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SiG@ MaRS Info Session


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The Social Innovation Generation program at MaRS (SiG@MaRS) has been offering programs and services for social innovators and social entrepreneurs for over a year now.

Find out what has been done; what programs and services are available to help you advance your social purpose efforts, and join SiG@MaRS in planning for the future of the program.

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SiG@ MaRS Info Session

  1. 1. @
  2. 2.   Social Entrepreneurship Summit 2008 Opening Video by Blackpowder Labs   Visualization   A visualization of the responses to a survey on the state of social entrepreneurship in Canada. The survey was conducted prior to the Summit and the results were shown at the opening of the event
  3. 3. By the end of this session it is our hope that you will… 1. Understand what SiG@MaRS is and what programs and services we offer 2. Know how you can take advantage of these programs and services, if desired; and 3. Have participated in helping SiG@MaRS determine what other programs and services should be developed to address your needs or those of the community
  4. 4.   Lawrence Bloomberg National Bank of Canada   John Manley McCarthy Tetrault   Geoffrey Matus Mandukwe Inc   Tim McTiernan University of Toronto   Joseph L. Rotman   Susan M. Smith Roy L Capital   Gordon Nixon RBC Ventures RBC Canada   Indira Samarasekera   Calvin Stiler University of Alberta   Sheila O’Brien Genome Canada Belvedere Investment   William White Dupont Canada
  5. 5. SoftShell on the Dragon’s Den Sean O’Dea, founder of Second Cup in interview with Charles Plant MaRS Community watches the Obama inauguration Federal Minister of Health and Allyson Hewitt Social Entrepreneurs - Trevor David and Nick Temple
  6. 6. Entrepreneurship Technology Science & Social Technology Incubation Innovation Innovation Investment Capacity pg 8
  7. 7.   National initiative of four nodes across the country   Tim Draimin, National Executive Director   Tim Brodhead, McConnell Foundation   Frances Westley, University of Waterloo   Al Etmanski, PLAN   Allyson Hewitt, MaRS   The primary aim of SiG is to encourage effective methods of addressing persistent social problems on a national scale   The activities of SiG serve to promote broad social change   SiG@MaRS brings this work to Ontario
  8. 8.   Social innovation refers to new strategies, concepts, ideas and organizations that meet social needs of all kinds - from working conditions and education to community development and health - and that extend and strengthen civil society. Wikipedia   Social innovation is an initiative, product or process that profoundly changes beliefs, basic routines, resource and authority flows of any social system in the direction of greater resilience. Successful social innovations have durability, impact and scale. SiG National
  9. 9.   Wikipedia: A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change.   Whereas a business entrepreneur typically measures performance in profit and return, a social entrepreneur assesses success in terms of the impact s/he has on society. While social entrepreneurs often work through nonprofits and citizen groups, many work in the private and governmental sectors
  10. 10.   quot;Social entrepreneurs identify resources where people only see problems. They view the villagers as the solution, not the passive beneficiary. They begin with the assumption of competence and unleash resources in the communities they're serving.”   -- David Bornstein, author of How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas   Yes We Can Video
  11. 11. Ashoka: Social entrepreneurship - the practice of responding to market failures with transformative and financially sustainable innovations aimed at solving social problems Social entrepreneurs are “change agents,” creating “large-scale change through pattern-breaking ideas,” “addressing the root causes” of social problems, possessing “the ambition to create systemic change by introducing a new idea and persuading others to adopt it,” and changing “the social systems that create and maintain” problems. “Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.” – Bill Drayton, Founder of Ashoka
  12. 12. William quot;Billquot; Drayton is the founder and current Chair of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding and fostering social entrepreneurs worldwide Canada has 13 Ashoka Fellows including: At Etmanski, Geoff Cape, Mary Gordon and Dr Stan Slotkin
  13. 13. SiG@MaRS is actively developing programs to support the launch and growth of social ventures, enhancing the skills and networks of social entrepreneurs, exploring new instruments of social finance, fostering opportunities for technology platforms to help scale social ventures and building the social enterprise community.
  14. 14.   Social Finance  Public Policy   Social Technology
  15. 15.   Social Finance Forum   Annual event mobilizing action on social finance   Strategic Inquiry   Conducted by Liz Mulholland for OSER   Social Finance Ontario   Committee of the Ontario NonProfit Network Jessica Flannery, At Social Finance Forum 09   enp Toronto   SiG@MaRS one of several funders of this CSI initiative   Causeway   National Collaborative on Social Finance
  16. 16. A national collaboration working on new pathways for financial investment in public benefit.
