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  1. 1. human assets in IT services scaling new heights human asset search project staffing personnel training and empowerment focus on niche IT domains www.haiits.com
  2. 2. A government agency implementing Cúram and looking to hire FTEs with Cúram expertise ? A Cúram System Integrator (SI) looking to fill a Cúram position for your client ?A vendor who sources Cúram consultants to end-clients or other vendors ? Looking for value-added services in the recruitment / contracting process ?Looking for Cúram consultants – Developers, Business Analysts, Testers, PMs ? Located or operating in Canada, USA, Australia, or New Zealand ?
  3. 3. Do any of these sound familiar to you ?I have an RFP in hand for a Cúram Is there somebody out there with I need more value added servicesconsultant, but have no one available extensive experience in Cúram, for Cúram openings than just awho matches the required skillsets … looking for a contract opportunity ? headhunting effort … I am not sure if my candidate’s resume is The last recruiter I worked with was not reliable enough appropriately crafted for this Cúram RFP … to source another Cúram consultant from them …My candidate failed to clear Is there any recruitment firm that I am willing to hire someone from overseas,the interview with the client ! specializes in the Cúram domain ? but how do I find the right person ? If yes, then you are not alone. In uncertain times like these, it takes more than a head-hunter or a contract recruiter to find the right candidate for you, especially in a high-demand and low- availability space like Cúram !
  4. 4.  Wholly owned and operated by a group of Cúram professionals Well immersed into the Cúram consulting domain Extensive network of Cúram consultants in Canada and the USA We understand the technology, the demands of clients, and skillsets required for a Cúram position We solve your resourcing gap: matching your requirement with the best fit within our network We solve your “last mile” problems: actually converting an RFP response into a contract
  5. 5. We play by 3 simple rules to bring you value :(1) We only place Cúram consultants who have over 3 years of experience at client sites in North America - this helps sieve out the “newbies” - almost all consultants are Cúram (now IBM) certified - brings value to end-clients as they always look for experience/ background in Cúram - potentially fetches better rates(2) We manage an internal database of dozens of Cúram consultants looking for new opportunities - we know John, who knows Jill, who knows Jack ... no candidate is completely ‘unknown’ to us - an up-to-date database of consultants looking for new opportunities - includes the "hidden" assets who do not post their resumes on job-sites - imagine a mini-LinkedIn of sorts !(3) We work with you on the hiring process, from RFP submission through Contract Signing - we are not “resume sellers” - finding the right fit, resume crafting, and coaching are part of our services - handholding candidates through client-interviews: maximizing chances for selection - we charge you nothing for all the add-on services if the candidate is not selected
  6. 6. Flexible Short-term, Long-term, and Permanent placementsFinding the best-fit candidates (trained, certified, and experienced)Resume reviewJob-specific resume craftingCoaching for client interviewsSalary / rate negotiationsImmigration support for overseas candidatesCúram Technical Training (versions 4.5/ 5.0/ 5.2/ 6.0)Cúram (now IBM) Certification Prep – groups of 3 or more
  7. 7. Build SYNERGY with us … Call us Toll Free at 1 – 800 – 866 – 6135 Write to us at info@haiits.com Visit us at www.haiits.com