aspects of disaster communication; please see the slideshow for more details.

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  1. 1. WhenDisaster Strikes...
  2. 2. There isNO COMMUNICATION
  3. 3. 2010 Leh, Ladakh Cloud Burst
  4. 4. REFUGEES NEED HELP • Food • Shelter • Medicine • Management
  5. 5. 2004 Asian Tsunami
  6. 6. RESPONDERS NEED ASSISTANCE • Maps • Messaging • Mobillity • Logistics
  8. 8. The CrisisCommunicator• Who is it for? ▫ Disaster Response Teams ▫ Communities ▫ Response Coordinators ▫ Communication Operators• What is it? ▫ iPad-like rugged device ▫ Creates Emergency Digital Communication Network ▫ Disaster Management Communication Information System (DMCIS) ▫ Solution when phones are down or overloaded ▫ GPS-enabled for location awareness ▫ Like Enterprise Resource Management, for a disaster Artist’s Impression
  9. 9. OUR Technology Is Easy and Reliable! • Zero-Config Turnkey Network • Local copy of DB • APRS for data exchange • Sahana based DMCIS* • Touchscreen data input • Long Battery Life, and versatile charging options ▫ Handcrank, solar panel, car battery, etc.*Disaster Management Communication Information System
  10. 10. Our System Is Ready for a Disaster!• Rugged Device• Live Map of Disaster Zone• High Quality Components• Open Source software stack• Digital Radio Communication (VHF Bands)• Person Register for refugees, missing, and found• Algorithms to re-unite families, solve supply and transport logistics
  11. 11. The Finances Cost:$0.04M Cost:$0.12M Cost:$0.48M Cost:$0.66M Cost:$0.75M Funds:$0.05M. Funds:$0.34M. Funds:$0.83M. Funds:$2.3M. Funds:$3.8M. marketing R&DIncome Distribuition Other Invest loans Bootstrap fund Income Private placement Social VC funding 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
  12. 12. Social Return on InvestmentSocial Activities:• Training and simulations in communities.• Localized employment from training and outreach.• Disaster Contingency Fund >10% cash assets.• Employees trained as disaster response personnel.• Feedback improvements to FOSS* communities.• Interoperability with other products to aid in disaster situation.• Socially owned: Private Placement targeted to stakeholder communities.SROI Indicators:• Follow-up surveys will assess the long-term skill retention. ▫ Percentage of population retaining viable skills.• Size of the Disaster Contingency Fund and outlays. Ploughing back the Profit ▫ Financial Units• The amount of local employment generated, both in terms of population and salary value. ▫ Population statistics and financial units.• The growing size of our disaster response team. *Free and Open Source SoftwareThe Human Life is priceless; SROI indicators will be presented in natural units alongside
  13. 13. The Market Aid for disaster preparation grew fromUS$4.4 million in 2004 toUS$454.6 million in 2009.Increase OVER 80-fold in just 6 years!!!• India received US$639.4M from ’00-’09. (3rd largest recipient.)• “Where can I buy it?” – RespondentMarketing Strategy: combined push/pull• “Push” advertising to Govt., aid agencies via contacts, presentations, and targeted marketing.• “Pull” from communities through training activities. From the report by Kellet and Sparks, “Disaster Risk Reduction: Spending where it should count”, March 2012.
  14. 14. Increasing Natural Disasters Predictable,Increasing incidence of large disasters world wide
  15. 15. CrisisCommunicator in Action• Refugee Center 1 enters details of refugees. Father Govind is missing his daughter Devi. ▫ Information is automatically duplicated to all CrisisCommunicators. ▫ Refugee Center 1 also notes in system that they need food and medical supplies for 10 people.• Rescue Team finds a girl. Her name is Devi. ▫ CrisisCommunicator suggests that she might be Govind’s daughter!• Assessment Team notes that a road is blocked, only small vehicles can pass. ▫ All other devices are notified. Coordination center sees the note on their live map.• Coordination Center receives a shipment of supplies, to send to refugee centers. ▫ CrisisCommunicator charts optimum route, taking into account the road block. ▫ CrisisCommunicator also suggests best allocation of supplies to different need centers.• Vehicle is dispatched with appropriate supplies, and is guided by device.• People living outside disaster zone want information about their relatives. ▫ A single CrisisCommunicator connected to the internet allows them to query the
  16. 16. The Team I wish I knew what the others are up to... Linkesh Diwan Nishtha Pallival Aparna AshokRahul Krishnan At Wise Earth Technology, a team of passionate youth with disaster response experience, a desire for Varrun Ramani service, the drive, the tools, and the connections, will make this business a Renjith Mohan