  18. 18. Strategies   Improve knowledge and awareness of Canada’s social finance opportunity   Convene and engage the community   Support capacity-building for capital users and providers   Catalyze development of new financial pathways
  19. 19. Knowledge Mobilization: Social Finance Forum Policy Reform: Social Finance Brief UK Study Tour Social Finance invest in social good Engaging Mainstream Finance: Catalyzing financial product development Convening key leaders and Bridging disparate sectors
  20. 20. Resilient Capital Économie solidaire de l’Ontario Alterna Fraser Valley Centre CCA PfC Chantier de for Social Enterprise l’economie Sociale Eco Trust Community Power Fund CED- Social Capital NET Partners Plan institute Carleton Center for SiG Community SRI in the Rockies Social Investment Causeway Innovation Organization Edmonton Social VanCity Enterprise Fund Ashoka Ontario Non –Profit Network
  21. 21. Social Capital Partners • Invests in social enterprises that employ populations outside the economic mainstream in Canada, helping them to acquire scale, exist without external subside, and create improved funding mechanisms for social initiatives. Edmonton Social Enterprise Fund (SEF) • combines business expertise with flexible financing to help Edmonton not-for-profit organizations and cooperatives create or expand strong, sustainable business ventures and affordable housing projects. RENAISSANCE QUEBEC • charitable organization aimed at the professional and social reintegration of people excluded from the labour market. • Social finance organization, Social Capital Partners (SCP), provided the grant and loan financing that allowed Renaissance to launch a new flagship Fripe-Prix store in Montreal
  24. 24. ’08 ADVOMENTARY
  25. 25. Social Tech advising for our clients Social tech Collaborating on innovative projects with Social media usual and unusual suspects Semantic web Platforms Online Being a support in the community Applying science and sociology to Open our understanding of the social web Design Using a living lab approach to test new models and platforms SOCIAL TECH SiG@MaRS SiG@MaRS’ online presence New models Twitter, Blogs, Tags
  26. 26.   Events:   Social Entrepreneurship Summit (07 & 08)   Social Finance Forum (07 & 08)   Social Technology Training (08)
  27. 27. Sharing for Social Change Eva’s Phoenix Print Shop - Graduation
  28. 28. National Film Board Tom Szatsky, TerraCycle Institute for Canadian Citizenship
  29. 29.   Understanding the essence of innovation to assist with scale   Totemics   Lenses Beta Test Sites   Taking IT Global   Roots of Empathy   Santrapol Roulant   Montreal Fluency Centre Dr Brenda Zimmerman
  30. 30.   Social Venture Partners   Centre for Social Innovation   Social Capital Partners   Communicopia/ Web of Change   Social Venture Institute   Academia   Community Foundations of Canada   SES08 Partners – TCSA   Ontario Non Profit Network   Schwab Foundation   Centre for Social Economy   McConnell Foundation   Ontario Arts Council   Ashoka   Hospitals - Sunnybrook   CED Networks   Bridges   CAMH   Young Foundation   OSER   School for Social Entrepreneurs   Causeway   Ontario Trillium Foundation   Tides Canada   The Learning Partnership   Sage Centre   Social Enterprise Council of Canada   Creative Converge   Wellesley Institute   Philanthropic Foundations of Canada   TVO/Get Involved!
  31. 31.   Social Enterprise World Forum Debrief – bringing the latest in social enterprise development to Ontario   SoCap ReCap
  32. 32.   A multi-disciplinary team of MaRS Advisors is available to support social entrepreneurs   Paid staff/ Entrepreneurs in Residence/ Consultants/ Volunteers MaRS Venture Group Social/ Entrepreneurs in Residence SiG staff MaRS Business Services Capital Advisory Commercialization Services Services Services Referrals for Funding Market Intelligence Events Entrepreneurship Education Entrepreneurship 101 pg 39
  33. 33. 1.  Strategic Counsel 2.  Investment & Funding Exploration 3.  Business Model 4.  Partnership Exploration 5.  Proposal & Marketing Review 6.  Current: Psychotherapist
  34. 34. 1.  AGM & Annual Report 1.  Business Model 2.  CRS operational review 2.  Growth Strategy 3.  Business model advice 3.  Engage with Board of Directors 4.  Action plan 4.  Current: Action plan 5.  Funding application 5.  Current: Board Retreat 6.  Recruitment 7.  Current: Business plan
  35. 35.   Full time staff   Allyson Hewitt   Lisa Torjman   Carol-Ann Smith   Marisa Fortune   Consultants – Social Entrepreneurs in Residence   Cheryl May   Jennifer White   Volunteers   Albert Plant   Volunteer EIRs
  36. 36.  Social Venture Fund   Investment Accelerator Fun  Announced with no timelines in Liberal Policy Platform  Re-announced most recently in the Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy   Fundraising Consultant  Foundation Liaison  McConnell Foundation  Metcalfe Foundation  Laidlaw Foundation  Ontario Trillium Cynthia Armour, CFRE Foundation  Atkinson Foundation
  37. 37.   Get on our mailing list MaRS Discovery District MaRS Centre South Tower, Suite 100   Meet with a staff member 101 College Street Toronto, Ontario   Allyson M5G 1L7   Lisa T 416.673.8100   Cheryl F 416.673.8181 E   Carol-Ann W   Marisa   Complete a Discovery Document   Priority clients:   Entrepreneurial   Innovative   Systems Changers   Need for enabling technology to scale venture
  38. 38.   Projects that SiG@MaRS undertakes with sector partners and/or with other SiG nodes for maximum impact  RDSP: A financial tool that allows people with disabilities to start saving and accumulating assets  Tyze helps you...  ...schedule everything from medical appointments to birthday parties  ...plan tasks and report on progress  ...connect with new people who can build and strengthen your network  ...tell the story of the person at the centre of the network: their triumphs and challenges, and how they touch the lives of the people around them
  39. 39.  ONN  Working with the Ontario Non-profit Network to amend the Corporations Act in order to reflect the realities of social enterprise  Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy  Section on Social Innovation  Social Capital Partners  SiG  Social Business Website  Social Investment Exchange  Feasibility of a CIC  Social Venture Fund
  40. 40.   Social Impact Metrics   Led by Gillian Kerr   Top trends in social entrepreneurship – accountability - transparency   Procurement   Led by Deepa Darywani   See SEWF and Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy   Regulatory Issues   Led by Mark Bachman   Entrepreneurship Education   Led by Jonquil Eyre   Social Venture Fund   Led by Kerri Golden, white paper to be released
  41. 41.   Innovative enterprises which combine a strong social purpose with sound business principles   Contrast to traditional businesses which are primarily driven by the need to maximize profit or charities primarily driven to serve a social need   May include both for-profit and non-profit entities as long as they meet SVF investment criteria Return Continuum SVF Target Zone Grant Funded Social Revenue Traditional Social Enterprise Non-Profit Purpose Generating Business (larger # in UK/US) (Charity) Business Non-Profit Social (Charitable) Financial (Commercial) RETURN
  42. 42.   Social Impact Criteria   A strong social value proposition/theory of change for a desired social outcome integrated into the value proposition of the business model   Agreement needed on social benefit and measurement of outcomes   Innovation Criteria   Sustainably competitive   External validation of the value to market   Strong intellectual property (“IP” or innovative business model or service delivery offering which could generate IP0   Financial and Business Criteria   A large addressable market or a significant economic impact with a viable go-to-market strategy   A financially viable business model and the appropriate team to succeed or plan to add to team with financing available.
  43. 43.   Social Investment Exchange   Project being led by Ontario Association of Food Banks, Toronto Stock Exchange and SiG@MaRS   Concept paper and proposal sent to Province of Ontario Tamzin Ractliffe, Founder Greater Good South Africa at the Social Entrepreneurship Summit 2008   School for Social Entrepreneurs   Project being led by George Brown College and SiG@MaRS   Evidenced-based program currently operating in UK   Proposal submitted to OTF
  44. 44.   That’s up to you   What’s working?   What’s not?   Where would you like SiG@MaRS to focus?   Anything we should STOP doing?   Anything you want us to do more of?   Any gaps in the social innovation literature or needs of social entrepreneurs that we can help meet?   Are you working on something we can enable?   What would you like to say?
  45. 45. Allyson Hewitt Director, Social Entrepreneurship and Director, SiG@MaRS 416-673-8410